What the Iowa Results Say About the 2020 Race | NYT News

What the Iowa Results Say About the 2020 Race | NYT News

This has been an
extraordinarily bizarre Iowa caucus process,
the kind that I don’t think anybody
who has participated in presidential politics
has ever seen before. “You’ve probably heard
we don’t know the results.” “Very, very frustrating.” “And when those results
are announced —” “Get them straight.” This state has just been
frozen in uncertainty. Bernie Sanders
and Pete Buttigieg both seem to have had
a pretty good night. And not so much for Joe Biden. “Let’s hear it for
the Biden people. You guys look good.” But there was
nobody there sort of holding a trophy
over their head in the way the candidates
go in expecting to be able to do. “Anybody with an S
to Z last name?” “L to R. L to R.” “Anybody want a sign?” [Whistle] So the winner of Iowa
is supposed to be able to go out on
the night of the caucuses and in national prime time
give a soaring victory speech that introduces themselves
to a larger swath of the country, and claim a burst of energy and
momentum that carries them forward into the next round
of primaries and caucuses. “55, 56, 57, 58 —” But the end result was
so deeply unsatisfying to virtually
everybody involved. “There is no name on it.” “O.K., I need his name
and his number.” “And then this is actually
Bernie Sanders’ card. I don’t know why the card
ended up Biden.” Some of the issues
included technical problems with an app that was supposed
to help caucus precinct leaders report the results, failure of a back-up system that was supposed to
step in if the app failed, inconsistencies in the data
that the app did produce, and sort of a technical
understanding gap with some of the precinct leaders who
tend to be on the older side. After a significant delay,
we have some results in Iowa. “Welcome, Mayor Pete.” Pete Buttigieg
staked essentially his entire campaign on Iowa. He poured resources and
time into this state. And his polling
numbers gradually rose here, even as they stayed
pretty modest nationally. So he has needed a win here
and a jolt of momentum early in the process. “The biggest risk
we could take is to try to recycle the same
Washington playbook and mindset and fights
that got us to this point, and expect a different result.” He’s arguing that
he’s a unifier of both the progressive and
moderate wings of the party. “Let’s not choose between
boldness and unity.” For Pete Buttigieg,
Iowa means that he’s going to be a real
player in this race. And it means that
he’ll stay in through to Super Tuesday,
which had been a question in his campaign. Bernie doing well
in Iowa means that he is in a really
strong position going into New Hampshire. “Today marks the beginning
of the end for Donald Trump.” Bernie’s had the same
message for about 50 years. “Rich are getting richer.” “The most unfair
distribution of wealth —” “Two percent of the population
that owns one-third of the entire wealth
of America —” The fact that Bernie has
had the same positions and talked about
them the same way is what appeals to a lot,
a lot of people. “And almost all new
income and wealth goes to the top 1 percent.” Bernie doing well
in Iowa may also catapult him into
the other early states. I’m thinking Nevada
and after that, California. “Let us transform
this country. Thank you all very much.” [Cheering] “Hello, Des Moines, Iowa.” [Cheering] “Hello, Warren Democrats.” Elizabeth Warren has not been
able to overcome the squeeze from the Bernie Sanders left and the Buttigieg
moderate wing. “Are we ready to
do New Hampshire?” Elizabeth Warren
finished probably about where we
thought she would. This is a candidate who
over the summer and the fall looked like she could become
the runaway favorite in Iowa. That did not happen. “Yes!” Elizabeth Warren’s argument
has been about corruption. “End lobbying as we know it.” And, of course,
plans and policy. “And I got a plan for that.” “Big structural change.” We’re hearing a lot
about unity. “We have one job. Right? Number one job, and that is
beat Donald Trump. Are you in on that?” When we go outside
of Iowa, her numbers don’t look as great. She’s not doing as great
in South Carolina. She’s not doing as great
as her rivals in Nevada. “But maybe that’s
old-fashioned. Hi, how are you?” “So my grandmother has
a huge crush on you.” Joe Biden doing poorly in Iowa
means renewed questions about whether the candidate
who has spent so much time focused on this question
of electability … “If I can unify the country —
the character of the nation —” … is, in fact, able to win. “We need a president who can
bring the country together.” Biden made the argument
that before any kind of progressive
change could be made, first Democrats
have to beat Trump, and that he is the candidate
who stands the best chance. “They’re trying to smear me
to try to stop me, because they know
if I’m the nominee, I will beat Donald Trump.” Iowa has presented a number
of challenges for Joe Biden. This question of enthusiasm. That was the message
from voters, that they like Joe Biden, they respected Joe Biden, but this was not a
candidate who excited them. For Iowa Democrats,
this has been nothing short of a humiliation. There is no question
that Iowa’s status as the first-in-the-nation
caucus state is in mortal jeopardy. If you talk to any senior
Democrat in the country right now, they will tell you,
never again. Never again certainly
to a caucus in Iowa. And maybe never again
to Iowa starting a presidential process, period. How do I feel? On to New Hampshire! [Laughter]


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    Larry Skwarczynski

    How come NO SAY! about 'shadow app' !!!!! who what how -how-how…. BAU-RNC/DNC/ TACTICS… Mr B's investment in?? DNC took them 'AT FACE' W/O….. BRAINS …MORE ON MY FBK www.veteransforpeace.org

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    LeShawn Cousins

    Why are the reported totals from Blackhawk county different from the numbers turned in by the caucus chairs? Why was Deval Patrick given hundreds of Bernie's votes and only walked back when it was called out? Why is the DNC releasing partial numbers during/after the impeachment vote when no one is paying attention? Why is the corporate media asking NONE of these questions? All this screaming about Russia Russia and the DNC is rigging the primary in plain sight. We live in 1984.

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    The Dancing Vegan Atheist

    Pete: The biggest mistake we can make is to recycle and repeat the same old Washington playbook.
    Pete: I'm gonna use identity politics and shady deals — you know, the same old Washington playbook…

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    Khalid Ali

    i'm tired of US media… searching for long time, but none of them really explain why the counting process is extremely low… 🤔

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    Uncle Fjester

    As Usual the DNC is corrupt & manipulating the results
    No one like Sanders, Even DNC can't trust Warren, Biden is too old, Not making the same mistake as last time running a woman so Klobachar is out. Its Mayor Pete or Bloomberg.

  9. Post

    There are MISTAKES in the GIVEN RESULTS being pointed out with photographic evidence by Iowans. ALL of the mistakes I've seen so far took AWAY, mostly from Bernie Sanders but from a few others, while NONE have hurt Buttigieg. Considering his conflict of interest in funding the app, THIS IS INCREDIBLY SUSPICIOUS.

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    Jack Jacobi

    What's the difference between a disaster and a catastrophe ?
    A disaster is when a ship sinks with 1000 Democrats and New York Times journalists on board.
    A catastrophe is if only 998 drown !!!!

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    Chelsea Older

    Let me tell you why absolutely none of this matters. Because Trump is going to win.. again. Now that he has been aquitted, all of the Trumpsters now see him as a martyr. On top of that, Bernie is in this race again, so the Democratic Party will be split, again, by the "Bernie or Bust" crowd. So, in a few words, we're screwed. Again.

  21. Post

    1:23 We already know about the app, guys. We know the ties to Buttigeig and Biden. Come with the facts, and inform your boomer audience who still thinks MSM isn't biased and corrupt, just like those two candidates. Iowa was a failure, indeed. Embarrassing and shameful to US politics. Down with the oligarchy! We want an actual democracy.

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    Jose Ho-Guanipa

    There are no results. This analysis is pointless. Why don't we discuss Buttigeg's fake victory lap and the media coronating him winner with only 62% of results?

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    Long Life

    This is exactly the reason why I as well as many others became conservative after being a liberal for years. It's only going to get worst. Keep it up DNC

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    rares mircea

    This banana republic level of corruption must be destroyed. We need to mobilize even harder to put an end to the establishment!
    2020 Bernie Sanders. Not me, US! ✊✊✊

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    jerry metcalf

    The new York times printed a story by a democrat saying Republicans voted to acquit Trump out of fear.
    Why is it perfectly legal to print lies? This democrat claims to have spoken to Republicans who "admit" that the fear is true.
    I know for a fact these are lies.

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    Chan V

    i just donated to bernie while watching this. i think we should donate, google him, etc., every time they cheat. let the people speak.

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  36. Post

    Who needs Russia interfering with results when these bubbling idiots can do all by themselves. Maybe just eliminate Iowa, New Hampshire all together by making these States self important in the whole election process is needless.

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    Rebecca Juhl

    Bernie just explained in his presser that SDEs do not determine the winner. Bernie is winning by 6k votes and 2.5k in realignment. That is 3.33% of pop. vote so far. Bernie campaign feels positive that they gained 6K more votes of the 180k. Victory margin is decisive. Likely 11 national delegate votes will go to Bernie and 11 to Buttigeig. Youth vote up 6%. Bernie crushed the satellite caucuses where more working people vote. SDEs determine who will be the IDP Chair and the rules of the IDP NOT National Delegates. Sanders campaign fought for transparency in pop. vote and he is calling for a simplified process gong fwd. The SDE system in Iowa is complicated. But again, SDE determines the state party chair and rules, NOT the national delegates awarded now.

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    Brennan Hawsey

    This is a textbook example of the media wanting an immediate result and instant gratification for a process that has historically taken time to tabulate all the votes. Simple sensationalism to some extent here…

  39. Post

    The entire Democratic nominating process for 2020 has been invalidated. Everything now is an undemocratic joke and a Democratic joke.

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    Shanga Mcnair

    They are trying to scare you away from Bernie. Nyp knows Bernie has electability. Y'all never wanna support him. Bernies fans are crazy about him.

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    Manaka Kisaragi

    Funny how this keeps happening to the NYT. Hillary had like 99.999% (yeah exaggerating it, but not by much) chances of winning back in 2016, and how accurate that was. Now Buttigieg had more tan 85% chances of winning Iowa, now he and Sanders are only 0.1% appart and if the tendency holds for the remaining 3% chances are Sanders will even finish on top. So how do you calculate these things? Do you ask an intern to think of a random number between 0 and 100?

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  51. Post

    Bernie plus warren is less than 50%
    When trump was running, 75% of the gop was like him.
    Thats what everyone's missing.

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    Kevin McFarland

    Why can't they get to start the election again? Minus the caucus of coarse. Is another state guaranteed to do better?

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  55. Post

    99%,Reporting. Buttigieg wins with the most delegates. Congratulations, Mayor Pete. 🎉

    He's smart, articulate, reasonable, decent, humble, polite, well-mannered, and stable. He also willingly served in the military. He is a stark contrast to the orange buffoon currently in the White House.

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  57. Post

    Yikes, Pete's campaign depends on the momentum from winning Iowa. This whole "errors and inconsistencies" business is bad for him too. Bernie will be fine, he can take New Hampshire and many Super Tuesday states, Pete on the other hand needs New Hampshire, or else he's done.

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    Raw Cleaning

    BERNIE WON. They can’t even bring themselves to say It.

    A nine minute video about an election, and nobody says a word about the popular vote (Sanders won by 6000) or number of delegates? Come on now.

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    Kevin Mack

    The DNC is desperately trying to FIX this Election against BERNIE. Its Obvious to Everyone in America…. except of course, the DNC.
    IM FOR BERNIE because the Establishment is NOT.

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    meach baltimore

    How come the New York Times didn't report out on how deep Pete buttigieg is involved with the shadow app and the people involved in it and how pretty much his team and Hillary Clinton's team is working together against Bernie by rigging the votes again

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    Doug Tarnopol

    What it means is that Sanders is the front-runner, and now matter what spin is applied, what incompetence or worse is thrown at his campaign, or what any of these self-appointed "thought-leaders," who, hilariously, think any normal person pays them any mind whatsoever, he will very likely be the nominee.

    Then, all these people who have been screaming nonstop about Trump, rightly, will either have to back Sanders to the hilt or admit that they despise a guy who is trying to raise their taxes an unnoticeable smidge so much that they'll stay home or embrace a fascist.

    The petard exists. The only question is whether you'll hoist yourselves on it, from party hacks to those who literally have ceded their minds to corporate-Democrat propaganda.

    Yes, if Sanders loses, I'll back whoever it is to the hilt. And I'll ream any Sanders supporter who doesn't.

    See? Not hard — if, that is, you really mean "unity" and "Trump is a world-destroyer." If you just pretended, you'll out yourself — and look forward to the nonstop hatred you will have justly earned, whether you're some pol hack or an average voter, from everyone in your life if it turns out that you were just a lying hypocrite, a pathetic my-way-or-the-highway narcissist.

    That is, that you were projecting this Bernie Bro nonsense from day one. Which, of course, you were. Now you'll have to own it: you've check-mated yourselves, Brilliant Thought-Leading Adults in the Room.

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    Jenny Jung

    Bernie is our only hope. Please let’s not lose this life time opportunity. We can be better than Sweden ( which I consider the best country in the world now in terms of equality and humanity. ) as long as we stand up together for the right things. Bernie is the only leader we can trust but he needs our help. Please donate and volunteer at www.berniesanders.com 😊👍🏻

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    laura venables

    #berniewoniowa #berniebeatstrump .watching from Europe. Terrifying stuff. Democracy truly IS under threat from all sides.

  77. Post
    Jenny XO

    #Mayorcheat and the corrupt DNC rigged the polls
    Bernie won the popular vote by 6,000 points, don’t get it twisted. The confusion completely robbed him from the media attention. Which is exactly why they released only partial results to claim Pete the “winner”. Its time for a revolution #BernieorBust #Bernie2020

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    Rusky Petrovsky

    You promise to give give without telling the people how is these promises are going to be paid,, oh thats right Comunist Socialist dont care about that.,,

  83. Post

    The app functioned exactly as it was intended. Inspect the code. It's already failed, we're NEVER supposed to use it again. PERIOD.

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    Edward Williams

    What the iowa results tell us: Bernie is the favorite of the people. And NOT a favorite of the corporatist establishment Democrats, or the mega-rich CEO's of mainstream media outlets. For exactly the same reasons.

  87. Post
    Adam A.

    Iowa’s failure clearly shows it should not be first in the nation nor should Iowa’s caucuses be considered an indicator of who is and isn’t he front runner. Iowa is 99% white and rural. It doesn’t represent America AT ALL. And judging be the results of the failed caucus, it shows Iowa is dumber than other states by supporting Buttigeg so much.

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    J. Rich

    DNC needs to push one vote one person. They seem to struggle with the fact that Bernie has the most votes and can't accept that that is what we the people want. Not more deception smoke and mirrors.

  91. Post

    Pete’s campaign paid over $40k to have software rights to the Shadow app. Talk about conflict of interest! It was rigged against Bernie Sanders as his internal numbers showed him with a comfortable lead.

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  97. Post

    Just had to come and ask the times about Russia, Bernie, Trump, and your sleaze bag attempt at being a real newspaper. So can you stop the fear mongering! You use to be a trusted source of news.

  98. Post

    Oh wow. So this will be the reason Trump wins. Wth by a freaking faulty system. Smh, I wil not be surprised how this all turns out. Wtheck!

  99. Post

    Then i get a notification from instagram this morning, that Ireland now runs Facebook and Instagram! And they have updated their terms. I read that crap, like whoa, Wtheck?

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