Voice of Israel in Persian – Building Bridges Through Radio Broadcasts

Voice of Israel in Persian – Building Bridges Through Radio Broadcasts

“…Hello to all our dear listeners.
Please accept our warm greetings on this day, Sunday, the 26 of the Hebrew month of Shevat…” The purpose is to show
the Iranian people who we are, who the Israeli people are. I am Navid Toobian, manager of the Persian broadcast of
Israeli Radio. Although we do not broadcast
on any radio frequency, you can listen to our programs via the Internet, the satellites and the social networks. We are now at the new studios of the
Israeli Radio and Television Broadcast Authority In the Persian radio department. My name is Shahrzad Shadi, I was born in Tehran
and I have been living in Israel for 26 years. The “Voice of Israel” in Persian
has always been considered as a station which shares the truth and shows the world the real Israel. This has always been the main goal of the station. We slightly changed our platform
and our new target audience is young Iranians. I think the second goal is maybe to build the bridge
of friendship between the two nations. The Israeli nation and the Iranian nation. Many of our Israeli citizens here are of Persian origin, of course. They still maintain their closest
and deepest connection with the people
and with the culture of Persia, which is a beautiful and rich culture. I think that for now, many people may say
that this is wishful thinking. But I genuinely and truly believe that by knowing each other
we can overcome the obstacles and the misunderstandings
between the two nations and become friends again.


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    Natan Fries

    interesting that iran isn't doin this effort to build the bridge but rather Israelis do….
    So who's the good one?
    Answer is clear.

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    my father was cancer patient and drugs were supplied in hospital was produce of Israel it was the incident 1976.I am greatful to them

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