UTSA Department of Communication: Digital COMM Concentration

Communication overall is very important scholarly
pursuit. But today, it is especially important because
of how communication has changed and evolved. Digital communication really encompasses all
of that new technology—and ways of sharing messages, informing, persuading. In the BA program, we introduce all the theory,
the practice, and the research methods, but we also actually produce media artifacts like
video, websites, and campaigns. So, we are trying to integrate all of those
new technologies that really play an integral part in the communication field. The experience that I had here and the hands-on
training is really the only training—the only skills that I brought with me to the
career. So, just that exposure to it and developing
that passion for doing this kind of work is really gonna help me have success in the future. We also have a very robust internship program. This really allows me to bridge that gap between
the industry and the academy. The internship program allowed me to see inside
of what the agency life is actually like—how agencies really operate. It helped me make the decision for myself
that this is actually what I want to do. Experiential learning and hands-on, real-world
training is really what is the knowledge that sticks. So, we really actively do this through our
major national organizations that a part of our department. For instance, I am the faculty advisor for
the American Advertising Federation (AAF) College Chapter And we compete in the National Student
Advertising Competition (NSAC). N-SAC really taught me everything that I needed
to know—end to end from the advertising. From developing a communication strategy,
to graphic design, to visual style, to presentation and teamwork skills—team building skills. And, really it got at the competitive nature
of advertising. Because in the real world, it’s basically
the same thing. Communication is always going to be a very
critical part of your success.

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