UTS Communication Facilities Tour

UTS Communication Facilities Tour

>>MATTHEW YOUNG: My name is Matt and I’ve
just completed my third year in the Bachelor of Communications in Media Arts and Production.
Today, my fellow students and I are taking you on a special tour around the communications
building, so that you can see some of the state of the art facilities, technology, and
equipment, that we get to work with. Right now, we are in the mezzanine lab, which is
one of your media and production facilities, where students work on their multimedia assignments.
Each of our Mac workstations are equipped with a range of industry standard software,
such as the Adobe Creative Suite, and Final Cut Pro. Now you might be wondering, what
have I got with me in this black case right here? Well, this is UTS media lab’s new
Ronin hand held three access camera, which is a really nice piece of camera stabilisation
technology. Fortunately, our friendly media lab staff have said we can take this for a
test drive today, with you. So, lets rig this up, and head over to the equipment store,
where we should find our journalism student, Isabella.>>ISABELLA: Hi, my name is Isabella and I’m
about to head into my fourth year of my Bachelor of Communication majoring in Journalism and
a Bachelor of International Studies majoring in Chile. Something I love about this course is how
unpredictable it can be. I always find myself learning new things, meeting a variety of
people from all different fields, and challenging myself through the stories I’m researching. Now, one of the things that makes communication
at UTS number one in NSW is how practical the degree is. You’ll find yourself right off the bat recording
and filming a number of sources for audio and visual pieces. As a media arts and production
student, or journalism student, you’ll find yourself in the equipment store a lot. What you’ll have access to is over 1500
pieces of portable recording equipment. In my experience, you’ll be spending a lot
of time here, and you’ll discover a whole set of new muscle by lugging all this equipment
around. Now all of this can look really intimidating,
I hadn’t had much experience with a camera other than my iPhone 6. Even then, the shots
were kind of out of focus most of the time. But here at UTS they teach you from scratch
and give you all the support that you need. Now that you’ve seen what you can rent outside
of UTS, we actually also have a lot to offer in-house. We’re heading into the sound studios
now. Off to you Jack.>>JACK: Oh hi. My name is Jack and I’m
currently studying a Bachelor of Sound and Music Design here at UTS. One of the best
things about my degree has been the exposure to the technology, such as the stuff behind
me, which I might not otherwise have been aware of. Some of that stuff includes the
SSL matric console just behind me, which is a mixture of a line level analogue mixer,
and a digital audio work station interface, and some of the out board gear we have at
our disposal, such as the Jupiter 80 to my right, line 6 amp simulators to my left, and
the drawma compressor also to my right. If you’re looking to mix instruments or vocals,
the sound studio floor behind me would be the perfect place to do so. We’ve also got
a vocal isolation booth, if you’re looking to hone in a little bit more on the vocals.
Also, if surround sound is your thing, we’ve also got a studio just to my right, which
you can record in 5.1 surround sound, as well as projectors, that you can use to mix sound
to picture, if that’s what you need to do. I’ve used this set over the past three years
to record vocals, instruments, as well as to conduct dialogue replacement sessions for
several films. I’ve also used it whenever I need to check a mix I’ve done at home,
in an environment that’s properly acoustically treated. Ah, Matt, our media arts and production
student, is waiting for you in the Bon Marche studio down in level one. See you for now.>>MATT: Here we are outside the Bon Marche
studio. This is a multipurpose facility that can be used for production shoots, as well
as performances, screenings, and special events. If you’d like to follow me, lets take a
look inside. So as you can see, this facility is equipped
with retractable tiered seating for up to 100 people. We’ve also equipped with high
definition playback and projection, and we’ve got a 9.1 loud speaker system that can be
configured for surround formats up to 7.1. So this makes it a real treat, when I come
in here to see how my short film projects perform in a porper theatrical environment.
Our industry connected staff sometimes hold screenings and Q & A’s in here with industry
practitions as well as film directors sometimes. Most recently we had a creative producer from
channel 7 come in to speak with us about his job, and an opportunity for a paid traineeship,
which was as you can imagine very popular for current students as well as graduates. Our media lab staff and academics also run
workshops in this space, to train students in a whole range of media production skills
and techniques, as well as how to use all sorts of cool new equipment. But I have to
say, the green screen is a bit of a favourite of mine.>>ISABELLA: Thanks for tuning in, we hope
you enjoyed the tour and we’ll be seeing you around soon.


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    Christopher Sawa

    Sorry to bother you guys, but what is the Atar cut off for the media arts and production degree. Thanks in Advance!

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