TVJ News: MS13 Gang Leader Killed by Police in St. James – March 22 2019

TVJ News: MS13 Gang Leader Killed by Police in St. James – March 22 2019

Good afternoon it’s Friday March 22 I’m
Herman green with the Midday News especially welcome to those of you
watching online at two persons have been arrested in
connection with the murder of American businesswoman
Nancy Hardy in Hanover November last year 33 year old Kemar Grant of
Westmoreland in and Sedrick Johnson otherwise called Smurfs of Alexandria
and st. Ann were charged with murder and accessory to murder respectively in
the case miss Hardy’s body was found in a shallow grave the two accused are to
appear in the Luce Resident Magistrates Court on March 26 both were charged
following an intensive investigation by the police which also resulted in the
recovery of hardy’s CRV motor car which went missing at the time of her death
one of st. James’s most wanted men was killed by the police during an alleged
gun battle in Grandville Thursday morning the deceased has been identified
as 32 year old amoy young also called pinky of Gordon Crescent in Granville
TVJ News understands that around 9:30 the team went to tellement Drive in the
community where Mr. young was seen in the company of two men it’s alleged that
the men opened gunfire the police team after they were confronted the men
reportedly ran in different directions during a search of the era mr. young was
phone with bullet wounds he was pronounced dead at hospital one browning
9-millimeter pistol with two rounds of ammunition was allegedly sealed seized
from him head of the Area One Criminal Investigatio n Branch Superintendent
Michael Phipps says mr. young who was the leader of the ms-13 gang based in
Granville was among st. James’s most wanted since May of 2018 following the
murder of Ronald Samuels in court in Crescent the police say he was also
wanted for shooting with intent wounding with intent and rape mr. young was also
wanted for a legal possession of firearm and ammunition the gun he operated is a
breakaway faction of the big yard gang also based in Granville
the police say both gangs are currently embroiled in a gang war which has
resulted in a number of murders and shootings there are renewed calls for
the high levels of crime taking place in central Clarendon to be addressed
urgently the Member of Parliament for the constituency is calling for the
Ministry of National Security to assist with the police post in the constituency
to fix the problem he has also raised concern about
squatting on lands especially in areas deemed as crime hotspots tbj similar
Pullen has a story the most recent flare-up in central
Clarendon was last week when two persons were shot and killed and three houses
set on fire these incidents have driven fair in some residents but since those
incidents Member of Parliament for Clarendon central McHenry says he has
sought help from the minister of national security
dr. Horace Strang to address I requested that there be more presents for the
security forces in that area I requested a possible police force it
is even temporary and our more presence in the area the minister has said he
would be addressing those matters and getting back to me and I have a faith of
the minister will maintain the position and we are then analyzed and call on the
community now because if they’re outside influences that are creating these
issues it was issues that need to be addressed
that I am NOT addressing but mr. Henry’s raising another issue
squatting he says a number of persons in so-called volatile areas such as effort
Ville and its environs are occupying lands with no titles if you and I don’t
leave land on use the bid will begin to utilize that land and that could mean
many issues that will not right and sometimes create the kind of problem so
there’s too much occupied in and around the tone that are not legalized by the
people having their titles having their position of land which will give them
the dignity of ownership and mr. Henry is also calling on at least two
government agencies to get involved in help in persons to get their titles to
help lift the standard of living for the client in residence Housing Association
of Jamaica many of whom have started areas not finished those areas not
completed the infrastructure arguing over whether we should have sewage or
don’t have sewage and begin to recognize that the people are entitled to those
services and we can begin to upgrade the land if indeed we put a sewage plant in
where it’s needed now at Carlson lids then it will make at least five thousand
housing Lots available for people to build up but they can’t build on it if
you don’t have the proper sewage structure in place shamela Poulin TVJ
news the repair works being done at the
corner regional hospital in st. change is expected to be completed in phases
beginning in a matter of weeks Health Minister dr. Christopher tothen
gave an update during a tour of the facility this week he explained that the
roof of the facility has been redone as leaking was a major contributor to the
mold issues he says the overhaul of the areas offering diagnostic services is
also progressing well and is to be commissioned in a few weeks where we are
no is an oncology suite that we’re developing for cancer patients and this
will be completed another four or five weeks which will give us a better
opportunity to provide for treatment of of those particular cases
in addition to that the contractors for the Western Children Hospital are
mobilizing to set up their accommodations here on the compound you
would have heard that we had concluded with the Chinese government to begin
construction of the 220 bed facility the contractor was selected by the Chinese
they’re here in the island and we’re making provisions for them to set up so
that construction can begin within another month or two
dr. too often says he does not anticipate any issues going forward as
he believes the budget allocation to health is not perfect but workable and
with the work being done at the corner Regional Hospital the health center will
see major improvements overall and so when we would have been completed we
will have a hospital in western Jamaica that will give top-notch service both
from the personnel who are here but also in terms of the building and equipment
to give support the eastbound section of the Hawick bridge in Montego Bay San
James will soon be closed for repair information we seen by TVJ news is that
a section of the bridge has sunk Community Relations Officer the national
works agency Western Region general Ricketts says attender has been issued
for a contractor to carry out work on the bridge we are now in the process of selecting a
contractor and finalizing those arrangements as well as a traffic
management plan because this particular bridge is heavily used and we want to
ensure that we are able to mitigate the congestion that the closure of this
bridge will cause she says our timeline for work to begin has not been given
however she said the matter is considered urgent and data from court
management services showed that nearly 5,000 fathers on a yearly basis are
taken to the Family Court for child maintenance it has sparked questions as
to why there is this high number but social anthropologist dr. Herbert Gill
speaking on TV Jay’s smile Jamaican Thursday explained that many of these
men have doubts about the paternity of the child where we’re certain that over
20% of men feel certain that they give one of the enables a jacket and over 20%
of men feel certain that they God including some of them of those who have
done DNA are the the the the mother of the child has informed them he noted
that at least 10% of children in Jamaica do not know their father but what’s more
worrying dr. Gill says is that approximately 5% of mothers don’t know
who the father is either it’s a very complicated situation but
there are two things I think we have to be careful not to do a blame the mother
and have a culture blame on the mother on this because the point is child
shifting practices have to occur in spaces where there is what is called
urban polyandry meaning that the woman actually requires two or three men in
her life these men are are in so little that you
need two or three men just to help take care of one child he says in order to
reduce those problems the society has to focus more on the poor and look at
different ways of assisting them show us the legislation that’s the call from
Allison Pierce chairman of the Taxation Committee at the Institute of Chartered
Accountants of Jamaica now she says the tax give back by government cannot be
determined until accountants are able to read the fine print miss Pierce was
speaking at Tuesday’s post budget forum hosted by a Victoria mutual Building
Society TV days until lately reports government announcing plans to cut taxes
this year but accountants are skeptical chairman of the Taxation Committee at
the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Jamaica
Alison parrot says there’s usually a caveat one of the issues we have as tax
people we get these budget announcements and when you say the law I tell you a
different story we need to see the lot a big perfect take crystal clear and the
devil is in the details she argued that the benefit of the tax give back will be
lost if the details of the law aren’t fully understood if we don’t get the
process of our legislation and the the ability to move the information between
the mortgage company the stamp duty and the lawyers quickly no matter how much
you reduce the tax you’re still going to be stuck there for six or seven months
so there’s more work that needs to be done in this area to ensure that when
you sign you get your mortgage you can’t move fast
agreed at the same time miss Peters calling for a complete revision of
Jamaica’s taxes I would love to see the entire tax system reviewed we have a
habit of looking at pieces of it I would love to see
comprehensive change I would like to see more tax treaties not for people to
bring money in to take it out but for us as Jamaicans to explore new territories
I would love for us to have treaties with other jurisdictions with innovation
so that we can get our wonderful Jamaica with our wonderful minds moving things
exporting to get our economy going and finally we need to reduce a touch
bureaucracy whether it’s our corporate law whether it’s our tax law whether
it’s like customs I know customs is going to be reforming
but nothing drives business undergrown nothing frustrates you that when you’re
trying to do proper work proper business and you are bureaucratically untied
while opening the 2019 2020 budget debates in Parliament
Finance Minister dr. Nigel Clark announced that the government will
forego 14 billion dollars in taxes in the upcoming financial year and
relatedly TVJ news we go now to news in sports with just days to go before the
start of 2019 is a great candidate boys and girls championships a caliber high
school teacher is asking that two of the team’s top athletes be suspended from
the event after accusing them of assault in a letter to the media the teacher is
accusing the student athletes of leading a group of about 60 athletes to among
other things injure the teacher spilling blood stomping on the teachers cell
phone and damaging school property the teacher who says he has video evidence
of the assault recorded on his cell phone has also said that after 96 days
there has been no appropriate response from the school’s administration TVJ
sports understands however that disciplinary action has already been
taken by the school against the students in question the teachers scheduled to
have a press conference today where he says the video of the assault will be
played and that wraps up the midday news I’m Herman green please join us at 7:00
for the prime time news package on behalf of the new sports and production
teams good afternoon


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    Faith Mercy

    You guys not asking the real question how is it their are so much guns in Jamaica and none is made in the country, people can’t afford food but the can buy gun or is it that persons with power are given them guns

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    gervan myers

    Time to stamp out squatting..EVERYONE must have an address…Yes give the legal entitled PROPERTY owners their legal surveyed PROPERTY TITLE … I have being trying for over 30plus years to be issued my Title from JAMAICA NATIONAL BLDG. SOCIETY. Constant spring rd. Kingston 10 Jamaica. Mi pay off mi mortgage in Full….dem tek di MORTGAGE payment and a tell mi them NUH HAVE MI TITLE….and mi fi go hire a LAWYER FI GET IT….Mi check 2 big name lawyer and dem say Jamaica national give them work…With that said I already know it would be a STEEP UP HILL BATTLE….

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    Adam Albanowicz

    Nwc should have been involved in requiring proper sewage plans for All schemes since the eighties instead of it being a problem now. No scheme should be running independently as far as sewage is concerned but the NWC should own all of them after they are built for the schemes…

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    Natty P The General

    Dr Christopher Tufton, The situation that our Doctors and Nurses or working under needs to be Address in short order please, while it didn't start with you, but with you now as the Health Minister i am asking you kindly to address the problem, The Stress that our Doctors and nurses or working under, I'm talking about people that shows up at the Hospitals and Abusing the Nurses and Doctors Verbally and physical, it is not easy for the Healthcare Workers ofto be going to work with the stress of these wolligon on their mine, People threaten our health care providers lives especially when these wolligon selfish demand or denied , that is part of why we are losing so much of them to overseas market, An environment where they feel much safer plus better pay, Dr Tufton, This is a very serious problem must be Address and very urgently, for our Healthcare provider to be going home after a hard and long day's work with the stress of those wolligons, just to return the next day to the same stress, that's not easy to deal with, they're Mothers and Fathers, Sons and Daughters, and most of all, human beans that need to be respected and take the best care of including a peaceful environment, think about that Minister Tuffton, and please do something about it, I promise you, you won't lose so much of our very Important Nurses and doctors, men and women, please [ SIR ] thank you in Advance!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    WN MCK

    This is a typical long-time issue and it needed to be dealt with please watch the paternity court case on youtube and one will see the vast amount of women who cried and cried that it's his child thank god for DNA this is nothing new too many men supporting jacket its morally right for every child to know his or her biological parents

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    Maureen Hunter

    What MS13 a dem little wannabes who hears about the thug gang from south America nuh ask nuh question and jump on the band wagon by taking on the name. Kill him backside and the rest of them to, they really wanted to see the real MS13 I don't think so you little idiot thugs in Jamaica put away your illegal guns and calm down.

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    tony henry vii

    It is good that Jamaica police are working to clear up crime,but sometimes you worry that every police shoot out starts & finish the same way,without witnesses.Taking guns off the streets is a must for lower murder rate.

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    True Confessionzz

    Jamaica nuh tired?! My God man. Unu tek a break nuh! Kmt! Who would want to live like this everyday?

    MS13? Wah tf wrong wid dem dunce jangcro yah man. Rape? Since when Jamaican badman a sanction rape? Kmt!

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    True Confessionzz

    Squatting need fi cut out! Decent law abiding citizens aren't squatters. Get rid of them!

    He's calling on the National Housing Trust? Excuse me? Squatters deserve NOTHING! Land papers weh?!

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    MS13? psst…(kiss mi teeth). Nothing but follow fashion and poppy show! The politicians are not serious about fighting crime in Jamaica and these knuckle heads criminals know the order of the day.

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    Dem likkle bwoys yah love follow people too much, dem fi dead , too much copy cats , exterminate all of them suckers , show them no mecy

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    Ben Johnson

    It is very interesting how the Jamaican news team address the criminal as Mr. Young. He kept saying "Mr. Young, Mr. Young." What respect shown even though he is dead.

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    Sean J110


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    yard squad

    Why is it that China is being given autonomy over projects in Jamaica that should be done by Jamaican contractors.

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    Kevin weatherly

    Me understand that’s it’s a serious statement he’s giving but who trim him he need a good barber

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    View Master

    Mother's are to blame, for the paternity issues in Jamaica women stop ho-ing around…. Be self respectful ladies🤔

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    Rebecca McIntosh

    Some of those men is not working.
    Mothers, please give your children your surname like how the UK and USA done.
    All my Jamaican mothers must have safe sex with potential fathers.

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