Trump Impeachment Protests RAGE As Trump IMPEACHED!

It is a major, major day in American history
today. Um, and we will get to it momentarily. Quick correction. Yeah. [inaudible] earlier this week during my analysis
of the UK elections, I said, Jeremy Corbyn has resigned as the leader of the labor party. He said he will resign, but has not yet resigned. I apologize for that mistake. The rest of the analysis remains as I made
it earlier this week. Today, the house of representatives is expected
to formally vote to impeach president Donald Trump. Uh, it may carry over until tomorrow. Republican starting off the hearings this
morning with a number of attempts to delay, uh, various obstructive attempts, including
one where they opened up and said, Hey, we actually just moved to adjourn. Let’s just cancel it all and go home. Of course, a move, uh, that Democrats who
have the majority in the house, uh, voted down right away. Depending on how long debate goes today. By the time that you listen to today’s show,
watch today’s show, Donald Trump may already be impeached or they may not have voted and
maybe that vote will be forthcoming tomorrow or in the following days. Yesterday rallies exploding across the country
in support of Donald Trump’s pea impeachment. Now, I wasn’t sure how much attendance these
rallies would see, but it was truly stunning. Huge crowds in major cities and moderately
sized cities and towns all across the United States. A very large turnout in New York city, just
one of roughly 600 events, people gathering in times square. Many protests here in Massachusetts, including
in Boston as well as in Cambridge. Huge crowds in different parts of Michigan,
Nashville, Tennessee, Washington state. I could not possibly list all of the places
because it was all over the country in both blue States and red States. I heard from people in Oklahoma who said that
they were at impeachment rallies. People seemingly ready for when Donald Trump
will no longer be a thing in the news anymore. And of course that will be a long time. Uh, this is just the very, very beginning. So the house of representatives may have already
voted. We’ll be voting today. We’ll be voting soon, six hours of debate
scheduled on the issue. We don’t know whether this is going to extend
beyond today. Uh, but we are going to see only the third
ever impeachment of a president of the United States. Of course, Andrew Johnson being impeached,
but acquitted. Bill Clinton impeached also acquitted. And a lot of folks incorrectly believe that,
um, Richard Nixon was impeached. Remember Richard Nixon resigned after it became
clear because Republican senators went to him and said, listen, you’ve lost the support
of the public. Even Republican voters don’t support you. If impeachment happens, we will have to convict
you. And that pushed Richard Nixon to resign. Uh, that is, um, a very different scenario
than what we have today. In great part because Richard Nixon didn’t
have the benefit of the 24, seven conservative media cycle, social media, micro-targeting
on all of these different platforms, which have made it so that 62% of Trump has say,
I don’t care what Trump does. He can’t even hypothetically do anything that
would get me to reconsider my support for him. So let me remind everyone that the Trumpist
right is pretending that what we are seeing right now is mere partisanship. But remember the nationwide rallies calling
for the impeachment of Barack Obama. I don’t remember them because they didn’t
happen and Obama did some bad things for sure. Remember the nationwide rallies calling for
the impeachment of George W. Bush? No. As the run any Bush did terrible things and
people did rally correctly against the Iraq war. But this is not normal. Not every president generates impeachment. Again, only three have Donald Trump being
the third. And not every president catalyzes nationwide
rallies demanding that they be impeached. Donald Trump tweeting this morning more than
20 times by the time that the impeachment debate, uh, started in the house, clearly
bracing for it today, including saying, quote, can you believe that I will be impeached today
by the radical left, do nothing. Democrats and I did nothing wrong. Exclamation point, a terrible thing with a
capital T. read the transcripts with attack capital to you. Of course he has not released the transcripts
from the Ukraine phone call releasing only a fraction of it. This should never happen to another president
again saying, say a prayer, Trump calling for prayer, religious. All of a sudden now that he is getting impeached,
so this is all historic. We are covering it all still. The most likely outcome is that Donald Trump
would be acquitted by the Senate impeachment trial, but I want to take this as an opportunity
because we are seeing rallies around the country to remind folks that we need to see crowds
and rallies just as big and bigger nationally fighting for the climate, fighting to take
back control of our country from the corporate lobbyist revolving door industrial complex
that we see, the financialization of the economy that we’ve talked about. I’ve talked before many times about how what
we really need, you know, signing petitions is not going to achieve change in this country. Calling our elected officials alone is not
going to achieve change in this country. Beyond removing Donald Trump, I’m talking
about the structural problems that we have, healthcare, climate inequality, all of these
things. One of the things I’ve been talking about
for a long time is we need mass rallies at urban centers. And the problem is that the system that we
are trying to change by its nature makes it so that people can’t afford to go and do these
mass rallies when people can’t miss a day of work. Because then that means they don’t have the
money for rent. They’re not going to go to their nearest urban
center and mass rally. We need, I’ve talked about other strategies
that is serious protest strategies, strategic defaults for example, and all of these other
things that we’ve discussed many times crippling industry to the degree that it makes our government
have to fix some of the problems. Um, we need to see that kind of activism around
more than just impeaching Donald Trump. I hope this will, the 600 rallies yesterday
will serve as a reminder that people can get organized to that degree. Uh, but there are going to be some pains in
it because the system is designed to keep people in an economically precarious state
such that they can’t afford to take a day off. And to go and do this stuff. So, uh, that’s the way the system works. I, I’m inspired by the rallies we saw yesterday. We will see the impeachment of Donald Trump
and likely the acquittal. But let’s remember that the mass rallies in
urban centers should be utilized as a tool far beyond simply saying, we want Trump to go.

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