Trolls Breaking News – SOPA black outs (wikipedia, reddit, …)

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Stop online piracy act black outs Hello and welcome to Trolls Breaking news. Our only story today is SOPA, stop online
piracy act, because the alternative would be to talk about new JaredMilton video and
no one wants that. Today January 18th is a day when several sites are blacking out to
protest this act. The biggest site in play is most likely English Wikipedia, which covers
all English pages with a page on which is written “Imagine a World Without Free Knowledge”,
further it offers you several ways how to make your voice heard. The second biggest black out will be probably
reddit, that goes out for 12 hours from 8am to 8 pm EST. Google took a different aproach and instead
of blacking out, is making all users of american google see a little annotation saying: “Tell
Congress: Please don’t censor the web!” and if you click on it, you are redirected to
petition against SOPA. And considering that google does a lot searches everyday … yeah
I can’t get the direct number of the google searches, because wikipedia is not working!
Seriously fuck SOPA! But it’s reasonable to assume that if SOPA
would really seem to be getting through, google would go nuclear and black out, hopefully
that won’t be neccessary. If you’re from US, please sign that petition,
so we can go back to our status quo. Thank you for watching and stay safe under
the youtube bridge.

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