The University of Tampa – M.A. in Professional Communication

I’m Chris Gurrie and I’m an associate
professor of speech and the director of the Master of Arts in professional
communication. The Master of Arts in professional
communication is a one-year program of study that prepares students for
communication theories and strategies related to professional context. The MAPC
is a unique program in that it’s 32 credit hours that can be completed in
as little as one calendar year. All the courses are in the evening and a student
takes one class at a time and can focus their attention on that particular
course. The ending culminates in a capstone project where students work
with faculty members of their choice on a project of their choosing. The Master
of Arts in professional communication covers a broad range of topics which
include advanced public speaking strategy, global visual and digital
communication, organizational strategic communication, some statistical analysis
as well as family health and media communication. We have a talented group
of faculty with diverse and eclectic backgrounds with their education and
their scholarship and professional endeavors this is inclusive of an
attorney, a mediator, a skilled practitioner of health and family
communication, a technical writer, I’m a presentation scholar so the varied
backgrounds of the faculty will hopefully then parlay into the classroom
to help our students. The richness of this program will not only come from the
faculty but from the students as well and experiences that they bring with
them to the classroom. We’re looking to create a program that’s diverse in
nature, that’s flexible and that ties people to the community as well as our
University forever.

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