Student Life: Klein College of Media and Communication

Student Life: Klein College of Media and Communication

DANA: The key to success is really to get
involved. We have so many clubs and activities that I encourage all students to get involved
in. JOSHUA: there’s main campus program board, which is Temple’s largest event planning
organization. I’ve done PROWL, which is Temple’s student run PR Firm AMARIA: I’m in the Temple Advertising Club, they have different seminars for advertising
students so they can kind of see what they’re going to be immersed in once they get that job in advertising. JOHN: At WHIP, the student radio station, you can have your own show, you can sell advertising, you cane a producer, it’s a great lab really, to learn and practice radio. STUDENT: 11 o’ clock on the dot, here in the WHIP studios, the main event radio program… PAUL: At Temple University Television, we’re a city-wide cable channel, and we are here to be the University’s showcase, JAMES: We have Owl Sports, Temple News, Temple Update, they are student run programs, with student producers, student newscasters, JULIA: you’re writing on Monday and you’re filming on wednesday, so having the opportunity to get back into
the studio and get that hands on was amazing. JAMES: I did a lot of work at the studio and it’s great because it’s fast paced, they are out to see who can actually the work, or who will fall by the wayside, and that’s what I really appreciated about
it. TD: three…two…one…and we’re hot PAUL: There’s an opportunity here for your
work to be seen on a fairly wide scale, in the 4th television market in America. JOHN: The Temple News really operates as it’s own professional newsroom and news outlet on a college campus, JAMES: We had to do writing, we had to do reporting, we had to do editing, we had to do photography, PAUL: We give our students the opportunity to learn from professionals, to interact with the community they serve, to begin to cultivate the practices required to have a career as a multimedia professional. JOHN: It’s a really, really live atmosphere
here. There’s so much that you have access to in terms of reporting, the alumni network, the sources that you can develop, the relationships that you develop, so I think that’s why this is such a tremendous place to be.


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