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    regenerated wordsmythe

    this now, and Americans dying in the Dominican Republic? Most of these places love the American money but despise Americans.

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    Michelle White

    People are always ready to believe the worst about black people but when it is black people who believe the worst about their own that's how you sell yourself out you never see the wickedness of the Chinese infiltrators or the American government the big long arm of freaking Satan pulling strings in your country or in your neighborhood

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    Michelle White

    Only an idiot would ever think a state of emergency is a good thing what the hell is wrong with black people.

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    Ken Dreamer

    State of emergency is not a good thing it's a last resort before all hell breaks loose. It means things are unstable. The number of people with the desire to engage in wickedness out number the people with the desire to stop them and the innocent and the fearful are caught between it. Jamaica may need a civil war to purge all the bad blood and then enforce the ethics and morals. The other method is separation. Evil cannot be eliminated it keeps manifesting in human relationships. So to keep the peace people with the disease of wickedness and cannot function in civil society have to be removed from that society—- quarantine or exterminated. In the past we had asylums for the criminally insane and drug them stupid or lobotomized them. The other wicked people have to be placed in prisons don't feed them but bread and water or nothing at all to weaken their spirit. And for the most heinous offenses capital punishment. Preferably guillotine or firing squad. Heads have to roll. It was good enough to end the lives of wicked monarchs such has to be the case for all wicked people. Even your political leaders have to be punished for crimes against humanity. Which ever way Jamaicans decide to proceed forward seperation of righteous and wicked is necessary. You don't mix ripe fruits with rotten fruits because it will turn the whole bunch rotten. When the whole world turn wicked except for one family G-d saw it fit to destroy the whole world for the sake of 6 righteous souls. Because He knows righteousness and wickedness cannot mix it's why He placed them separate. Peace and a blessing.

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    JA _We_Luv

    This savage shot a 30 yr old, mother of 2 small children in Mount Salem-on August 3, 2019 at approximately 11 Pm. My step daughter survived but will go through facial reconstruction surgery. My huaband and I are offering a reward in the amount of 67,000 JMD for his capture. If you spot this criminal please contact JDF or local law enforement. Last known location is on Francis Isabella Road in Montego Bay Born in Aligator Pond but may be also hiding in Claredon.

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    Nellie DiDon

    This really donโ€™t make any difference because as the soldiers them move a killing them man deh a ja bare face bad and heartless

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    Wayne Anderson

    The JDF purpose was originally and always has been the Queen's Armed guards, a Police State. The Royal Navy was the Defense to Colonial Jamaica not the standing Army Governed by the Governor General and still is today. Did you know the Governor General is selected by the Prime Minister, but has to be appointed by Queen Elizabeth, and that he is in charge of the Jamaica Defense Force and is the Representative of Queen Elizabeth? Defending from what? They are just a military extension of the Police Force. Both Branches bear the seal of the Crown today. Educate yourself people and see that Freedom is a joke. Who is in control of the economy, the banks?

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    Jackie Smith

    The violence in Jamaica
    is being noticed all around the world and it certainly looks terrible
    and gives people world wide a very bad impression about Jamaica and
    Jamaicans .1,200 murders for 2019 and only the second largest
    Caribbean island with a population of approx 3 million people is mind
    blowing. In comparison to the population of Britain 67.530.172 with
    just782 homicides its hard to believe the difference. But most of the
    blame must go to the Jamaican government who year after year is a
    silent force, doing nothing but talking, and talk is cheap. Bob
    Marley as well as being a great musician and writer was a great
    thinking he said a hungry man is a angry man. Most of people in
    Jamaica are hungry and angry especially when they watch these
    foreign business come to into their country making fortunes and
    putting noting back and the government does nothing about it
    fabulous hotels build in Jamaica on Jamaican soil charging there
    foreign visitors mega US dollars to stay in these luxurious places
    while pay the Jamaican staff Jamaican dollars wage, which amounts to
    pea nuts because again the government decided to keep Jamaican
    currency which is not even accepted anywhere abroad. On wages that
    can barely make ends meet and having to find their own transportation
    at added cost. Jamaicans are angry they are still in slavery and the
    government is working for the slave masters. A decent minimum wages
    is needed, in compassion to the US Dollars made in these hotels
    monies need to be circulated in the country instead of it being only
    circulated in the hotels and back into the USA and what ever other
    foreign county the hotel belongs to. These companies should be paying
    monies into a fund that maintain the roads and pathways of Jamaica
    yearly.. In the Uk the government looks after its people with all
    types of benefits such as Child allowance, sickness benefits,
    unemployment benefits, housing benefits, NHS, the list goes on and
    on. England as now left the European union as it feels it can better
    help its own people by doing so. Jamaica Government has to learn to
    organise its own house putting it's family of Jamaicans first

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