Some… Good News? – SOME MORE NEWS

Some… Good News? – SOME MORE NEWS

(scribbling) Hey. I should probably drink
this entire bottle, huh? (twinkling) (shouts) What? I’m a monster! What is this flesh prison? What happened? (upbeat music) Oh. Really? All right, let’s do, let’s, let’s do some good news. Maybe this isn’t so bad. This show can be a real, a
real stick in the mud like, like most of the time. And it’s summer. And people are happyish, and we all deserve a little break from the searing waft coming from the toxic trash fire
that is all of America. So let’s do this! Here is some good news! And not just any good news, but random feel-good news stories designed to futilely inject false hope into your frosty and callused heart. Perfect. That is perfect. Let’s warm up with a
grab bag of nice things that happen to be recent. So what do we got? Can we see some funny, some
funny but uplifting clips, perhaps of animals? (rumbling) (bleating) Hey! Look at all them goats! That’s the Ventura County Fire Department releasing an army of satanic avatars to happily snack on the
dry brush in the area, thus preventing forest fires. (clapping) We did it! We showed you some uplifting news. Can we Photoshop a goat with a little fireman’s hat to celebrate? There better (beep) be a goat with a little fireman’s hat in the corner. Anyway, great start! We’re greased up. Lots of energy. Big smiles. I’m starting to feel better already. I think we’re ready to venture
into more complex territory, more uplifting in a humanity
isn’t totally doomed sort of way. Maybe something about space? And since I know what’s going to happen because this was all pre-written, I’m going to predict that it’s, it’s about the moon. Totally called it. That’s right. By 2024 NASA has been tasked with putting a woman on the moon. This is good news in
terms of space equality. But also a confirmation that
we’ve finally figured out a way to kill all the rock spiders inhabiting Earth’s natural satellite. Spoilers for the documentary Apollo 18. Speaking of, the new missions
will be named Artemis, sister of Apollo and goddess of the moon. Solid branding, And will begin in 2020
with a trip around the moon before finally touching
down a few years later. The eventual plan is to establish an actual sustainable station
on the moon’s surface, like a moon clubhouse! And you know, while there’s
clearly a lot of work we still need to do on this planet, we are long overdue for some
kind of fancy lunar base with helper robots and cool
rovers and dystopian clones. You know, like that
really good moon movie. What was it called? That really good movie on the moon with a robot played by now disgraced actor and a rover crash and a plot twist where the main character was a clone and it all took place on the moon? What was it called? That’s the one. Great, great moon movie. But also the goal of another
moon landing isn’t simply the grandstanding of
humanity, which we should. Humans, we will stand very grandly. But, also, it shouldn’t just
be like a political ploy by whoever is currently in power. It’s easy to forget that we don’t just golf up there, but also
learn important science stuff. Like we’re still not entirely certain how the moon came to be. We have some awesome theories, but it would be cool to
actually know for sure. Also, there might be some water up there. And we’re gonna, like,
really need some extra water in the next few decades because of all the catastrophes we’re not fixing on Earth. Sorry, ah, I made it depressing. We got so close, and then
I made it depressing. Okay, so maybe we need to bring back some goddamn animals into the mix. But like, like, like a cute way that also reminds us of our own mortality. Like, it can’t be too positive or else my body will reject it. People love cats, right? How about a quick segment called (upbeat music) Cat Survives! where we look at all the crazy recent ways cats have survived their
own perils before learning absolutely nothing from the mishap. Here’s a cat that got
stuck in a garage door because it decided to climb
up and fall asleep on it while it was still open. The cat is fine and has learned nothing. Here’s a kitten that traveled for 40 miles inside of the bonnet, you
British (beep) of a car. They had to dismantle the
vehicle to get it out. The cat is fine and has learned nothing. How about this cat that
snuck into a washing machine, rode out the entire wash cycle, and is now doing remarkably well after the experience while
having, uh, learned nothing. I’m sure it’s very clean now, too. Oh, and here’s one from last winter where a cat was found in Montana during the polar vortex frozen solid, only to be thawed out
and is perfectly fine, having learned nothing. That’s the moral of this
extremely quick segment that I hope you enjoyed because it’s over. (upbeat music) Mmmm. That was fun. We’ve really warmed up. We had a literal save the cat moment. We’ve talked about space. Now let’s try to find order in the chaos, something constructive, possibly
repeatable for the future. So here’s a segment called people who did a good thing
that more people should do. Hey you! Do you live in any of these states? You can tell me. It’s totally cool if you do. But also, do you live
in any of those states, aren’t a member of the LGBTQ community, but also support LGBTQ rights? If your answer is yes, then maybe you should say or do something to show support, ya lazy bum. Because according to the
Human Rights Campaign those are the states with the
biggest hurdles to traverse in order to achieve basic LGBTQ rights, which is why something
like this is kinda cool. That’s the truck of Cody
Barlow from Oklahoma, a state that is in the bottom percentage of recommended places
to start LGBTQ families. Having served with many
LGBTQ people in the Navy, Cody, great name, figured
he’d make a minimal effort to show support during Pride Month. And you know what? Good for him. Like I know this isn’t a big effort, but it hopefully brightened the day of a few LGBTQ folks, right? Unless he, unless he
accidentally hit someone with the truck. But damn it, we’re being positive, which is why we’re going to
give this guy an A for effort. But sure, it would be good
to show this much support or any support during the whole year and not just Pride Month. And if you specifically live in this state and want to do that you could
totally go to one of the links we just put on the
screen right this moment. But still, way to show
your support in a state that really needs more
open LGBTQ support, Cody. Similarly, the Central
United Methodist Church in Knoxville, Tennessee recently hosted its 9th annual Tennessee Diversity Prom. It’s yet another state in
the really, really, really needs improvement category
when it comes to human rights, and one of the worst states in terms of LGBTQ harassment of students. And so the purpose of the Diversity Prom is to simply give LGBTQ students
a much-needed celebration and night off from worrying
about being verbally assaulted by some hate brained meat hook, something they quite frankly
shouldn’t have to worry about ever in their lives. This was put on by the
Tennessee chapter of GLSEN, which you can support by going to the link we’ve just posted on the screen. Because sure, it’s not a lot. The big changes are usually
the things we can push for on a political or legal level. But there’s a lot to say for simply trying to make people
feel more welcome and safe on a day to day basis, especially in places
where that’s not as common as it should be. Similarly, but also the opposite, we can also do what we can to non-violently make the lives of bigots a little bit harder. In the town of Ostritz, Germany the good people were faced
with an incoming far right, white supremacist music festival. And in response the town passed a court imposed banning order to eliminate alcohol consumption. Then the residents of the town bought out all the
neighboring beer and booze in order to ensure that the Nazis didn’t have any conceivable
way to get plastered. And I doubt that even
other Nazis can stand Nazis without taking the edge off a bit. They also launched a
competing Peace Festival during this same time,
celebrating the local soccer team, hopefully while brazenly hammered. This isn’t the first time
this town has been forced to ward off Nazis, as the
same thing happened last year, with 3,000 supporters joining the locals to tell a similar far-right
music festival to get (beep). And that’s something we don’t
celebrate nearly enough, the simple act of telling hateful people to eat your entire ass before moving on to better and bigger things. One such individual worthy of our respect is Marijuana Pepsi, a woman with a name that’s absolutely, hopefully
going to be a real soft drink 10 years from now. Marijuana, who is a black woman, has spent her life in school dealing with criticism of her name, specifically from her white teachers. But she ignored it,
refused to change her name, and went on to become
Doctor Marijuana Pepsi. Dr. Marijuana also hopefully becoming a soft drink in the future. Her graduation dissertation was titled Black Names
in White Classrooms, Teacher Behaviors and Student Perceptions, basically tackling the cultural
issue of the shaming head on with the added bonus of telling all her former
teachers to get fucked. And while none of this is a
world-changing accomplishment, it’s kind of a nice story, ya know? About someone who refused to
be shamed about who they are. And also, Marijuana is
actually a really pretty name that we might want to
consider naming our kids more. If they don’t like it they can just shorten it to Mary or Juan. But in full it sounds
like a cool wizard name. So, support. Also, marijuana is great. Like, the industry in general. In Southern Nevada they’re
using that weed money to fight teen homelessness. Same thing happened in Colorado, where they built a homeless shelter with that sweet, sweet tax cash. Another Colorado county is using it for scholarship money. And it has revitalized the
economy of several areas. It’s not the worst
thing to be named after, unlike uh, I don’t know, Graham. Imagine being named after a bull (beep) fake
cracker like Graham. I mean get real, guys. It’s just a thin cookie. Come on. Wake up, sheeple! Okay, who else is awesome? Here’s a 12 year old
kid who makes bow ties for shelter dogs to help them get adopted. I mean, that’s just common
sense thinking right there. I’d much rather have a wicked dapper dog than some tie-less piece of (beep). Even Barack Obama, who
wrote the kid a letter, agrees with me and my
specific views on this, I assume, having not read the letter. And you know what? It doesn’t just have to
be individuals deciding to take some kind of stand
or do something nice, either. We can certainly recognize the progressive decisions
of big companies. Stuff like Gillette taking
a stand for trans rights and against toxic masculinity. Like, sure, you could argue
that it’s cynical brand wokeness designed to just make money off that dastardly liberal
agenda of, of, of, of, of, of basic human compassion. But even if that was true, it probably is, it would mean that supporting
trans rights is popular enough that even a heartless corporation
considers it a safe way to boost their sales. And if it’s popular
enough to be profitable, it means we’re heading in
the right direction, right? Like someone at Gillette
clearly ran the numbers and found that supporting
transgender rights was popular enough to run an ad about it. Or maybe they didn’t give a
(beep) what people thought and wanted to show their support. Either way, this new idea of woke ads isn’t affecting their bottom line. And that’s good to know. And as an aside it’s also
giving people a mainstream voice that might not have had one otherwise. So why not be a little happy about it? (upbeat music) I mean,I can’t stress
enough that no one needs to praise the corporations here. Many of which, while
doing good in some ways, are still super terrible in other ways. Actions should always
speak louder than words, which is why it’s also
cool to see companies like Bank Of America pull their business from private detention centers or a group of newspapers in Florida partnering together to better
report about climate change or Hollywood productions
pulling their support from anti-abortion states. Or hey, to a much lesser extent, AMC Theaters is about to
launch a program designed to specifically keep
the indie market afloat. Something that, along with LGBTQ rights and abortion and detention centers, I’ve certainly harped
on about on this show. All good things. Like I know that, for a lot of us, the concepts of not jailing children and trying to save the world and protecting human rights
is just common sense, but it’s still nice to
see the people on the top also agree with us and use their power to steer us in the right direction, even if they’re just doing
it for publicity or money. But of course, none of that means things are necessarily getting better. That’s why we have a
whole other segment called oh, hey…look at these things that are slowly getting better. Disclaimer! Saying that some specific
problems of the world are getting better does not mean we can stop fighting for those things. Nor should we avoid exploring new ways to improve things or
criticize the current way we’re making progress. But even if we haven’t reached
the top of the mountain, you know, where all the best
sex parties and drugs are, we can still take a moment to appreciate how far we’ve come, right? As I’ve already mentioned, LGBTQ rights still have a long way to go, especially in other countries. And especially-est in Brazil, a country where the LGBTQ murder rate was at an all time high in 2018. And if that pisses you off, here are a few LGBTQ
organizations tied to Brazil that you can check out and donate to. Like definitely go check them out. But what is good news is
that their supreme court has at least made
transphobia and homophobia officially illegal in the country, something they probably
should have done a while ago. Another slow but steady win is that Taiwan recently
legalized same-sex marriage, which is pretty cool considering that it’s now one of only three nations in the Asia-Pacific area that has done so. Oh and hey, this just in,
poverty rates are dropping. Like, in the world. That’s good. Also, kids are dying less,
which is pretty neat. Also less child labor, but
not as less as we hoped. Still, all of this is good
news, unless you hate children. If that’s the case then I
apologize for telling you. Geez, what else? What else? What else? Renewable energy is doing well. It beat out coal this year in terms of producing energy in America. And that shouldn’t be a surprise considering that it’s actually cheaper to run a wind farm than
maintain a coal plant. The cost of solar power is also declining, and the industry has already
begun 2019 with record numbers. It just makes business
sense at this point. You don’t have to pay nearly as much when the power source is being conjured from the (beep) sky like
some sort of elemental magic. Walmart, GM, and Google
are all switching over to cheaper solar and wind energy. There’s even a coal plant in India that switched over to solar. Like, obviously this isn’t going to be a completely smooth transition, but we’re heading in the right direction. In Philadelphia, the largest
refinery on the East Coast had to be permanently closed down because of a massive fire. While no one died, this is
obviously going to cost jobs, which sucks a bunch. But on the flip side, the
refinery was a massive source of pollution and is now being discussed as a future place for a renewable plant. It’s a tough transition that
we still need to figure out, but ultimately it really needs to happen. Recycling is totally in as well, even if it’s just for PR reasons. No company wants to see
their cartoon mascot trending on Twitter because
it was seen cascading from the gashed belly of a dead whale. And so there’s now a push to reinvent the recycling process itself in order to quadruple the
recycling rates of plastics. And you bet your sweet fleshy assessment that the moment a company nails
down biodegradable plastics that shit will take off. Companies like Colgate are
spending years of research to redesign their products
to be fully recyclable. Because again, no one wants to
see a tube of Crest Max-Fresh strangle a baby turtle to death, especially not Colgate. Or the turtle. Speaking of, it appears that
a bunch of endangered turtles are making a comeback, thanks
to the Endangered Species Act. There are actually a whole lot of animals that are thankfully
returning out from oblivion, some of which thanks
to human intervention, like how elephant poaching in
the Niassa Reserve in Africa has gone down to zero. You’re welcome, nature. Other times it’s actually
from human tragedy, like this little
endangered bird population that has doubled since Hurricane Sandy. You’re welcome, nature? And then there’s this
so-called lost city in Honduras that was discovered to be the
home to a bunch of creatures thought to be extinct. Do we have any footage of the lost city and scientists and creatures interacting? – Put ’em on the endangered species list. (explosion) (triumphant music) (explosion) Yeah! Get ’em! Speaking of big meaty endangered things and Michael Crichton hogwash, scientists at multiple zoos
are literally in the middle of saving the white rhino from extinction using cool Jurassic Park magic. So we’re like in the future and may soon finally be able to laser kill as many species as we
want without the guilt of accidentally wiping
them off the planet. And isn’t that what this is all about? It’s not? Anyway, I think that’s
enough good news, right? We’re making some progress but still have a long way to go. There’s some scary (beep) still happening in just this country alone. So if you’re also worried, I’m gonna just tell you some
places you should donate to or volunteer for if you’d like. It’s our final segment, (upbeat music) good things to throw money at. If you’re scared or pissed about what’s going on at the border, you can check out Border Angels, a group that provides water and aid to people attempting
to immigrate to the US. There’s also several legal organizations that help families detained at the border. And you can donate to them with the links on the screen right now. Along with what we already put up, here’s a bunch of places
that support LGBTQ rights and provide legal resources
to people in need. All good things that you should check out. And another very
important thing to look at are organizations that are helping women in need of safe abortions, especially in states that
are stupid restrictive. There’s the Yellowhammer Fund for Alabama, the Mississippi Reproductive Freedom Fund, the Gateway Women’s
Access Fund for Missouri, and ARC Southeast. Also GoFundme has launched
a fundraising movement specifically for the National
Network of Abortion Funds, Planned Parenthood Federation of America, Planned Parenthood Action Fund, American Civil Liberties
Union, and the ACLU Foundation. So you can just donate there if you want. And hey, if there’s an
organization we missed that you really like and
want to signal boost, give us a tweet! Or share it in the comments! In fact, why not make
every YouTube comment to this video something
positive and constructive? That would really freak out
the robots running this site. Also speaking of GoFundMe, if you have any leftover cash, that bow tie for dogs kids
is looking for a few bucks. Or just go adopt a dog, like an old one. And name it Marijuana or
Cody, both great names. Also, we should do every
political debate in America with a kitty cat filter like they accidentally did in Pakistan. These are all great ideas by me, with a little help from this
magic bottle of ketamine. It’s ketamine. I should’ve, all right. (upbeat music) it wasn’t ketamine, you freaks. It was Coca Cola Classic. Thanks for watching. Make sure to like and
subscribe and comment. I hope you enjoyed the good news, and I hope it’s really
positive in the comments. Make sure to listen to our
podcast, Even More News, and support us on Patreon if you’d like at You know what? You’re beautiful. Have a good day.


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