Sneak Peek #2: YouTube Analytics Smart Headlines versus the YouTube Analytics Blue Cards

Sneak Peek #2: YouTube Analytics Smart Headlines versus the YouTube Analytics Blue Cards

Hello insiders, we’ve got to quell back on the show you have you were on the show a few months ago, right guys Yeah, so we’re talking about mobile we were talking about mobile And we’re talking about how the creator studio iPhone app didn’t have the number of Subscribers, and how it and how it does yeah, so now you’re working on Something that we’re calling Internally like an idea called smart headlines. Yeah. Yeah, so tell us about what is that? Yeah, so what the goal of smart
headlines is is to help break down in a very clear and crisp way? What is happening on a creators Channel? Mm-hmm so instead of them having to go in and look through analytics and try to find answers and dig through a bunch of reports I think there’s dozens and thousands of metrics We instead just simply summarize key compelling things that are going on with your channel in natural language and a paragraph More shorter and let you know what’s happening, so what would be an example of that sure so We can say Something like an answer to how is my latest upload doing right and it can say Oh your latest upload is taking off well You’re receiving you know 70% more views than usual because people are finding your videos through the Subs feed therefore your subscribers are more interested. Maybe try doing this in that to help capitalize on this success Wow so I guess longer-term, it’s almost like a Like an assistant. Yeah imagine it as a 24/7 automatic analyst and a coach to guide you on your YouTube journey Now we should make it very clear. This is in in very early Super Beta so people if Well if you don’t think y’all like the idea let us know in the comments If you think it’s a great idea Know that this may take some time Yeah this I mean the Last example that I shared is obviously something that we need to Work toward and build the intelligence train our models to be able to say we want to start small and get the top Types of questions answered again like how’s my video doing? Why is my revenue up and down? why are my views fluctuating right and then we’ll be able to answer more and more advanced questions as we go on so it’s Definitely a multi-year yes Okay, so that sometimes in in YouTube analytics? Especially on the mobile app you get these little blue Notifications how does that relate to the these you know kind of smart headlines? Yeah, so that was an early iteration, and we’re now evolving those, but a lot of creators Call just the blue cards into this thing so we want to see if we can Shift our resources into making those types of things far better for example right now Oftentimes they just tell you what’s going on But they don’t tell you why it’s going on so that why is what we really want to put into smart headlines And we want to kind of move resources to that effort Okay time out mm-hmm if you’re watching this and you haven’t subscribed yet Please subscribe now because there’ll be more interviews like this coming up basically every week we do a new upload and I didn’t want to wait till the end of this video because in YouTube analytics. I know that not everybody makes it to the end so Yeah, there you go time in Alright, so go subscribe. That’s right. You got oh I feel it now what you’re talking about this kind of smart headline that may eventually grow into a bit of a an assistant That sounds like a lot of work imagine you had two worlds One world where we keep kind of plugging away with the blue cards And May I actually takes effort and resources just to keep them running. I’m not even to improve them exactly and and then eventually like We would get the smart headlines kind of prototype and tested and If it went well – you know developed and shipped to everybody, but it would take longer yeah Because your kind of dividing resources your other option would be to say you know what these blue cards like they were a good start But the smart headline where it’s much more personalized. It’s much more specific. It’s less redundant and It just tells me what I need to know in a concise way And I can either take action, or I can I can feel like okay the whole story is there yeah? So the other objects we say let’s go for that. Yeah, and kind of hook the blue cards on the shelf And Paulson yeah, and so like of course if we had a magic one And we would have the blue cards continue to run and be awesome and improve and then you’d have the in parallel the smart headlines effort, but These are the trade-offs, we just don’t have unlimited engineers and product managers and and data scientists So yeah, let us know in the comments how you would think about that trade-off If you’re like no way, man I love these blue cards like do not do not pick them away And I don’t care about this smart headline stuff or I’ll not wait another new year To see my first smart headline, okay, then we would want to know that yeah Because these one of the things about this channel I think that’s great is we can get a conversation absolutely with with creators, and you promise you will read all the comments yeah and We’ll try to respond to as many of them as we can is there anything else you wanted to hear from The audience about this project or any other things that you want to get some quick feedback on yeah I mean, I think we have a good pulse of the top questions and our play game creators, and they want answers, too But I’d love to hear more right if you were to get a quick summary of How things are going on your channel? Or you find it hard to dig in further to certain things that you wish you could just understand in three seconds What would those be? And then we’ll help put our resources toward those things so lots of opportunities for feedback here Thank you so much for coming back. Thank you Tom, and you guys keep it real. Yeah


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    I have a small but steadily growing channel. I tend to focus on videos that will produce long term steady growth and very rarely see any blue cards. In my situation I wouldn't mind seeing them set aside in favor of something more comprehensive that allows me to better understand and extract relevant info from analytics.

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    Chad Wild Clay

    I love this idea of Smart Headlines. It sounds a bit like MorningFame. I also like how you are trying to answer the WHY a video is performing well. To reply to Jacquelle's question, I'd love to see WHY a certain video does well in Suggested or Home (or why a certain doesn't perform well in those). Every few videos there will be one that receives about one tenth the normal suggested views or one fourth the normal Home page views but I have never been able to figure out why.

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    Jungle Naps

    I definitely prefer the smart headlines model. It would be great to know why I receive an increase in watch time / gain subscribers. For example, did someone just make a video on the same topic that has resulted in suggested views, etc? If this could happen within a few minutes / hours after the increase that would be great.

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    Ted Kahler

    could we get the demonetization issues fixed before we add more stuff? I dont think new ideas are bad i just really wish the other issues would get sorted out first

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    For something as important as my entire channel's performance and recent vid views, I would definitely not want it compressed to a sentence or two. I'd change it to be a "super report" or something similar where it's maybe 3 paragraphs. I mean, I want more data. Who just says "I'm going to sit down and look at the most important numbers on my channel, but only if it takes less than 30 seconds." It takes 3 hours to make 1 video. I can take 5 minutes to read slightly more data about how my channel is doing and why some things are working and others aren't.

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    The Blue cards have never told me anything useful.
    It's like I upload an hour+ long video after a month of inactivity. then "Your channel got a huge spike in watch time!" Gee, thanks
    or I finally go a full day without one of my videos getting false flagged by the demonetization bot. then "Your channel got a huge spike in revenue!" Oh, ya don't say.

    But I have this one video that over it's lifespan got nearly 3 times the views of my average uploads and I have no idea why
    It's over a year old and still consistently in my most viewed videos every 48 hours
    That's the kind of stuff I want answers about.
    I don't care about my most recent upload. It's probably not going to make any money because of the triggerhappy demonetization bot, I care about why this one video outperformed all my other ones in the long run

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    EqualConnect Coach

    This comment is not related to this video however could you please implement such a functionality "which allows subscriber to accept/reject upcoming live streaming" , its just kind of meeting request where we send request, where user can accept and reject meeting request so that organizer come to know how many people are going to attend his live steam

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    The blue things are useless. We already know when we get a big uptick on our channels. The "why" would be much more helpful.

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    Wolf Pack Woodcraft

    The Blue Headlines have never told me anything I didn't already know. We watch our analytics every day and try to follow trends the best we can. It would really be nice to know what the exact trends are that are making videos do better than others without the guess and check of investing a ton of time into multiple videos to see which trend was the key to making the views or subscribers.

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    I really loved the idea of smart headlines , would be looking forward for this feature ..Glad am connected to this channel where i can understand possible upcoming changes in youtube 🙂

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    Physical Media Guy

    I'd like to be able to sell digital products like books & videos in the description of videos like you can with Google Play movies, but in Canada. For some reason I can't sell videos in Canada. You should also make it easy for people to buy on YouTube so they could use PayPal or other services instead of going through other Google services first. I think you would have more people buying products through the website if you did this.

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    Randy Brown Mantis Boxing & BJJ

    Great idea!!! Love it. Blue cards have been a big help. Having even more information is awesome!

    Feedback: most popular time of day videos are viewed would be great. I can do it in the 48 hour window, but an overall MEAN would be excellent. Thanks!

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    For me, blue cards typically tell me things that I already know. I’m interested to see what Smart Headlines have to offer both at first and over their evolution if they’re implemented.

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    Auntie Joy's Toys

    Those features sounds amazing. But I would prefer the demonetization issues to be resolved before more features are added. Although that's probably a different team working on that. Thanks for all your hard work on improvements 🙂

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    Nice features, now fix the copyright system, end your "agreements" with copyfrauders like the RIAA and fix the monetization features.

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    KAROLINA # 1

    I would like to CUSTOMIZE my Analytics, and be able to chose what I want to see ON ONE PAGE instead of jumping from one tab to another!
    For example, I check messages but I also want to see how many views got my recent upload, plus my current subscribers count and total hours viewed in the last year. I'm jumping around to see it. Other people probably looking some other data MORE OFTEN. And it would be nice they can CUSTOMIZE – choose what to see UNDER ONE "CUSTOM" TAB.
    Just an idea.

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    Shannon Jones

    The blue cards are redundant for me. By the time they pop up, I have already seen that stat in analytics. My vote is for putting them on the shelf to spend efforts on new/improved headlines.

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    For me the blue cards haven't been that helpful. It seems like they tell me things I already know and I don't get all that many new ones.

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    Rainbow Lane

    The Smart Headlines sound like a better use of resources than the current Blue Cards – the Blue Cards give us a nice little boost when we get them but it's kind of like you're pointing at something we already have noticed ourselves – so from YT's point of view, I can see how it could be a waste of resources that could be better used elsewhere. Thanks for these info sessions.

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    Kirill Skobelev

    Frankly, blue cards are absolutely useless (for me personally), so I'm excited about what future holds
    And again – so smart and optimistic people are working on youtube, thanks for a video!

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    VRRay OfMinneapolis

    Interesting idea. You are basically talking about introducing an AI personification of the algorithm which can direct producers to make more valuable videos? "The Director" has valuable information about your channel! <3

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    My Channel

    Hello there im here to ask what is going on with those channels who already past 4000 watch hours and 1000 subs because its been 1 month on review and almost nothing its says on late January and we already past even February so can you please give me an answer about this I would be appreciated thanks.

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    I can imagine if you ever get around to testing this you’ll probably be testing with the largest channels first (1m+), I’d like to say those probably don’t need this functionality (a bunch of larger channels I know have absolutely no clue / interest), and it would be nice if you could test with people who look at these things every day (regular uploaders, 20k-400k) and who would actually listen to advice and make changes based on it

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    Ileane Smith

    Thanks for the updates you guys! I'm looking for a way to find the "sleeper" videos. In other words they are not the most recent or in the top 20 but perhaps people are watching to the end more often or they are rewinding more often. These videos might have some element that people want to see more of but with our current analytics we can't dig deep enough to find them. Also – when are the END SCREEN stats coming to the mobile app? I'm still seeing stats for annotations in the Creator Studio app.

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    Tom, i gotta say after being here in almost every single video since this channel was born, you are getting better and better at presenting the videos, haha. Im actually laughing with you on the "time out, please subscribe" part. Loving this energy. Btw, this idea seems interesting, i'd love to see how it would develop. Analytics is great, but me as a creator struggle to understand what does it say, considering all the metrics involved. Would be nice to have some guide to answer the "why's".

    Also, i'd like to understand more about what drives people into my videos. And to that, some metrics would be great:
    – how many clicks does the video has (to see title + thumbnail efficiency)
    – how many people got the notification / how many clicks (to see the interest, and i probably think this number would make us depressed but anyways would be nice to know)

    Lately i've been noticing the videos are taking almost 20 minutes to actually show on my channel after being made public and i sense that kinda kill it's first moments and Youtube believes, since it takes so long to have interations, that people aren't interested, and just "sinks" the video or stops spreading it, killing it's velocity. Not sure how correct or wrong i am, but this has been going since jan 30th, when an update was announced to deal with view count. So even by diving the analytics i can't find answers to what's going on.

    Also, about the notification bell. Noticed that if you click on the bell, it's default is to show SOME of the videos of a channel. You actually have to research by yourself in order to understand that there's a possibility of going into your config and changing to receive all notifications and you can go deeper to choose them via e-mail and push. To the user, that's A LOT of steps to actively take in order to receive the notifications. Shouldn't the default already be "receive all videos" and "via push" (to avoid annoying e-mails that gets into other tabs and spam areas and gets send hours after an upload)?

    If a person subscribes to a channel, means they want to see more. Also, if they take the extra step to hit the notification bell, youtube should give them all the notifications since that's a clear message: i clicked because i want to receive them. Having people to actually search for more (and it's not a simple thing, those menus are "hidden" and they are hard to find) by themselves is just terrible both to them and the creators. Am i wrong?

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    I think you should work on allowing creators and commenters to put polls and stuff in the comments section, and this would be a great idea although it might become a distraction to create it and I fear it might focus your attention too much on the feature described in the video rather than making more necessary changes on the platform 🙂

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    Uncut Fishing

    BTW, if I were to suggest just one thing for YT to think about, it would be some kind of a truth'o meter, reliability gauge or something like that. YT is used by millions of people as a source of everyday advices and there are millions of amazing videos here. But there are also tons of bad, amateurish, unbased advices as well as factual disinformation. I myself have roofed one building based on step by step instructionals on YT, just to suffer large losses due to a faulty advice. I posted a comment, but nobody will see it. Such things are often unintentional and lots of people (including authors in many cases) believe they're dead right. Thumbs up/down does not work at all, because even the most ludicrous videos of this category often have way more likes than dislikes. A knowledgeable person may post a critical comment, but it may easily be deleted by the video owner (and it's happening all over the place, imho). YT has to address it one way or the other, even if it's an extremely complicated problem to solve.

    Now, come to think of it, the related fake news problem will also only get more severe as time goes by, but I hope nobody needs to remind the YT of that 😉

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    Natalie Nightwolf

    I think a headline with top videos people subscribed from and top tags or top suggested tags and video titles / topics would be helpful.

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    If you have to pause blue cards to work on smart headlines faster, then please do that! Blue cards were OK, but as many other people have commented, they were often "late". So, for people who already know their way around analytics and who are up to date with their channel, it's outdated information. (But I concede that for people who aren't necessarily as up to date with their analytics, blue cards might be a good catchup.)

  51. Post

    Yes! Develop my U-shadow AI assistant please. Peter f. Hamilton has talked about like sixteen different iterations of this kind of idea and it would be so useful.

  52. Post

    That's a great idea, I'd love to ask 1 thing, it'd be amazing if there was a "Epilepsy warning" option for videos, so we don't have to put a very minimal epilepsy warning disclaimer in the first few seconds of the video, but it'd appear as a readable text like the "This video contains product placement" for.. say the first 20 seconds above the play button, I was just thinking on it because how terrible it'd be to be epilepsyc and not knowing which video has parts that trigger epilepsy, but if YouTube would ask every creator to put "Epilepsy warning" in their videos where it's needed but we can't put them into past videos because the annotations are gone, but an on/off option like that'd be amazing!

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    Savvy Serena

    I think the smart headlines would be perfect for someone like me that doesn't understand all the data that is provided. Like example: when are my viewers dropping off on a particular video there is more but I can't think of anything else right now. I do believe that is some of the reason it has taken me 3 years to get to 251 subscribers. Thank you and I look forward to this.

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    The Constable

    Why is my channel (The Constable) demonetized while others like mine are still monetize? Is becoming bias in application of rules?

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    SHARE H!S V!S!0N

    ok seriously, I need my youtube page to be more of a place where my subs and other youtube people can get a clear update on things going on. there are still many people who do not use social media and if youtube only wants "youtube views" and viewers being counted (as opposed to video hosting sites and outside views ) then they should make the video creators page more interactive . Also, creating to feed the algorithm messes with my creativity. sometimes i dont look at my stats for months at a time.

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  60. Post

    The blue cards as is, serve little to no purpose. They usually only reiterated information that most of us are already aware of. Smart Headlines will have to focus very heavily on 'why things are happening' over whats happening… We already know whats happening.

    Why is my video suddenly being recommended alongside bigger channels, when my previous videos (of similar topic) were not? How can I recreate and maintain this new interest? If smart headlines can focus on answering questions like this, then we will have a truly valuable resource on our hands.

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    Put Your Quarter Up Gaming

    Think this is a good step for the platform to develop software like this. I feel having more help within YouTube to help provide actual suggestions, in lieu of just reports, will be an extremely useful tool for all content creators. Blue cards are useful however, but always feels like its just telling stuff I already know, or knew when I made the video, guess call them helpful reminders, but not really helping me grow as a creator.

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    Recommended Playing

    Hi Tom, have you guys ever talked about improving Playlist functionality? Watch time is important, and playlists are the easiest way to set that up for viewers. Playlists basically haven't changed since their inception. It'd be nice to have features like being able to embed another playlist in a playlist, or even just a way to manually organize your playlists since the pages often look incredibly cluttered once you pass a certain number of playlists. Thanks for the good info.

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    ሓዉኩም ሚሊዮን ገ/ሂወት

    Hi insider
    Can you help me how can i make on my YouTube channel community I mean like your YouTube channel

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    The Big Binge

    really cool idea, go ahead and make it happen! Creators would surely benefit from an internally built YouTube AI assistant

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    Video Creators

    I've been waiting for something like this for a long time. I'm glad YouTube provides a lot of data, but providing meaning to the data is what most creators actually need.

    Regarding the blue cards, I personally don't find them that helpful. They're too generic, so removing them to invest into the Smart Headlines sounds great.

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    Tangiblez Daily Devotionals

    My top 3 pic for Smart Headline 1. Why did this video get more watch time? 2. how/why was this video more discover-able? 3. What do my subscribers have in common & where's the best place to find more?

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    Madalina Zbranca

    The blue cards aren't helpful at all for me. I can already see that the views went up or down in a specific period on my channel, but those smart headlines sound quite good, as I need more help on how to improve my videos and my channel and attract more subscribers, hot to create and grow a community, not only a number of subscribers and how to make my voice heard more and share my message with more people.

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    Nicolas Raimo

    I like the blue headers they give creators a boost good inside feeling, but if they were replaced with smart headlines that be GREAT

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    The Analytics Guy

    Love the emphasis on the 'why'. Huge difference between 'data' and an 'insight'. An insight speaks to the 'why' and more importantly how to replicate those results. Love that this is something you're focusing on. Thank you.

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    Zap zockt

    I appreciate efforts invested in new features in the analytics area and in the feedback that YouTube gives to creators about their channels. But as i also wrote in feedback letters about the Creator Studio Beta, if you build new things, please don't take away the complexity of data we can get out of the current system. I think it would be good to get more instruments, but please add them aside the existing ones and not replace the old ones.

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    Vals NoisyToys

    I'd like to see the amount of watch time being trashed when people watch via playlists but aren't watching it the 'correct way'.

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    Топ Ган

    How can creators identify which themes are the most discussed in last 24 hours? Which topics at the whole youtube and at selected category?

  87. Post
    Paul Lockwood

    More detailed analytics are more useful. I think if you look at something like Tube Buddy that so many are using now, these are what you need to look on to improve YouTube.

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    Jai Bista Show

    HI Jacquelle and Tom, Thank you for making this platform more accessible and compatible for all the creators like us. Personally I do love blue cards and often get excited to see those but Smart Headlines would make much more sense. I would love to know what is working for my channel with more insights/details. thanks again for  all your hard work YT team, because of the guys like you, we are very optimistic to reach our goal in this platform.

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    Mikey Bustos Vlogs

    This is a great thing! Looking forward to this. Keep up the great work! I am ok to give up the blue cards to have smart headlines. The less brain work going into crunching the math, the more we can focus on creating! I would also love to know at what point in a given video the majority of viewers watching that video are hitting the subscribe button.

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    AuthenTech - Ben Schmanke

    My vote: put blue cards on the shelf and transfer resources to the AI/smart assistant 🙂

  97. Post

    A few ideas:
    1.Don't penalize a channel for trying to post other content than their normal content (It honestly sucks).

    2. Tell us what keywords would trigger a demonetization (or less ads) so we know what not to say.

    3. Fix the sub boxes, please! The whole point of having subscribers is so that your subs you worked so hard on getting can actually get notified of your videos.

    Those are some ideas to consider in order to fix youtube! Thanks!

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    Deep Shah

    I think smart analytics is a better option ! Bcz by the I receive a blue card update it's already a old news!

  99. Post

    Smart headlines sound great! 😀 I mean I LOVE diving into the analytics but a "second pair of eyes" would be really interesting!

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