SMARTPHONE NEWS !!! Google Maps API Opens To Developers For Mobile Gaming

google has announced they will soon be
bringing their Maps API technology to developers enabling the Maps API to be
combined with our core to expand the mechanics and features of mobile games
and reduce development costs and time’ scales
product manager Clementine Jacobi and engineering lead patrick Donnellan at
Google Maps took to the stage to reveal the progress of getting the technology
in the hands of developers removing the need to build larger virtual worlds that
can be time-consuming and expensive to create opening up the Maps API to
developers allows small teams to leverage vast rich geo data resources
offered by Google for an easier and more affordable route to creating virtual
worlds google has already built an SDK to bring the technology to unity which
does all the heavy lifting with no Google Maps expertise needed to get
started games you can expect to see using the
new our core and Google Maps API technology during 2018 include Jurassic
world alive Ghostbusters World and The Walking Dead our world patrick Donnellan
demonstrated how developers can use unity integration to transform and
textures geometry of google maps into stylized gaming elements using lighting
and textures we use a vast array of Google Maps signals to determine the
best places for gameplay and a our experiences ranked by prominence and
popularity says Donal and you can request points at whatever density your
game requires and fine-tune the way those points are distributed

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