Shocking That Fox News Wants To Bury This Story

Shocking That Fox News Wants To Bury This Story

you heard basically wall to wall
coverage a bridge gay it’s on CNN it summit on
MSNBC all over the internet one place you probably haven’t heard
anything about it though is Fox News yesterday on Wednesday the day that the
scandal broke box affectively didn’t talk about it at all
in fact on up Bill O’Reilly show in on Sean
Hannity’s show it was not mentioned once despite the fact that everyone else across the media was talking about it
and that seems like an odd omission now it was talked about at least a
little bit about Meghan Kelly did address it Brett Baer talked about it briefly but
when we talk about the actual number is a what different networks thought about
the significance of the scandal Fox News covered it for just 15 minutes compared to CNN’s 150 minutes now look I’m gonna be honest I have
almost as big a problem with that number for CNN as they do for Fox I certainly think that wanted more than
15 minutes above coverage on Fox especially because this was the day that
the big part of it broke but 150 minutes seems like an unnecessary amount of scrutiny when chris Christie
hadn’t even gone talked about yet on and you can expect that number will
be even higher today now certain it did come up a little bit
more today on Thursday Fox deciding that look we actually do have to cover it although the way that they addressed it
especially in Fox’s morning shows was a little bit interesting but Steve do see Hasselbeck we’re
talking about the gates book on a bomb in the military and they’re not happy at all with all
this bridge talk watch imagine the commander in chief claiming
that he supports you but not your mission how do you separate the two and how do you separate yourself
the commander in chief from your trip information that you’re putting forward
it just doesn’t make sense doesn’t make sense on paper doesn’t make sense on air doesn’t make
sense from the president the United States to hear any other that coming forward on
in this in this book is just shocking yeah and
Anne there and I was watching one a news
channel yesterday you would think that this would be a big story who all about to the bridge thing with busty
we’re gonna be talking about that little while yeah there Steve do see keeping up on
all the relevant news talking about the bridge thing I don’t even think it’s news we’ll talk
about it the next segment by the way so I love that so they are talking there
about bob gates book that says that basic or their interpretation other is that
Barack Obama doesn’t care for the military doesn’t support their mission our gates did not agree with the Brock
Obama lot of his military decisions now I have to admit I have not actually read
the book which means that I have something in common with every
conservative comments are on the internet and on Fox News none of them have actually read the book
and people who have actually read the book say that the Conservatives are
completely misinterpreting what Kate said now certainly gate is not
gonna be huge fan Obama but they’re selectively taking a
couple of quotes out of context to reinforce a narrative that they’ve
been pushing for years that Brock Obama doesn’t care for the military at all and and by the way so Hasselbeck there it doesn’t it doesn’t make any sense to
me that he would say this it doesn’t known any level does it make sense then
perhaps you don’t actually know what you’re talking about it doesn’t even
convinced you in your room readily predisposed to believe the sort
of BS and so they want to get past the chris Christie
stop now that doesn’t mean that they are big fans are chris Christie it’s just their general like standing
ovation a standard operating procedure is why should we be attacking a
republican when there’s a perfectly good democratic
president to attack and so they’re gonna focus focus on the gates thing now I can’t say at this point what sort
of legs the bridge big cock conspiracy will have
on perhaps if Melissa harris-perry talked about Karen Romney a couple days later would still be
discussing that but people got sick of talking about the Romney child and so
now we’ve moved on a bridge gate hope will last for at least a few days
just because I wanna know if there’s any way that they can’t I chris Christie to
this because look he seems like the sort of
guy who probably would be Bain & pedi enough to use as political
power to to damage democrats that he didn’t
wasn’t in favor of and and just as a way of illustrating
how petty it actually was they use this political power to hurt at
the Fort Lee mayor chris Christie was not in any danger of
losing that mayors supporting or not supporting
chris Christie his reelection bid was almost 100 percent meaningless that
had no influence whatsoever on the actual come out the vote in which chris Christie won by like 30
points and so I would think that you just celebrate be
happy that your guy Chris Christie had won reelection but instead they immediately begin
plotting how they can take down those damn democrats didn’t support them so that seems petty it seems childish
and for those two reasons I think that people might actually care about it
whether Fox News wants to cover it wanna


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    David Smith

    That's nothing compare to CNN, MSNBC, CBS, NBC, and ABC News dont even reported shit. FOX been the 1 # top and best news! Google up and learn. 

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    I can't take her seriously when the two guys wear a suit and tie and she wears a red dress and black belt – what is she, a Santa's helper? And just like how Sarah Palin talks in incomplete, incoherent sentence – Hasselbeck does as well.

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    Kasumi St Cloud

    Maybe Fox news just doesn't give a shit about what happens in New Jersey.
    It is a corrupt state. It is also considered the armpit of America. I agree.

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    Dale Walker

    Its George Bushes Fault ……….. Get a life Moron. Petty and childish should be your middle name. Now put your pajamas back on, have some coca and go read a good book on how to save the planet.

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    Lyle Blackett

    No CBS NBC ABC CNN and MSNBC they kind of don't feel like shit they still out truth it Fox News that deals out shit hate mongering doomsday Obamacare's going to have death camps oh my god did any of that come true I don't think so so who's doing that shit that came on cream Fox News sit there doesn't do news they just scare people we don't need anybody tell us ghost stories we need something tells the truth and its not Fox News

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    George Martin

    Total Lie. It was all over Fox news. The difference is FOX gave the story proper coverage. Only a Moron would give TYT and credence.

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    "Liberal" and "Conservative" media are run by the same people.
    They give their target audiences exactly what they want to hear.
    We're being played.

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    vicky naz

    Elizabeth Hasslebeck is a fuckin moron, hated her rhetoric on The View still hate the way she takes information and twist it, especially on her hatred towards Obama !

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    Richard Alan Pastor

    Fox News are a bunch of assholes and Chris Christie is a big fat asshole.. I don't understand why the people from New Jersey would even vote for this idiot I guess the minority population in New Jersey don't vote or maybe they're not allowed to who knows it's kind of strange though that anybody would vote for this idiot!

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    John Drover

    Perhaps this disconnect occurs because Obama isnt really running the country – he's just a front for democracy

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    Says the party that taxes soda, carbon, calls sugar poison, and ignores what will be 22 trillion obama scandals. Marxists are so evil.

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    Steven Hoog

    Somehow slow traffic doesn't arise to that big of a deal. PLUS, you're wrong, I heard about it on Fox several times but there's not much more to say until the investigation was finished. What YOUR channel does is OVER PLAY this story to MAKE it a bigger deal than it really was. Then you attach GATE to it in oreder to try to make this bigger than it is. You manipulate the news, over-play it, and insinuate Christie ordered it when it was actually LIBERAL DEMOCRATS fucking things up as usual.

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    Steven Hoog

    What scare's me is not obama being President but all the people who VOTED for him…TWICE!!! Their mindset (anti-American values) has been purposely started in our schools being run by progressive liberals. Their curriculum teaches World History but not American History; and what they DO teach of American History is all the negative stuff that make people think ill and feel guilty of being American. They teach World religion but not Christianity, teach about worlds "God's" except OUR God, teach about economic societies EXCEPT capitalism. And they don't even KNOW that they don't know!!!

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    Ian C Jordan

    Fox is the best network period. He said he never read the book but he is reporting it. Wow. This is disturbing. They will never debate a conservative.

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    Elizabeth Hasselbeck is one of the stupidest people on planet… And the shocking fact is that she actually thinks she is smart – the most dangerous type of people, no question…10000 guns cannot do as much damage as ONE stupid Lizzy…

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    How did they refer to scandals before Watergate?  There's been so many scandals with the "gate" suffix attached Wikipedia has an entire list of them.

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    Lucia Tilyard

    Not being American, I don't know what Bridgegate is about, however I've observed the tactics of Murdoch (Fox) for a long time. How he tackles politics is by manipulating the public to vote in the direction he would like, (i.e. the most profitable way for him). Whatever gets omitted, or twisted in his newspapers is a good way to see what he's after.

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    Who cares what Fox says? Who cares about what Sarin Palin says? They are both idiots. I don't bother listening to idiots.

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    Keo Jin

    lets be honest why would a man that has never served the army and is in a nice office care about the soldiers or their statics. He only cares how much he can milk this so when he goes out of office he can have an easy and enrich life.

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    Fox News Channel, also known as Fox News, is an American basic cable and satellite news television channel that is owned by the Fox "Entertainment Group " subsidiary of 21st Century Fox.

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    Barbara Armann

    While some on here want to bash FOX for "not" reporting a piece of info……lets bring up the fact that all the OTHER networks constantly report on "white on black" crimes like there's no tomorrow….but it seems quite evident they REFUSE to report on the many MORE cases of "black on black AND black on white" crimes! Make a note of looking for this the next several times you watch any main-stream network……..just a thought.

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    Barbara Armann

    Obama DOESN'T care about our military!! It was extremely evident while he was exiting Airforce 1 and walked right past the military man standing guard at the bottom of the staircase WITHOUT SALUTING HIM! Another man actually had to "remind" him and turn him around to go back and salute! I just wonder if that little piece of footage is still available on the internet. And he wouldn't salute our flag at an out-door event. While everyone else was standing for the pledge with their hands over their hearts….obama was the only one who wasn't. AND….when he first took office…he never wore the flag pin on his lapel like all presidents before him did. And his 'handlers' had to remind him that it didn't 'look good' to NOT wear it…and he's worn it ever since. He has to play the part. I just fear what may happen if the power goes out on his teleprompter! But anyhoo…..where were we?….Oh yea….Fox!…..Come on people!

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    Tammy Williams

    She is a reptilian demon! Holy Creator within my soul keep me safe from these demons! wake up people before it's too late.

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    Every media outlet and every poster on here only see what they want to see. If you don't know by now that CNN, NBC, ABC, CBS are cheering for the Dems and Fox is cheering for the Repubs there is no hope for you.The media only care about putting crap on that they believe will keep you tuned to their horseshit.Wake up and smell the coffee already.Young Turks are right there with CNN, NBC, ABC and CBS in kissing as much liberal ass as they can get their lips on.

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    To be honest I want Rand Paul or Christie to win the GOP primary,so is the republitards so if they win the general atleast we have a president who Can comprehend reality,but all the democrats can comprehend reality.Clinton 2016

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    lizabeth ugly as hell inside, proves at fox to be an employed women means you obviously don't have to have any education in journalism and they have to be ugly and hateful on the inside.. oh, and ps: it's mandatory to wear skirts… true.

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    Andie Paysinger

    Obama is the greatest president we have ever had in the history of this nation and we see the hates like FAUX news try to tear him down, I wish we could do away with congress , free speech, the NRA and have him as sole ruler. Just imagine how great this nation would be without the roadblocking traitors we would then have.

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    Elysa Razif

    elizabeth was hired because the uneducated things she spews generates a lot of views. everyone knows fox news is about as legitimate as meowing duck

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    Ask any Republican how many veteranGI bills the Republicans have shot down in last few years that the DemocratsObama supported ? I believe the number is around 47. These include pay raises which they finally received last week but only half of the 3.8% increase Obama wanted. A bill to build more hospitals to take care of the growing number of vets that need medical and phychological help. Housing for homeless vets. Job training bills, Jobs bills ………….and the Repubs voted down every one of them. So when you scream "Our veterans first before refugees" remember who you voted for

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    Marie Levine

    I don't care about the military neither hell they are killing people for oil and to have the right to stick there nose and other peoples business so hell people need to go do homework before you want to enter a war that you have no idea what you are fighting for killing people for no real reason but for the love of money in power people are losing there lives parents are losing there children and children are losing there parents but the rich are doing what they do best in that's get richer what is a man that gangs the world but loses his soul why are how do you sleep at night blood is being shed for nothing the love of money is the root to all evil in this world that we are living in the people are so damn evil in wicked YHWH have mercy on us all

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    Jean Falco

    The Republicans do not deal in facts!  They are Nazis propagandists and are the voice for the new world order.  Hopefully Trump will change all that anti-American rhetoric.

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    Alexander Lenox

    The Fox News people shown seemed to have been flabbing their lips so much, they can't stop moving them enough to make them sync up with their syllables.

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    The Uber Successful

    I feel like the women on fox get hyper and start yelling just to make themselve seem relevant in comparison with the men. Megyn seems like she's forcing herself to get hyper rather than it being natural.

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    Young Turks relies so heavily on Fox News to bash in their videos it's pretty pathetic. If Fox didn't exist neither would this youtube channel.

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    Dee Gee

    TYT's I've seen very frequently just ramble like frantic little kids. More well laid out points and not just "winging it" and seeing where your emotions take you every time would help. I realize they have a loose outline but maybe rehearsing beforehand idk. Or just not sucking I guess actually.

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    bm wheel

    It is actually the members of armed forces who are saying that Obama doesn't care for the military. Obama doesn't like the police force either. He went into office with a dislike for America.

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    adam adam

    bridgegate sounds like retardsdoing something stupid. Is it that big of deal to say fox is evil because they didnt try to fear monger no, Republicans just get to the point, and on more important issues.

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    DC Hunter

    All the networks spin things heavily, and present coverage to meet their agendas; they're all slanted and far from impartial. It's a joke.

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    Omel Borpon

    O'Reilly and Hannity are not journalists; they are shock jocks/opinion slingers. There are a couple of legitimate journalists on Fox, but in general, whoever referred to Fox News as Faux News nailed it.

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    Susan Jimenez

    can fox news become more of a joke? total train wreck w complete douches thanks for insulting the publics intelligence u people r desperate

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    Amanda Ziegler

    fox news is lying to all the dumb shits who watch it so they are traitors because they lie about what's actually happening in our govt.

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    Anthony Buckmon

    Scrunity should never be timed with a limit, because history shows that when it does, its a pretty safe bet, whatever it was would be bought back up again and again, people being tired of hearing should never be a reason or an excuse.

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    Demettrious Abbott

    Fox News is just like any Media Station. There all bigot's just in different ways there all owned in by. The same group of the wealthiest evil that wants to keep people killing each other. For their own gain.

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