Rich Communication Services – SwiftGift Samsung Messaging

Rich Communication Services – SwiftGift Samsung Messaging

Hello everyone, Derek Johnson with Today I’m gonna be showing you an RCS demo
from Swiftgift. So Swiftgift is one of the original launch
partners on the RCS chatbot directory in partnership with Samsung and AT&T. So I have a Samsung device. Most new Samsung devices are RCS enabled and
then if you’re on AT&T, when you click messages, you’ll see that on the far right-hand side,
you have Chatbots and already you have brands like 1-800-Flowers, CNN, Express, Kroger,
Walgreens, major brands. One of those brands is Swiftgift. So when I click Swiftgift, just do it again,
it comes up with a few options. One, I can call them, which is nice. It gives me a lot of information about the
brand where SMS and MMS, it really doesn’t have that kind of information because it just
takes you right into the conversation. I can add or remove this from my favorites
and let’s say I add it. If I go to Contacts, under My Chatbots, here’s
my favorite chatbots and then I can click Swiftgift. Also includes a lot of branding, you know,
they have this…their specific color at the top, their logo, terms and conditions, but
let’s click chat because this is a pretty cool experience. So when I click Chat, it automatically fires
up the chatbot and as you can see, not coming from a short code, coming from Swiftgift which
is really kinda cool because that is one problem with short codes is 12345 doesn’t really mean
a lot to a lot of people. They don’t associate that with Chipotle or
Macy’s or whatever brand is using that specific phone number. Also, from a safety and security standpoint,
you know this is Swiftgift. Also, in the very left-hand corner, instead
of just this little faceless icon person, you know, for the brand, they actually have
their logo there, which is nice. So let’s look at this. “Hey there! I’m SwiftGift, the bot that can turn a quick
chat into the perfect gift.” And we’re seeing a lot of use of emojis in
RCS messaging, and you can do emojis in MMS as well but we are seeing a lot in these chatbot
experiences. “I’ve curated the best gifts from the internet! First thing’s first: who is this gift for?” Let’s do it for my fiancé. So I’m essentially clicking the…it’s a button
but it’s actually an emoji and then what’s happening is when I click the emoji, it’s
creating a new message and we call it an MO message, mobile originated message, and then
that mobile originated message has an emoji in it which is then going to Swiftgift and
then Swiftgift is looking at it going, “Oh, they’re in this stage. They just, you know, sent in the emoji that’s
a female. Send back this.” So, “Got it. Do you have in mind how much you’d like to
spend? I won’t tell.” Let’s do $50 to $100 and you can see, these
are really interesting because, you know, they’re buttons and there’re multiple buttons
here and they’re not like links or anything. They’re buttons and then when you click on
it, it actually texts what’s in the button to Swiftgift so they know, you know, how they
can help you. So let’s go through this here. “Okay, this is going to be fun… Hang tight I’ll be back with some awesome
gifts!” Okay, so what’s really cool is look at this. This is a game changer I think for messaging
in general. Do you see that? How I’m swiping left and right. They call it a carousel and the carousel has
an image which you can expand, it has a title which is this and then it has a description
which, for the description, they’re just using the price. You can see it’s a little smaller on the screen
there and then at the very, very bottom, they have links which let’s go and look at, yeah,
a Buckingham Palace Tea Gift Set. If I click View Gift, then it’s taking me
to the Swiftgift website and it’s actually like taking me to the gift and it’s step 1,
step 2, step 3. So it’s kind of a nice experience. I’d like to see it more, kind of, in the RCS
experience but most brands have already built out their mobile web and mobile app experience
so they’re using RCS chatbots to get some information, engage customers and then send
them to the things that they’re most used to right now and the things that the brand’s
have spent a lot of money building up over the years, which is the mobile web for them. So I can click View Gift on any one of these
and it’ll take me to the mobile web. So let’s see. I can click More Gifts. So now it’s sending me, you know, more gifts. So it’s really…and that’s super snappy,
like, I just clicked it and they send me all of these gifts with all the images too. Okay, so I’ve done that. I want to refine search. Let’s send sweets. “Is this a friend or a colleague?” Neither, but let’s do friend. Okay, interesting. So, yeah, they’re allow…they’re essentially
using the data that they’re collecting through the chatbot to refine, you know, the search
and the results and then they’re putting it into the carousel here. Pretty cool. And then I can click Start Over and I can
essentially just do this all the time. So this would be kind of a cool thing where,
you know, “Hey, I’m looking for a gift for a friend and I’m not really sure.” I can see me using this a lot, just, you know,
jumping around and getting ideas. Oh, a Wi-Fi coffeemaker, sounds interesting. You know, view the gift and then I’m already
at step 1 here. So, really interesting way that they’re using
this and I like they’re using, you know, these stacked buttons. They’re using emojis as buttons. They’re using emojis in the message as well. They’re using the carousel which I think is
great, especially when you have a bunch of products to sell or variations of the product. This is just an awesome experience to be able
to swipe, you know, left or right. So, using a lot of cool experiences and then,
you know, because they’ve spent a lot of time and money, I bet, and resources building out
their mobile website and it works really well, it takes payments, you know, they’re linking
everything to the mobile website, so I think that’s a great experience as well for the
consumer because, you know, the mobile web does work really well for purchasing and finishing
the last pieces, you know, of the purchasing kinda process. So very cool RCS demo from Swiftgift. This, again, is a Samsung phone running on
the AT&T Network and this is the RCS chatbot directory, this one right there. Perfect. And my name is Derek Johnson from If you have any RCS related questions on chatbots,
Samsung, AT&T, even how Swiftgift is using RCS, be sure to let us know in the comments
and we’ll do our best to answer them. Again, thank you very much for watching the
video and have a great day.


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    What do you think is the best SwiftGift Rich Communication Services (RCS) feature in this demo? Some of the used features displayed in this Samsung messaging chatbot demonstration are clickable emojis that trigger mobile originated messages, integrated buttons, and the game changing image carousel.

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    I have a note 9…how do I enable rcs? The demo is great but basic enable instructions would be great. Mines still send regular sms and mms

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