Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Responds to Fox News’ Weird Obsession with Her

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Responds to Fox News’ Weird Obsession with Her

-Welcome to the show. -Thank you.
Thank you for having me. -We are so happy
to have you here. I have — I think a lot of
people have really enjoyed watching this new wave of people
come into Congress. Of course, you’re one of them. And one of the things
I particularly enjoyed watching you do is
ask people questions on Congressional panels. Now, this is not something
you had experience with. You famously did not have
any experience in politics before this job. Why do you think it is that you
are good at it and do you think anything you
did that was outside of politics has been helpful? -Well, I think
one thing is that — I was reflecting because —
I was just reflecting today because exactly a year ago,
I was working in a restaurant. I was bartending. And I think that that proximity,
just being a real working person in the halls of Congress
is actually such a jarring difference from who has
historically been there, that it really allows you to cut
through the BS super quickly and — especially with someone
who had to, you know, close up a restaurant at night and have
to kick everyone out, like, you’re really good at just
saying, “Hey. Enough.” [ Cheers and applause ] -It strikes me —
you know, oftentimes you’re given five minutes
to ask questions and you’re given someone who,
obviously, if given time, you’d want to ask a lot more of. It strikes me
some of you go in with a plan. You strike me
as one of those people. And this is true of
a lot of other Democrats as well as many Republicans,
come in with no plan at all. When you’re sitting there,
are you often taken aback by how bad they are
at asking questions? [ Laughter ] -Well, sometimes, especially
with my Republican colleagues, they say things and I’m like, “What does that have to do with
what we’re talking about?” There’s this one member
who famously, every single Financial Services
Committee hearing, he says, “I ask everyone this — are you a capitalist
or a socialist?” And the person’s in charge of national flood
insurance program. They’re like, “What?” -Yeah.
[ Laughter ] -And the best thing, too, is
this — you know, last week, he actually said, “Are you
a capitalist or a socialist? Yes or no?” And the woman said, “Yes or no?”
[ Laughter ] And he says, “Yeah.” And she goes, “Yes.” [ Laughter ] And it was the whole panel — and he made everyone go down
and everyone said, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes. [ Laughter ] And then I said, “Hey, it’s
great. We have a mixed economy. It’s possible.” -Yeah, you don’t know
which one they are. Which one they were
saying yes to. One obsession, or I should say,
a group of people that seem to have an obsession
with you is our friends over at Fox News. -Oh, yeah.
-They talk about you a lot. Are you surprised with the speed
at which they seem to have shifted all their attention
and programming to you? -I mean, it’s weird. Like, why are so many grown men just obsessed with
this 29-year-old? I mean, it’s great.
I love the — [ Laughter and applause ] -I mean… -On second thought. No, but I think
it’s really funny, and the conspiracy theories
are great. -Yeah, well today, Mike Huckabee
said that there are — he did that great thing that
people on Fox News do which he said, “Some people are saying
she’s a Manchurian candidate. I don’t know.” Which is a super classy thing
to do. If you don’t know, Mike Huckabee
is a famous bass player. [ Laughter ] Are you — Just since
I have you here, are you a Manchurian candidate? -I’m not. -That’s exactly what a
Manchurian candidate would say. -Yeah, exactly.
[ Laughter ] -That’s exactly. Caught you. -Not a Manchurian candidate,
but I do have amazing staff, and in no part
thanks to the fact that we pay a living wage
in our office. We don’t pay any less
than $52,000 a year. Which means —
[ Cheers and applause ] -Which means so far two of my
staffers have been able to quit their second jobs in restaurants
and be fully present at work. And so, you know, I hope
it’s a lesson to our folks on the other side of the aisle that if you pay your staff,
then — -You’ll be prepared.
-You’ll be prepared. You won’t be saying yes or no,
capitalism or socialism. [ Laughter ] -One thing I’m curious about, because obviously
a lot of people, your colleagues
across the aisle, they also consume
a lot of Fox News. Do they then get, you know,
bad information about you? And how has your interaction
with them been so far? -Yeah, yeah. Well, it is funny because one of
the side effects of kind of this Fox News lunacy is that
other actual members of Congress believe it
and see it uncritically. And so I was on the floor once,
and this guy came up to me and he was like, “Is it true that you got
$10 million from Netflix?” And I was like, “No.”
[ Laughter ] It was, like, in the well. Like,
we’re voting on gun reform. And I’m like,
“What else do you not know?” [ Laughter ] This is concerning. -He said, “Did you make
$10 million or no money, yes or no?
-Yes. Exactly.


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    Me Here

    Lie she was a taco shop waitress, no bartending, she lie about something small, just watch and wait for the big lies.

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    George Taylor

    What a moron, she doesn’t know anything about a real job, yea close up a restaurant….doubtful. Yea, she doesn’t have a plan, she’s clueless.

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    i see that many democrat stations like to Write down the title : "REP AOC" lol they know she is doing a very..very poor Job so they add the REP before her name leading people to think she is Republican LMAO instead of representative

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    Golden Sun

    Totally love AOC ! She's on the ball , intelligent, pretty and loves to help We The People, I would vote for her for President.

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    Richard Horner

    Shes on a late night talk show.. WTF.. clear evidence that she is a joke, clearly entertainment ..

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    bon bon

    cortez = hate white people and america, and she want destruct the america with immigration= full of no go zone and civil war.
    she's need a tree and banana. hahaha

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    bon bon

    artist = racist = esti de rats = movie invasion of los angel more than 30 year , who you see the true face of the media, rats invaders the je ws

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    Metro Mmdk


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    Preeti Laishram

    They say thingssss….wow and you do what actsssss…and they are not obsessed with you they are scared and worried with you because of your dumbness and stupidness

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    Archie Bunker

    This chick reminds me soooooo much of a flight attendant girlfriend I dated for a few years — pretty, big tits, horse teeth, and dumb as a sack of hammers!

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    Howard Amey

    Fox is not obsessed with her. They just can't believe the moronic lunacy that flows from her ignorant mouth.

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    D H

    The Effects of Ideologically based Victim Group(s) Propaganda on Self-Hating (justified) Outgroup(s) with Cognitive Dissonance – Discuss

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    It's totally understandable why this is such a short video. All this wisdom from a gal that was confused by a garburator.

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    My response to a recent Sean Hannity attack on AOC:
    So after the Trump Billionaire-corporate tax-cut, have you seen any difference in your financial situation folks? I haven't- and no body else I know has. The first thing Corporate America did was to buyback stock. GM & other auto manufacturers continued to close plants or move them to Mexico. This was to be another Reagan style "trickle-down" ruse. It didn't do anything positive for us then-and Trumps tax cut only allows him and other super rich people like him to not pay their fair share of taxes. A day of reckoning IS coming. Alexandria is representing folks in her Bronx district. Most of which are paycheck to paycheck working folks who are barely making it. SEAN HANNITY'S net worth is in excess of $80 Million Dollars~ His ANNUAL SALARY is 29 Million-give or take. You think maybe the TRUMP TAX CUT was good for his greedy pocketbook? I repeat-NO one I know has told me (when I asked) that the Trump tax cut made any difference in their lives.

    And what has AMERICA received from this billionaire giveaway? A must larger national debt. Reduced services and programs. Moscow Mitch is going after healthcare. (He doesn't worry about healthcare- Senators get the BEST healthcare coverage FOR LIFE!) School programs such as after school supplemental education and school lunches are being cut. Thais is the type of repercussion weh are seeing from the Trump Billionaire Tax Cut! Wake up people! There are more of us than the 1% of 1%. American Democracy MUST work for us too! And Moscow Mitch's criminal control of legislation and the courts must end. I predict Marine fighter pilot veteran AMY McGrath will womp his wrinkled up ass next November. Moscow Mitch's networth has increased by over 2.4Mil per year over the last decade. He has blocked minimum wage increases FIFTEEN TIMES! Yet he voted Six times to increase his own pay. The GOP serves the 1% and no one else. They also serve Russia. WAKE UP!

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    Fabian Sommer

    AOC I really think she could be president in like 8 years, i think I ve said this before, somewhere on the internet, but you got to acept, she is really bright (i mean very intelligent) and you know about how image and first impressions go, so… her looks are a plus… or maybe… many women would get jealous and vote against her, but probably or maybe certainly, most women would see her as a proud example of the truth that, women and men can achieve the same, hehehehehehehehe Sorry I just get inspired by her hahahahahahaha

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    D.B. Cooper

    Fox is a dinosaur. They're audience is going extinct. In Texas 9 Latino babies are born for every one white baby. No wall, no policy, no agency, no president can stop the change.

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    UK Night Hunting Vision

    AOC (Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez) is a complete and utter Socialist Nutter with Hysteria running through her dysfunctional brain at ramming speed. The USA is a clear example where anyone can get into a position of power, yet be completely within the 'Mad King George' state of mind! Her latest 'White Supremacy' speech was just rhetoric and nothing more; Adolf Hitler used such rhetoric with the Jews as the main subject of suspicion and fear…………. with the racist AOC it is the White Man! The Democrats which are still sane in the Party need to get a grip of the Party once again, as this type of rhetoric is pushing Donald Trump in for a second Term. This madness has to stop!

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    Zaraki Kon

    I think it's Great, America has people like her in Congress 👍. It Definately needs fresh blood and a lot less of this "Old Boys" mentalilty. Cuz they've F***ed things up for Long enough imo.

    Get some Human Beings in there instead of these Greed Demons who are Only there to enrich themselves at the cost of regular people.

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    3 Subscribers Without Any Videos!!!!!

    So because she worked in a bar amd had to close up at night she qualified to be a leader😂😂😂😂 please tell me this is some kind of sick joke

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    Rachel Lin

    I can't believe that someone's smart and beautiful and talented at her worked at a restaurant before. She seems so…elegant.

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    AOC is still trying to get her dignity back after the TSA found a huge vibrator in her luggage a few years ago. (they thought it was a pipe bomb).   lol

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    Tessa Rossa

    Yeah she's hot.
    And honest. And brilliant. And honest. And kind. And honest. And honest. And honest.
    Call her what you will: TRUMP IS A LIAR. AOC is NOT.
    Plus, she's hot.

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    Paul Ybarra

    AOC, thank you for helping many of us start to be interested in politics again. Your voice and knowledge has been missed for years now. I welcome you AOC to help us, to help America by telling the truth, it's been missing for a very long time.

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    zappaf poofter

    she is racist  with the plans of being another carreer Politian .  she wants open boarders so all the Spanish speaking illegal aliens will vote for her.    thats all she cares about.

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    Rocky Tucker

    Well one thing is for sure AOC never lets me down. As expected feeling dumber after hearing her speak. I mean can we possibly come up with a realistic solution to clean energy, immigration and i mean as in not superseding our own to resolve that, and most important to do so without gutting our economy. These are all great issues to resolve but this proposed resolve has become an addition to the problem not a solution. Don't get me wrong she's on the right track with these issues and they need attention but she needs a better more realistic resolve.

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    Aegon Targaryen

    She went from bartender to congress over night….she def followed her fellow colleagues tune….kamala headboard harriss notebook on how to climb the social ladder very quick just ask willie brown

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    Snowy Richmond

    “What else don’t you know”

    Like about the garbage disposal monsters that live in the sink? Yeah they’re real.

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    People are so easily impressed by the fact that she is pretty, has nice hair, is not fat, dresses with elegance, and can string a sentence together whilst smiling. The vacuous content of, like, her speech is, like, SUPER-OVERLOOKED, guys..
    Her basic 'niceness' is just that.. BASIC. But all you folk on here have been hypnotised cos she's, like, real!!! YAY!!! You have a teenage crush – Get over it and assess her actual intelligence.
    She is a marketeer's virtual- politician placement, designed to appeal to the easily led.
    Yay. Go girl!!!….Aint she sweet y'all!?!?!?

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    sal been

    😁😁😁 She's a fraud. She's from Yorktown Heights….an affluent town in Westchester not the Bronx. Like wow like its so like weird…idiot

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    In american politics and media everyone is a puppet, so yes yes yes yes ,she is a machurian candidate, together with everyone else

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    Bob Hope

    Guarantee her staff probably has no whites on it..I didn't hear any policy talk, if a nice smile is what your banking on that's not gonna cut it for debate time

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    Larry Sherrill

    I sure hope they send her back to beer tending where she can spend her time explaining this crap to other people with better things to do…

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    Ellen Cutter

    We don’t hear so much from Pelosi or Schumer , since Omar and the 3 other gals have taken over the air waves, on talk shows , and the news Media. I wonder how much she is being payed ??
    To appear on the shows?? She is becoming the riches bar made known to man 👨

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