RBRX Encore rebroadcast receiver by BW Broadcast

RBRX Encore rebroadcast receiver by BW Broadcast

Hi I’m Andy Linton here at BW Broadcast. Back in 2010, BW Broadcast designed
the first DSP based rebroadcast receiver with FM stereo improvement, noise
reduction and advanced stereo regeneration. The RBRX1 won a Radio World Cool Stuff
award at NAB 2010 and set the bar for rebroadcast
receivers. Six years on, and we have
raised the bar once more. The RBRX Encore is the most advanced
high quality rebroadcast receiver on the market. Let me tell you a little bit about the
great features of the RBRX Encore. We’ve got two tuner modules
inside the RBRX Encore. That gives us all sorts of possibilities, one of which is diversity Let’s say you’ve got long
path between your transmitter and your receiver. Maybe there’s a body of water,
maybe there’s the sea – it’s tidal. Maybe sometimes you get temperature
inversions or ducting because of atmospherics. One way of combatting that
is to use two antennas. One on the top of the tower,
one at the bottom. Maybe one is horizontally polarised,
one vertically polarised. You connect two antennas to two
antenna input ports of the RBRX Encore. The RBRX Encore has a complex algorithm
which decides moment to moment which of those signals is the best quality
and seamlessly switches between the two. That means you’re always confident that your
signal is as good as it possibly can be. In poor FM stereo signal conditions,
the stereo is the first thing to suffer. That’s because the left minus right
sub carrier get affected by noise leading to hissy stereo,
no one wants that. So what most traditional manufacturers do is
they just blend the left and right together but you lose stereo separation and you lose
the goodness and high quality of the audio. Here at BW Broadcast we didn’t like
the idea of that. We decided we wanted to put
the good back into the signal. So we developed FMSI FM Stereo Improvement. This system dynamically processes the left
minus right subcarrier to maintain high stereo separation even in poor
signal conditions. It comes as a standard in the RBRX Encore,
you can see it happening on this screen. FMSI – it’s one of the ways we ensure that
the signal you get from your radio station is as good as it can possibly be. Weak signals can cause over modulation
and excessive peaks, composite processing also changes
peak audio levels. The RBRX Encore limits and clips peaks
without adding distortion. It’s got an anti aliased, overshoot
compensated peak clipper with distortion masking amplitude and bandwidth control. Regenerated MPX signals will never exceed
100% modulation without advanced MPX generation. Here at BW Broadcast, when we designed the
RBRX Encore, in fact the entire Encore range we wanted the products to be able to stand
on their own, or talk to any standard telemetry system. Our events system accomplishes this. Events is a flexible and easy way to set up
telemetry It can be used to switch to the secondary
tuner on loss of signal, the external trigger input pins can monitor external
things like door sensors. The configurable events can change presets
and send emails. And the GP output pins can be configured
as TTL, or analog voltages representing internal meters or values. Our events system is really versatile and
a breeze to set up. It’s just another way that we at BW
Broadcast help keep you on the air and it will interface with other systems or
it will play on its own. So that’s the RBRX rebroadcast receiver
from BW Broadcast. It’s an award winning product, well built
with good quality parts and a ten year warranty. I hope you found this interesting. I’m Andy
Linton for BW Broadcast.


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