Photoshop Tutorial: How to Create a Newspaper Photo Effect & Custom Headline!

Photoshop Tutorial: How to Create a Newspaper Photo Effect & Custom Headline!

Hi. This is Marty from Blue Lightning TV.
I’m going to show you how to transform a photo into a newspaper image, as well as how you
can make a custom headline for it. You can also change the photo and headline quickly
and easily. I photographed this image that we can use for the background, as well as
a shape that we’ll place our photo into. The link to this Photoshop file is located in
my video’s description or project files. Open a photo you’d like use to place into the newspaper.
It can be color or black and white. I downloaded this one from To get the
best results from the filters that we’ll be using, we need to make the photo’s resolution
300 pixels per inch. To do this, go to Image and Image Size. Type in 300 pixels per inch
for its resolution. If the file size of your photo becomes way too large like this example,
first make sure the chain-lick icon is on and then type in a lower amount in either
the width or the height. Doing that decreases the file size dramatically. Then, click OK.
To fit it back onto your canvas, press Ctrl or Cmd + 0. Next, we’ll convert it to a Smart
Object, so we modify it non-destructively. Click the icon at the upper, right of the
Layers panel and click “Convert to Smart Object”. To place the photo into the newspaper template,
press “v” to open your Move Tool and drag the photo onto the tab of the template. Without
releasing your computer mouse or pen, drag it down onto the newspaper and release. Press
Ctrl or Cmd + G to place the photo into a folder. When a layer is indented, it means
it’s inside a folder. Open your Channels panel and Ctrl-click or Cmd-click on thumbnail of
the black and white shape to make a selection of it. Open back your Layers panel and click
the Layer mask icon to make a layer mask of the selection next to the folder. Now, all
the layers that are and will be in the folder will be confined to inside the white area
of the Layer Mask. Think of a layer mask as a stencil. White reveals and black masks out.
Make your photo active. Go to View. If “Snap” is checked, click on it to deactivate it.
This makes it easier to move and position our photo, so it won’t try to snap to anything.
To increase its size, press Ctrl or Cmd + T. Go to a corner and when you see a diagonal, double-arrow, press and hold Alt or Option + Shift as you
drag it out. To reposition it, just drag the image. Then, press Enter or Return. Let’s
add a thin border surrounding it. Make the folder active and click “fx” icon. Choose
“Stroke”. Make the Size 9 pixels, the Position: Center and the Opacity: 65%. Then, click OK. Make your photo active and change its Blend Mode to “Luminosity”. This makes your photo
monochromatic and blends its lightness values to the newspaper’s color. If your foreground
and background colors are white and black as in this example, we need to invert them.
The fastest way to do this is to press “x” on your keyboard. Or, you can click this curved,
double-arrow icon or click this small icon next to it. Go to Filter and Filter Gallery. Open your “Sketch” folder and click “Halftone Pattern”. Make the Pattern Type: “Dot” and
its Size and Contrast: 6 each. Then, click OK. Go to Filter, Noise and “Add Noise”. Make
the Amount: 15%, Gaussian and Monochromatic. Click the Adjustment Layer icon and choose
“Exposure”. To restrict the adjustment layer to effect just the photo and not all the layers
below it in the Layers panel, click the Clipping Mask icon. The adjustment layer slid to the
right to let us know that it’s now clipped to the one layer below it. “Exposure” lets
you adjust your image’s levels with three sliders: Exposure will adjust mainly the highlights
of the image, Offset adjusts mainly the mid-tones and Gamma will adjust mainly dark tones. For “Exposure”, type in minus 0.2…for “Offset”,
type in +.01…and for Gamma Correction, type in + 1.4. Next, we’ll give our image a more
newspaper-like quality. Click the New Layer Layer icon to make a new layer. Go to Filter,
Render and Clouds. Increase its size by opening your Transform Tool. Click the chain-link
icon to link the width and the height of the Transform. In either field, type in 300%.
To accept it, click the checkmark at the top. Go to Filter, Pixelate and Mezzotint. Choose
“Coarse Dots” and click OK. Change the Blend Mode to “Overlay” and reduce its opacity to 40%. We’re ready to add the headline. First, let’s save space in the Layers panel by clicking
the small triangle to close the folder. Open your Horizontal Type Tool and pick a font.
I’m using “Aparajita Bold”. I’ll make its size: 80 points, “Smooth” and Center alignment.
Click the color box and in the Brightness field, type in 7%. This gives us a very dark
grey color. Then, click OK. Click above the center of the empty area and type out your
headline. To adjust the space between the lines of text, also known as “Leading”, highlight
your text and go to Windows and Character. The “Character” panel will open. Slide the
“Leading” icon to the left or right until the space between the lines is to your liking.
Then, you can close the Character panel. Open your Move Tool to reposition your text. We’ll
convert the text into a Smart Object, so we can edit or replace the text without having
to redo all the effects. Click the icon at the upper, right of the Layers panel and click
“Convert to Smart Object”. Go to Filter, Blur and Gaussian Blur. Type in 2 pixels and click
OK. Go to Filter, Noise and “Add Noise”. Make the Amount: 40%, Gaussian and Monochromatic.
Then, click OK or press Enter or Return. To resize and stretch your text, open your Transform
Tool. When you see this message, just click OK. It’s just letting us know that the Smart
Filters will be temporarily turned off as you’re using the Transform Tool. Go to a corner
and when you see a diagonal, double-arrow, press and hold Alt or Option + Shift as you
drag it out or in. Continue to manipulate the text, so it fits snugly into the space.
Since the right edge of the newspaper is curving down slightly, let’s skew the text to better
match the newspaper’s angle. Go to Edit, Transform and Skew. Go to the middle of the right side
of the Transform and drag it down until it matches the angle of the line on the newspaper.
Then, press Enter or Return. Next, I’ll show you how to quickly replace the photo. Open your folder, scroll down and double-click the Smart Object to open it. If you’re working
on a version earlier than CC, open a photo you’d like to use to replace the one you have
and drag it into the Smart Object document. If you’re working on Photoshop CC and have
updated it to version 14.2, you can go to File and “Place Embedded”. Locate and click
the new photo. Then, click “Place”. Size the photo and press Enter or Return. Close the
tab of the Smart Object and when you see this message, click “Yes” to save the changes.
The Smart Object automatically updated with the new photo and instantly applied all the
effects to it. To resize it, open your Transform Tool and as before, when you see this message,
click OK. Size and position it to your liking and press Enter or Return. This is Marty from Blue Lightning TV. Thanks for watching!


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    Vikas Chauhan

    hey i cannot use Messotint it shows not enough Memory(RAM) so some other option i can use please tell

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    Hey man congratulations for your work, I am Brazilian and I do not write very well in English I'm sorry. But I would like to do more videos about mockup.

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    Launce Braddock

    I absolutely love your channel Marty and I have and continue to learn so much! Thank you and keep up the excellent work!

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    I love all your tutorials.  and has helped me a lot!   I mean a lot!!!.  have two questions.
    I am working with CS6
    1. In the newspaper tutorial,  you have us click on the Clipping Mask Icon.
             I do not have that icon,   I have looked and looked,  did a google search on how to  add.     I can click on the drop down in layers and click on Create clipping mask.    But my working menu does not look like yours at all afterwards.

    Ill save the next question for later.    Thank you.

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    Maggie Adair

    This was a great tutorial. Thank you. I had the challenge of making it work for PSE 12. It's not as great as yours, but oh well

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    TBlak Blak

    Great tutorials bro. i am now proud of myself and photoshop doesn't look like a complicated satellite to me anymore, i can now open photoshop like it's just a phone photo edit app 😀 how cool but yes there's still more to learn. the only thing i have learned from other people's youtube channel is how to make that Cartoon Look from our pictures, i'm not saying CARTOON as in tom and jerry, i'm talking about that of GTA cartoon .. i will really be happy if you can do a tutorial on how to make that cartoon, i will prefer your tutorial. check the guy chafik graphic cartoon effect on youtube and please please make one tutorial of that, i'll want it to be your next tutorial.. BIG LOVE FOR YA.

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    Scott Brennan

    Great tutorial! Would love to hear how to edit the newspaper date on your template for a project I"m working on

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