Our Oceans Aren’t Doomed… Yet? | SciShow News

Our Oceans Aren’t Doomed… Yet? | SciShow News

[♪ INTRO] Last week, the United Nations’ Intergovernmental
Panel on Climate Change released a Special Report on the Ocean and
Cryosphere in a Changing Climate and, surprise! Things don’t look great. But it’s not all doom and gloom. The report also lays out the best ways we
can deal with the negative impacts moving forward. The IPCC special report compiles data from
around 7,000 scientific studies to assess how the world’s ice and oceans
are faring under our changing climate. And a lot of it is dedicated to the things climate
scientists have been warning about for decades: glaciers and ice sheets are melting, sea levels
are rising, precipitation is increasing, and everything is projected to get worse in
the future. That’s not all, though. The bad news is we’re already seeing a lot
of some of the economic effects of all this change. For example, melting glaciers not only lead
to increased risks of avalanches and floods, but also appear to be damaging tourism in
places like national parks and ski resorts that owe their popularity to snowy peaks. And warming oceans aren’t just bad for fish,
they’re also bad for the people who eat fish. Warmer water holds less oxygen and doesn’t
mix as well with the cold, deep, nutrient-rich water, so our seafood
is getting less oxygen and less nutrients. Already, these changes are causing some fish
populations to dwindle or relocate, and as these impacts worsen, they could severely
impact coastal fishing industries. And that’s not the only impact on our food,
either. More melting ice means more runoff of meltwater
into the ocean, and this runoff carries contaminants like
mercury that can build up to toxic levels in fish. So seafood safety is becoming more of a concern. On top of that, warmer waters aid the growth
of dangerous bacteria, and the report noted that the waterborne illnesses
that bacteria cause are already becoming more common in some places
like Arctic coastal communities. On the upside, the report also details lots
of things we can do to help. As always, the most important thing is to
limit carbon emissions and reduce pollution. But the report also shines a spotlight on
mitigation: handling the side effects already happening. This includes things like protecting and restoring
ecosystems, safeguarding coastal communities against flooding,
and carefully managing natural resources. And one of the report’s major messages is
the importance of public education and community involvement. Around the world, communities have succeeded
in getting citizens from all levels of society involved in planning and implementing strategies
to mitigate climate change. That’s great, and the kind of thing we need
more of. In particular, the report recommends that
we pay closer attention to underserved voices and combine scientific knowledge with local
Indigenous knowledge to come up with strategies that benefit everyone
in the decades to come. It’s easy to get discouraged when hearing
about all the harmful impacts of climate change, but the report makes it clear that this isn’t
necessarily the end of the world. The good news is we have the tools we need
to handle this; we’ve just got to work together, because
what we do now will determine what our future looks like. And here’s some more good news: scientists may be one step closer to a cure
for the common cold. A new study published this month in the journal
Nature Microbiology has identified a protein in our cells that
might be the key to defeating enteroviruses. This group of viruses is responsible for a
variety of diseases, from rare neurological conditions to familiar
nuisances like the common cold. And they’ve proven especially difficult
to deal with. Not only are these viruses many and varied,
they adapt quickly, making it difficult to develop lasting drug
treatments for them. That’s one reason why the common cold is
so common. Instead of looking for treatments that target
the viruses, some scientists are looking for treatments
that target the human host. Viruses work by hijacking our cellular machinery. Stop that hijacking, and you prevent the illness. In this study, the researchers used CRISPR
gene editing to identify which proteins in our cells the
viruses latch onto. Basically, they cut chunks of DNA out of cells and then watched how the cells responded to
viral infections. That brought their attention to a protein
named SETD3. It helps accelerate muscle contraction, and it also helps enteroviruses multiply inside
our cells, apparently. To confirm this, the researchers engineered
human and mouse cells with their SETD3 genes turned off, and sure
enough, both cold-causing enteroviruses and neurological
enteroviruses were unable to gain a foothold in those cells. They even bred living mice without SETD3,
and not only were the mice resistant to viral infection, they also showed no obvious negative side
effects of having the protein shut off. So, clearly, we should just get this protein
out of our bodies and we will cure ourselves of colds and other
diseases. Easy peasy. Except, just because lab mice in this study
did okay without SETD3 does not mean that we will do okay without it. A study earlier this year found that female
mice without SETD3 had smaller litters, and human uterine cells without it couldn’t
contract properly. So more research is needed to understand just
how important this protein is to us before we go about destroying it to thwart
disease. Still, knowing that this protein is important
to these viruses is a huge piece of intel. Now we need to figure out why it matters so
much. Because if it does turn out to be the viruses’
Achilles’ heel, medical researchers just might be able to
use that knowledge to develop effective treatments for some of
the most diverse and common viruses that ail us. Too bad they couldn’t figure all that out
before we entered cold and flu season. Luckily, viruses aren’t all that October
has to offer. It means a new SciShow Pin! This month, we have the lovely Sputnik Satellite
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    MusiCanines - The Musical Dogs

    We're doomed. There's minimal chance human beings we'll do what is necessary for mitigation.

    Until the "end" comes, enjoy your life respecting the most possible any other forms of life. Cold viruses are not alive, though. Don't worry! 😆

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    Man-made "climate change" is largely a myth. Le Chatelier's Principle assures us that so long as we don't overwhelm the system, nature will adjust.

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    We have genetic engineering. Forget about getting rid of SetD3, just modify it! Improve it, find a way to allow it to do it's job unhindered while removing the exploit used by the virus.

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    Over 71% of all greenhouse gas emissions are created by just 100 companies around the world. The majority of these companies are in the energy sector, primarily coal and oil. Community involvement is great, its good to pick up trash in your neighborhood, but these tiny acts by citizens have little to no overall impact. Wealthy and powerful bad-actors have deceived us into believing that we need to make a change so they don't have to.
    Saudi Aramco produces over 14% of all annual greenhouse gas emissions.
    ExxonMobile produces over 2%
    Chevron, 1.3%

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    No Way

    The idea that top-up solutions will mitigate climate change seems laughable to me. We created the problem top-down. We allowed oil and gas companies free reign while actively discouraging and marginalizing those pushing renewable solutions. The only way we survive the next century is by holding the fossil fuel industry accountable and that can't be done top-up.

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    Hyperbolic Honeybee

    The concept of interconnected /co-dependent or symbiotic rather… eco-systems… shouldn’t be a lost concept to anyone as.. Im not a doctor… but I feel I could speculate with humans indogenous basic observation of patterns in nature and a little “deductive reasoning” or process/of-deduction”… I feel it’s within an average IQ to speculate at the least that everything is connected. If you can’t see that on a micro to macrocosmic level intrinsically and need it explained then go ahead and throw away everything you think you knew about the world cuz you need to google molecules and outer space but be prepared to have your mind blow. Tsk tsk

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    Thomas Wilding

    Good video. One mistake though – "warmer temperatures mean less oxygen" – not really. Fish don't experience oxygen concentration. Yes, there are less oxygen molecules at higher temperatures. But the molecules move faster. So you end up with the same (actually slightly more) oxygen molecules colliding with the fish gills at higher temperatures (brownian motion, etc.). See the 2011 article by Wilco Verberk in the journal "Ecology". This isn't so much a change in the science – more just settling a misunderstanding created among ecologists, like myself, when the EPA decided to use concentration in their standards (physiologists always used partial pressure instead). Warmer temperatures are a concern of course. The higher the temperature the more oxygen a fish needs. And if fish don't have thousands of years of gradually shift their metabolic rate to compensate, then higher temperatures will suffocate the fish through increased oxygen demand, rather than declining oxygen supply (at least those that can't move to cooler water).

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    Student Gary Smith

    So global warming is just like skin where toxins that are affected by heat, base on what was reported in the video, earth, and humans just take all the toxins out and then don't take a bath or use the by products in a functional way like Native Americans. We just let the toxins go to waist where as in reality the earth will be okay but living organisms won't be okay. In the end everything will be fine weather we die or not because the EARTH will be okay.

    Plus because of earths natural processes, like heavy elements in the sky slowly falling back to the earth over time reintegrating with other elements to make other materials that we can use later on or now if we just speed up the process by just taking it out of the air like other living being which is based on the process of a tree, or we can make machines that clean rivers which can be done with a little elbow grease and money which the government or any company that has the time and mindset have.

    Also we could teach these process in schools of developing countries slowly overtime teach the generations of best the practices and helping them come up will the tools and process to do so. But still we all in the end will never stop wining about it because we want other people to do it. Just think of all the jobs that would be created just by thinking of ways to create tools to clean the earth or better said, "Make the environment livable for us by just coming up with the tools to clean it yourself." So please stop telling us the bad stuff and report the progress of the people making an effort towards making tools to make global warming in general non-existent and tell us in your reports how to invest into these projects to make it easy for the normies because if it can make other lives better and enabling them to do better for others which then influences the people they help to help others using the knowledge they have learned it would allow us to destroy this big bad bogie man global warming.

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    Humans are like cockroaches and rats, we somehow adapt and survive so much even though I'm worried it wouldn't surprise me if human kind even survives in a flooded world on floating islands for thousands of years to come.

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    Science: The world's climate is rapidly changing due to human action and this will lead to a global crisis, but it's not the end of the human civilization, we need to fix this together.

    Everyone else: The HUMAN RACE IS DOOMED, GLOBAL WARMING WILL KILL EVERYTHING… So why bother doing anything to change it.

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    Ross Girven

    If the only negative of turning off SETD3 is that uterine cells do it function properly then could we not just turn off SETD3 in males and rely on “herd immunity” ?

    At least it would end man-flu!

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    I'm sure it won't be as bad as the Permian extinction. Not having 90% of all ocean species die off is low bar to pass though.

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    if all the ice in the world melt then the sea level will rise on the average of about 70 meters – the extra water will increase the water pressure on the bottom of the sea floor by 7 atmosphere …about 100 psi…(the water pressure at the bottom of the ocean can vary and be as high as about 16,000 psi) The extra pressure on the earth's mantle should accelerate the frequency of volcanic eruptions and earthquakes

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    Grand Theft Avocado

    We need to learn how to control the output of the sun and Earth's abnormal tilt so that the climate can never change!

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    If you're familiar with the human race then you should know how this is going to turn out. And it won't be pretty.

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    Daniel Matthews

    Disregard the IPCC, it is completely corrupt and is just using "climate hysteria" to push a political and socio economic agenda that has nothing to do with the climate.

    “We’ve got to ride this global warming issue.
    Even if the theory of global warming is wrong,
    we will be doing the right thing in terms of
    economic and environmental policy.“
    – Timothy Wirth,
    President of the UN Foundation


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    Mr.DUMBDUMBDUMB - The DumbLand

    Considering the fact we can project the growth of global warming, we can project the height of the melted icals growthand we have robots that can go hundreds of feet under water, wel can possibly construct a water activated cement around the cause of the rising waters

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    Or.. instead we can criticize everyone including children for telling us the climate is changing, while clutching our money as hard as possible.

    I hear that's totally a valid solution

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    Green Keewee

    No mention from the IPCC on the oceananic sea of garage (all five), Fukushima continuing meltdown into the atomosphere and ocean, continual overfishing especially of surface fish that seabirds depend on, plastic they pick up and feed their chicks mistaken as surface fish, oil spills, dirty streams, rivers and estuaries that kill nursery fish and aquatic insects, sewerage, over harvesting of shellfish that clean estuaries, coastal development. I could go on and on and on adnausium. My point carbon is not involved in these examples,(and undersea and terrestrial volcanoes chug out oodles of the stuff) it is not global warming and false sea level rises. Lets just call it for what it is; Human Interference (HI), distroyers of ecosystems. But do pay attention to the grand solar minimum and the effects on our magnetic sheild, pay attention to how this will affect our ability to grow food, pay attention to real climate data from true and correct record keeping not backed by special interest groups, pay special attention to ice sheets that are accumulating on large land masses this winter, that do not melt next spring, this is the start of glaciation. Once that oceananic conveyer shuts down, it will be rapid. Are we still asleep at the wheel, huh? Being fed this carbon mantra is pure distraction that is terrifying our children. Welcome to the 6th extinction, we are the 6th extinction.

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    David Guerrero

    Are you saying present sea level rise resulting from melting glaciers is responsible for more flooding now? Because that's false.

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    Jim Dee

    When can I expect it to be 80° in January in North Dakota instead of -20 at two in the afternoon with a brisk wind blowing?

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    Tammy Hughes

    You have a knack for presentation Hank. I enjoy your enthusiasm for subjects that are usually sleep inducing.

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    `Sea level rise is accelerating; Rare extreme flooding events may begin to occur annually; We can achieve long-term stability of sea level with actions to curb emissions; We have enough information to implement adaptation plans` … wouldn't it be wonderful if our civilization actually took the threat of climate change seriously enough to begin sufficiently limiting carbon emissions to avoid the worst outcomes of global warming …

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    We are seeing continuing improvements in photoelectric cells and batteries, which will be a good source of power in the near future. And Nuclear fusion may actually become viable in the next 20 years. In the mean time, we should look to ways to reduce our use of fossil fuels, which is not compatible with Americans' love of SUVs. If we get desperate, we can shoot some Sulphur dioxide into the stratosphere to cool things off a bit.

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    Could you do a show about hemp plastics? I really want to learn more about it and I can’t find a lot of information about if it’s being used, where I can find it or if it is a better option I wanna look after my planet but I need more information thank you!!

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    adam lurring

    Im disgusted in this channel, very close minded science rite here to scare monger.. so many other factors. We do not have to tools to stop climate change!! But probably only slow in down one generation, its going to happen we can't stop it!! We have raised the temperature very very small amount not even one degrees on a world overall average, if going on preindustrial revolution of natural climate change

    We should have a cleaner earth and oceans ect but don't scare monger with absolute bs

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    Every time it's the same story over and over again: it isn't so bad yet but we will be doomed in the future. They said it 30 years ago and they still say it today. Let's be real when are those predictions ever going to come out

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    Joseph Seeley

    Net increase in atmospheric carbon … 800 gigatonnes. Net decrease in forests in human history … 4 billion hectares. Amount of carbon 4 billion hectares can sequester … 800 gigatonnes. Hmmm …

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    Cindy Koshinsky

    Crock of crap. Show me one photo of any place on earth where sea levels have risen. I want to see this so called proof. Didn’t you know that Venice Italy is the one city on earth that is most susceptible to a rising sea level because it is built right at the sea edge. Houses and other buildings have foundations built under the water… google it for history and recent water levels.. from my research there hasn’t been any significant rise in sea levels in hundreds of years according to the people of Venice. Buy into this if you want your taxes to go up…

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    Jim Dee

    There is good reason to be concerned about sea level rise. The last time sea levels rose after the end of the last Ice Age, many coastal ancient cities and civilizations disappeared. Even large portions of northern Europe disappeared into the North Sea. In Europe the land was known as Doggerland.

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    Not mentioned in the report: stopping corporations from making the problem worse. People as a whole aren't as impactful to the environment, yet we keep getting pushed to do the lion's share of the work to fix it.

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    Charles-A Rovira

    @3:03 We've just to work together. I seriously doubt that mankind will suddenly start to work together. 
    That would go against every perverse principle that seems to make us who and what we are. 
    How else do you explain humanity's perpetual habit of screwing up everything it touches.

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    Sorry, but my indigenous solutions must include pumping as much CO2 into the atmosphere as possible because my gods said so or they might be angry or something.

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    I have a observation based hypothesis that I was never able to test;). I think that we might evolved to easily contract common cold, to protect against flu. As, if I'm not mistaken, main entrance to us for a flu virus is our dried out mucous membrane. And what do cold viruses do, almost unanimously – get your nose runny, hence the membrane is less likely to let the flu virus in… . Or not;)

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    The changing temperature is also affecting the deep sea streams, which could end up causing catastrophic damage to northern regions.

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  67. Post

    Terrible as it is that there are significant negative financial effects happening, powerful people losing money due to climate change may be the weapon we need to fight powerful people making money from destroying the environment.

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    Zeldas Champion

    As long as the world keeps supporting China, this cycle will never end. China is the biggest maker of pollution in the world and pretty much have the UN in their pockets.

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    John Jimbob

    We will never be able to work together to solve climate change. Humans are too short sighted and weak willed. We are doomed.

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    Peter Peterson

    So….. no mention of the actual cause of climate change (molincovic cycles) and instead a nod too the left wing carbon emitions lie.OK the side effects of the warming causing glacial runoff and the runoff carrying pollutants into the oceans.. that I can be leave. The treatment being education and awareness. I agree but they are teaching the lie witch is causing more and more harm rather then good.

    Second part a cure for the common cold… cool. I'd like to see more experiments and data.

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    Nick Vinsable

    About Climate change: we’ve had climate change before & it was Natural. How certain are we that the current climate change is not natural?
    Compare PBS Eons “Woolly Rhino” episode with today’s numbers & such.

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    J-P Fisch

    doesn't anybody ever mention that the vast majority of greenhouse gases and pollution originate outside the west/

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    Jason Buford

    So the solution is to spend trillions of dollars on a plan the might work?
    I’ll just keep the little higher sea, the little hotter air and a little more rain.
    And we only upped carbon dioxide form 300 ppm to 450 ppm, for reference it was at some point higher then 1000 ppm.

    They have been saying the world is going to end in 10 years for the past 50 years and I’m getting sick of it.

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    Karlynn 77

    Hmmm. Sounds like, as usual, you're not so much concerned with the future of the planet as you are your own habitat…

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    Alex S.

    I wish people could differentiate between "weather" and "climate", and between "hysteria" and "facts". People need to look for real, sustainable solutions. You have a huge platform and I'm grateful you use to spread real information! 🙂

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    So basically you just proved that swedish angry brat kid wrong about her extreme alarmism and her radical "solutions"

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    Jacob Coates

    If you want to save fish don’t eat freaking fish scichow scientist! It’s the only way! Unless you want to eat babies…

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    xt hydra

    0:39 "precipations is increasing" but some scientists says "there's less clouds" and that increase the temperature lol.

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    David barnes stuff 2

    "All we have to do is work together." I admire your ability to maintain a sense of humor in the middle of an existential threat.

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  91. Post

    I guess it’s time to build Rapture.

    That, or begin a carbon economy. I hear it is an abundant resource, so why not put it to good use?

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    Gary Palmer

    Wow another negative video on global warming. Yeah we got it, warming bad👎 but science doesnt care about good or bad just facts. Do a video (if you havent already) about the up sides of global of global warming. AND to those nasayers, yes there are some benefits.

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    Guillermo Rodriguez

    I'm a landscape architect and our entire profession has essentially shifted to focus on dealing with stormwater management because that increased precipitation is a real deal.

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    King Smith

    Everytime i hear ipcc a cold shudder goes down on me. Do you mean the ipcc that only accepts applications from people with a certain look on things scientifically or political opinion?

  98. Post
    Geoff Hirschi

    You are a science channel reporting science. So why do you use a political agency with very questionable science content, such as the IPCC, as a source of "scientific" information?

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    Pthai Pthai

    I was thinking, instead of sequester carbon, can we start sequestering water by harvesting icebergs etc to prevent sea level rise? Like couldn't we put the water we harvest to places that need it like the Saharrah or California or overused aquifers like in Florida, etc.? Spain's got deserts right?

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