Nunes REFUSES to answer Fox host’s question on HIS involvement in quid pro quo

Nunes REFUSES to answer Fox host’s question on HIS involvement in quid pro quo

Let’s get to these attacks on you. There are a lot in the mainstream media saying
that you had meetings in Ukraine with the prosecutor. What do you say about this? Well, I’ve been used to this for the last
3 years. The House Intelligence Committee Republicans,
we continue to expose Democrat corruption over and over again. And what always happens is, right when we
expose them, what do they do? They go out to kill the messenger. So this week, another fake news story—the
problem with this week’s fake news story is we actually caught them. And we caught them badly and it also involved
criminal activity. And so what we’re going to do, I gave a
statement out on Friday night, we are going to take both CNN and the Daily Beast likely
into federal court right after Thanksgiving. And we hope they cooperate because we’re
also going to be working with the appropriate law enforcement authorities because it is
not okay to work with someone who has been indicted on serious federal crime to built
a media narrative and dirty up a member of Congress. Congressman, this is the story which comes
from Lev Parnas, who is of course as you know is a former associate of Rudy Giulaini who
says that you met with the prosecutor Shokin in Vienna. Bottom line, were you in Vienna with Shokin? Yeah so look, Maria, I really want to answer
all of these questions and I promise you I absolutely will come back on the show and
answer these questions. But because there is criminal activity here,
we’re working with the appropriate law enforcement agencies, we’re gonna file all of this—everyone’s
gonna know the truth. Everyone’s going to know all the facts. But I think you can understand I can’t compete
by trying to debate this out with the public media when 90% of the media are totally corrupt
and because this is criminal in nature and because it’s so bad, it’s so slanderous,
we’ve got all the facts on our side, and we’re going to file in federal court. You’re saying, you’re suing CNN, you’re
going to sue Daily Beast, I know you’ve sued Twitter in the past—do you think this
is going somewhere? You’re telling me that CNN committed criminal
activity? Well, it’s very likely. Or they’re an accessory to it, right? So none of this is true. What I said, my statement is it’s demonstrably
false. We’ll get to all the facts when it’s filed
in court. But somehow, they’re either witting or unwitting,
listening to somebody who’s been indicted. And not only that, but it’s their lawyers,
so you’re talking about third and fourth-hand hearsay to do what? To dirty up the leader of the Republicans
on the Intelligence Committee that just destroyed their complete narrative that they’ve been
pushing—this new Ukraine hoax they’ve been pushing for the last 2 months? I think the American people see through it. And look, the sad part is, I’m the last
guy that wants to go into the courts, but the media has become totally corrupt that
now they’re willing to actually engage and help with criminals, indicted criminals. These people are sick and the only way they’re
going to be held accountable is through the court system. And it’s the only chance I have to actually
get the facts out for the American people because they can’t lie to a court. Because nothing quite says “I’m innocent,”
like being unable to answer the simple question, “were you in Vienna with Shokin?” This is the top Republican on the House Intelligence
Committee Devin Nunes who contends that CNN and the Daily Beast aren’t ALLOWED to publish
a story wherein now-indicted Giuliani associate Lev Parnas claims that Nunes was in Vienna
last year to speak to the corrupt Ukrainian prosecutor Viktor Shokin to discuss digging
up dirt on Biden… at the same time that he’s refusing to simply say whether or not
it’s true! Now, he leans on the fact that he’s bringing
them to court as an excuse for his refusal to respond, but the existence of a lawsuit
wouldn’t preclude Nunes from simply answering, yes or no, whether he was in Vienna to meet
about digging up dirt on Biden. This is like Trump saying he can’t release
his tax returns because they’re under audit, despite absolutely being allowed to release
his tax returns even if they’re under audit. The point is that hiding behind a BS excuse
only makes you look more guilty. But beyond Nunes making HIMSELF look bad,
his insistence on suing everyone and anyone who dares cross his path is intended for one
thing: to have a chilling effect on critics. Nunes is hellbent on scaring those who speak
out against him by casually lobbing lawsuits everywhere he can. He even says, “I’m the last guy who wants
to go into the courts,” but I don’t know of any congressman who levels more lawsuits
than Devin Nunes. I mean, the guy is suing a FICTIONAL COW ON
TWITTER, as well as other parody accounts, for supposedly defaming him and hurting his
reputation. A fictional cow. This might be a good time to mention that
Devin Nunes is a co-sponsor of a piece of legislation called HR 1179, or the Discouraging
Frivolous Lawsuits Act. Again, the co-sponsor of that bill, is currently
suing a fictional Twitter cow. But Nunes’ victimhood complex has always
been blatantly clear. In this very interview, he tries to justify
his own righteous indignation by claiming that the left has been out to get him because
he “just destroyed their complete narrative they’ve been pushing” about Ukraine. Which is a GENEROUS assessment of what happened
at the impeachment hearings considering essentially EVERY SINGLE ONE of the nonpartisan, lifelong
government officials who testified said that Trump withheld military aid to Ukraine in
an attempt to extort them for a public announcement of a probe into Joe Biden. Fiona Hill told him his defense that the DNC
server has hiding out in Ukraine and so Giuliani’s entire premise for seeking investigations
was outright false— Based on questions and statements I have heard,
some of you on this committee appear to believe that Russia and its security services did
not conduct a campaign against our country, and that perhaps, somehow, for some reason,
Ukraine did. This is a fictional narrative that is being
perpetrated and propagated by the Russian security services themselves. The unfortunate truth is that Russia was the
foreign power that systematically attacked our democratic institutions in 2016. This is the public conclusion of our intelligence
agencies, confirmed in bipartisan congressional reports. It is beyond dispute. Gordon Sondland testified that there was a
quid pro quo— I know that members of this committee frequently
frame these complicated issues in the form of a simple question: was there a quid pro
quo? As I testified previously, with regard to
the White House call and the White House meeting, the answer is yes. Bill Taylor said withholding aid for a personal
favor was crazy— As the committee is aware, I wrote that withholding
security assistance in exchange for help with a domestic political campaign in the United
States would be crazy. I believed that then and I believe it now. So if Nunes really thinks that he destroyed
the Democrats’ narrative of what actually happened with regard to Ukraine, then he has
somehow managed to convey himself as even more deluded than when he was ONLY suing a
fictional cow on Twitter. But the fact is, if it is true that the ranking
member of the House Intelligence Committee did in fact meet with Shokin in Vienna, the
conflict of interest here would be beyond massive. What you would have is the person IN CHARGE
of the investigation of the Trump administration getting Ukraine to dig up dirt on Biden on
the Republican side… who is HIMSELF IMPLICATED in that same investigation. I get that the fox guarding the hen house
has become a central theme of this administration, but this would amount to nothing less than
a concerted effort at the highest levels of our government to cover up high crimes and
misdemeanors on behalf of the president of the United States.


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    Ivory tusk

    I will happily bet anyone 100$ that Nunes drops this lawsuit. I am neutral to politics, and am not taking sides here….If you cheer on corruption, that is your choice and I hope you change. HOWEVER!….
    Nunes is not an honest man as many things prove and here are just a few things nobody on either side of the aisle disputes….
    1)…He got caught doing the "midnight run" where he got caught pretending to get info from the Whitehouse that he gave them, gave a press conference on the Whitehouse lawn, and lied to his voters, which his OWN PARTY PUNISHED HIM FOR by slapping his wrist, which led to…
    2) …his recusal which he then violated repeatedly.
    3)…He wants to sue the Daily Beast and CNN for quoting Lev's lawyers? He knows that is frivolous and is only doing so to put in voters minds that he took them to court, which after he drops this lawsuit, which he will, because it is fake pushback, will leave neutral people to believe what Lev's lawyers are saying.

    If it gives Trump supporters some reason to call it fake news, shame on them, because it is very real. A quote is not "fake news".
    Which he is a known liar, and once you do something as ridiculous as the "midnight run" , you should be removed from authority of ANY kind.
    Again, if Trump supporters want to support such a man, they will have to live with their creators view of such immoral behavior and here is why it is particularly immoral.

    Had a democrat been caught doing what he did, they would call for his head to roll. He committed a freakishly dishonest thing, and lied about a huge fake story, and even his own party admitted it, so there is nobody that disputes it except maybe for those YouTube shows making money off of lies. Which are EVERYWHERE.

    I apologize if this makes me look non neutral, I am not taking political sides, and to me, no matter which party you support, you support rampant corruption.

    I could list endless examples of both sides corruption. Like for example people forget that the DNC hacks everyone talks about, but never talk about what they revealed……WHICH WAS

    The DNC for a fact cheated for Hillar Clinton against Bernie Sanders and also laundered money for Hillary Clinton.
    Can you show me the Democrat politician that was as outraged about that freakish corruption?

    One of the politicians involved wrote a book about it and appears regularly on news shows and shows like Real Time with Bill Maher, where she admits it, only after getting caught.

    Again, endless examples of corruption exist from every political party not just in the world, but in all of history.
    Which is why the bible forbids Christian's from taking part in politics which false religions do not teach their flocks.

    I invite all people to just read 2 scriptures. Revelation 16:14 and Daniel 2:44, which describe what the bible says is shortly going to happen to EVERY HUMAN GOVERNMENT and their supporters.

    Then read Luke chapter 4, the first 8 verses,which leaves no doubt about what the bible says about who rules over America, Russia, and all the other human governments.

    If you think you are a Christian, you need to join the only Christian religion on earth that is obeying the bible about political neutrality and also the only ones doing the work described at Matthew 24:14…they are not hard to find, as they are literally the only worldwide organization claiming to be Christian that supports no government or political party.

    If you do not, and you put politics and false religion in front of the bible, you are not actually a Christian according to the bible itself.
    Most will prove to be hypocrites, on both sides, but you control your fate, and you can choose to be one of the less than 1% of truly honest hearted people.
    That is a choice. Break your programming.

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    What a load of waffling. He’s again put himself into a massive conflict-of-interest position (remember the midnight trip to the WH to see Trump…?) and he has no shame! And no brains either it seems because by now you’ll know about the $57,000 claim for a corresponding 4- day trip to Europe. .

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    "So none of this is true" But he is talking about what he has been lying about I suspect. And I can't answer that question because if I say I did meet in Vienna then there is no case and if I say I didn't meet in Vienna then I am caught lying on Fox News. He is hoping against hope that the American memory is on it's typical 3 day loop and that this will be forgotten by Dec.1st.

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    Peter Ford

    Oh nunes,, you're in so much shit. The whole world is the problem but not you and Rudy and these few people are right and all of the media wrong. Bye bye nunes.

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    I'm glad that Devin Noodles is on record at a "Real News Outlet", not

    a main stream fake news outlet claiming that this is a

    fake news smear.
    So when his buddy Lev Parnas presents the "Real" evidence

    then it will be official.

    Won't it???

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    I'm glad that Devin Noodles is on record at a "Real News Outlet", not

    a main stream fake news outlet claiming that this is a

    fake news smear.
    So when his buddy Lev Parnas presents the "Real" evidence

    then it will be official.

    Won't it???

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    What a fucking lying sack of shit. Fuck this asshole with a pineapple. Traitor needs to be tarred and feathered and run out of DC all the way back to Russia.

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    Benny McCollough

    These people kill me the they say the American people this, the American people that. So hate what America is coming to. So sad.

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    Betty Blackburn


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    ElPocho DelMundo

    We are going to take both CNN and the Daily Beast into likely Federal Court . . blah blah blah smoke out my butt.

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    real isrealite

    Why didn't he answer the question?The Ukrainian hoax is the republicans fake talking point even though it's been debunked by the very same government nunes works for.

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    Chris Stovic

    0:00 / 0:20
    WOW! WOW!Nunes REFUSES to answer Fox host's question on HIS involvement in quid pro quo
    •Nov 24, 2019
    Brian Tyler Cohen
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    BREAKING: Rep. Devin Nunes was just caught by Fox host Maria Bartiromo as he was unable to answer a question about his own involvement in digging up dirt on Biden in Ukraine.

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    Comrade Nunesky can ALWAYS say "no, I wasn't meeting with Shokin" if it was not true that he met with him. There is NOTHING keeping him from saying that whether there's any criminal activity or not. An innocent man would have answered Maria Bartiromo's question with a "no" but obvious Comrade Nunesky can't do it because IT WILL BE FOUND OUT THAT HE DID INDEED MEET WITH SHOKIN IN SECRET.

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    Alicia Guerra-Salazar

    My english dont is very good but He said : Yeah so look . Does this mean Yeah = yes? This was a question of a yes or no answer. Can some boy help me to understand?

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    Veracity North

    Nunes lies as same as Trump just to defend Trump. It's Nunes is a law enforcer and I don't believe they are working with America Law enforcement.

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    googlesucks you

    Now we find sondland lied. Trump never had a call were he said no quid pro quo. No one can find that call ever happened.

    It's a cover story they made up.

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    Nunes & Trump are on the Fossil Fuel team
    Most of us are on the save-our-backsides team (as in Climate Change)
    That they are aligned with Putin is therefore no mystery. Prepare for the civil war that has already begun.

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    John Seipp

    Devin Nunes can share a PRISON CELL with Komrade 'Traitor to America' Trump! And I hope he SNORES LOUDLY so he can drive Traitor Trump even CRAZIER than he already is!!

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    The Progressive Christian

    Republicans rooting out corruption in the Dems while they're on trial for corruption. "No Yoooooah"…

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    The Progressive Christian

    He really wants to answer…no…really…lol. It's like when Gotti used to accuse Guliani of corruption. Too funny…

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    Luann Larscheid

    Libtards like Brian tyler Cockbreath have no problem repeating the fact, over and over, that Donald Trump withheld military aid (javelins) for 2 months. But you never hear Mr Cockbreath criticizing obama for refusing to even send javelins to the Ukrainians.

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    Christopher Bailey

    He’s a loser and where is his green card, you’re a illegal immigrant and you should be deported. you will be in a cell next to roger stone you fucking illegal alien prick

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    Jeff Bunk

    What more do you need to understand that tRump is "the swamp" and a self serving corrupt embarrassment to the U.S.? It is a sinking ship that will soon have rats jumping off to save their asses in the republican party. That they protect this sham of a president is also embarrassing and may we never forget those that stood by tRump and make sure they never fill another political seat in our government!

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    Barry Frank

    This is your america today full of lair's. And everyone excepts it. Open your eye's its all around you. The government is a good example and no one cares. When is it going to be enough think of the future generations. History will not be kind

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  85. Post

    nunes–i hope i see you go to jail too-your so full of shit–you cant even answer a FOX NEWS HOST question-that says it all

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    Todd Abrahamsson

    Dude you need to be honest here, if you did something wrong admit it ! This goes for anyone in the public service Republican or Democrat!
    From what I have heard from witnesses you went to Ukraine on the tax payer’s nickel to the tune of 60 K +.
    What where you doing in the Ukraine ? Hum let me think ?
    Keep up the lies and sticking up for Trump, you will find yourself in the FEDERAL PEN !
    Good luck “ Asshole “ !

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  89. Post

    republicans suckkkkkk…. awww… these poor suckers.. come on repubs.. are you gonna defend this loser or sit there with your stupid mouths shut like you always do…

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    kurt setterberg

    does anybody on the right ever tell a truth in any way or shape this will be Nunes second ethical charge and he will be gone

  91. Post

    So apparently letting the facts speak for themselves instead of fighting with the corrupt media is a bad thing now lol. This is how fucking stupid our country has become.Democrats have ZERO facts, ALL hearsay but hearsay is better than evidence right lol. Fucking liberals are so dumb. Trump 2020.Look forward to drinking all your liberal tears

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    Same old GO talking points Lie then blame everyone else including blame the messenger. Isn't this the same guy that was hiding in the WH bushes leaking documents to Trump.

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    Well, it's after Thanksgiving, tough guy… Where's all this great court activity that's going to totally clear your name, and prove you never went to Ukraine?

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    Takeko Nakama

    Deflection is a game all republicans play. Can't answer yes or no, instead gives a long winded answer which has nothing to do with the question. Can't wait till all of them are voted out of office, especially, know nothing Nunes.

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    Alec Scott

    What a piece of slime! ….Id love to answer your questions BUT!!!
    To just keep on with this brazen faced lying!! To now say that he's caught the Dems so badly??? But…criminal….you understand…..!!!!!! …. NO!!! We don't understand!!

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    Kenneth Cupps

    Listen to his words he's admitting everything listen real close the first got you! Is when she asked him a question were you in Vienna the first word out of his mouth was. Yes but let me tell you something I will answer the questions at a proper time. And then he admits everything by putting it on the Democrats listen closely again

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    Kenneth Cupps

    I live in Fresno California about hour and a half from Devin Nunes City of Tulare. I can smell the s**. Coming from Tulare here in Fresno or should I say the s** coming out of his mouth

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    Rhonda Gilbert

    Wow. A bunch of bulls***t. They are stinking it up. Republicans. People pay attention. They are playing with your intelligence.

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