Nonviolent Communication (NVC): Yoram Mosenzon workshop: ‘Ask for the Moon’

Nonviolent Communication (NVC): Yoram Mosenzon workshop: ‘Ask for the Moon’


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    Nayeem Javed

    great workshop….Could be please help us to see you other workshop thru links of any reference…..It's worth watching

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    myra heemskerk

    thank you yoram, filling the net with your beautiful smile, loving heart, compassion and joy! I get a big smile on my face having this online! To see and experience you teaching NVC, for everybody available! brings use joy to me. And this wonderful theme of requests, no's rejectionstories…. Soo much contributing to Life! Thank you Thank you Thank you.

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    Rebecca DiCandilo

    I just realized that you are speaking about how the request needs to be doable but the title of this workshop is "Ask for the Moon" which is not doable or concrete. Hahahahah

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    Maria Geelen

    Very enjoyable to watch this movie and also it touched my heart on a deep level. Thanks so much for sharing this lessons.

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    Anthony L

    I honestly don't know if I've got the strength to be this open. After a while, I'm feeling torn open and exposed just listening to people being real. <collapses>

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    inci özşendil

    Yoram, I really appreciate you and your way of relating it to all. Therefore I think I will be one of the first timers who translated this video in their own language. I feel regret to miss your workshop in Turkey, and many thanks to facebook for bring it to me at the end. Congratulations brother.

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    inci özşendil

    Bu dili azimle ve şevkle öğrenme ihtiyacında olanlara, bunu gerçekten isteyenlere katkı sunma isteğim var:)
    Zamanlama: 1.10.15 Bağlantı Ricalarına Örnekler:

    -Bununla ilgili ne düşünüyorsun?

    -Bununla ilgili ne hissediyorsun?

    -Bu senin işine yarar mı?

    -Bu senin için uygun mu?

    -Bunu sevdin mi / bundan hoşlandın mı?

    -Ne yapabileceğime dair bir fikrin var mı?

    -Söylediğim şeyi talep olarak mı duyuyorsun?

    -Söylediğim şeyde sana yönelik bir suçlama olduğunu mu duyuyorsun?

    -Bugün ne yapmak istersin?

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    Elisa Joy

    I would really love if someone would add English captions (not the automatic ones) via Amara. That would be so so helpful for anyone wanting to translate to other languages, as I have begun to do in Hebrew. If you need help on how to do that let me know.

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    Thank you for sharing! It helps me understanding and experiencing how NVC works. I am getting so excited to start a course in October and really dive into it.

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    Luis Enrique Gavilán

    Thanks for sharing this Yoram! It is such a support to be connected with things that are alive inside myself. Greetings from Paraguay

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    Yashodara's vlogs

    So I have a demand: Make more video like this one. Because I enjoy it, get inspired, get a reminder and learn. I am warning you…I don't take No for an answer….(half joke)

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    Mary Candullo

    Thank you, Yoram for posting to youtube. I am celebrating my connection with NVC and myself especially. I too feel an intense aliveness to connection with what is inside human beings. For me, your presence has connected to and given more meaning to all of life.

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    Hennie Botha

    I lost respect for you when you said "f*** you". There are many ways to convey the same sentiments in a kinder and less crass way. The way you handled that situation was a revelation of your true personality to me. Unfortunately many people hide behind "being honest" as the reason for being mean.

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