Model Communication

Model Communication

In this research we’re interested in what
makes for successful communication and we think that who we communicate with is just
as important as how we communicate in times of successful communication. So when this
research we were interested in how communicating with someone who you think is from the same
group of different group influences your communication outcomes. We had participants come into the
lab and make Lego models. They all got the exact same instructions, but half of them
were told that those instructions came from someone who was with the same group as them
and the other half got instructions that they thought came from someone from a different
group and we found that people who got instructions that they thought came from someone from their
group actually made better models. Miscommunication is really important, it can cost money, time
and in extreme cases sometimes even lives, so for example the Challenger space craft
disaster is often attributed to a failure of communication within the NASA system. So
in fact, it’s really important for people to be able to communicate well and what our
research is showing is that it’s when we feel like we share something with someone
else that we communicate to our best advantage.


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