Mobilize: A Communication Hub For Groups

Mobilize: A Communication Hub For Groups

– Well hello there. Nice to see you, how have you been? When you’re a partner manager and you want to mobilize
developers or brand ambassadors, soccer moms, or any other group, you have to make people feel like you’re talking directly to them. The problem is that today you’re using about 15
different tools to do so, and you’re wasting a huge amount of time, energy, and data. That’s where Mobilize comes in. A single hub to organize and communicate authentically
at scale with your groups. You can manage thousands of
people right from your phone, using the Mobilize app. It’s just amazing really. With Mobilize, your
member data management, communications and networking, are all in one place. First, you import up to
thousands of your members, and organize them into groups. No member login is required. In each group, you can
see your communications. You can send email or a
text in just a few clicks, and you can use very precise
filters to send a message only to the right people. You can also send an event that will automatically appear
in your partners’ calendars. Send quick polls that they can directly
answer through email, and get smart follow-ups. Nice job, well done. Keep up the good work! The great thing about Mobilize
is that you can sync member data from multiple sources. For instance, I can create an onboarding page so that anyone can
register to join my group. Companies that have switched to Mobilize report double the engagement, compared with other management
and communication tools. Sign up for free now! Actually, I just sent you a text. No, just kidding. Go to Mobilize today. You’ll be able to do that easily. (cheerful music)


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