Whether it’s at work, in a relationship,
or just your everyday life, miscommunication can happen pretty easily. And that’s OK! Let’s take a look at couple different reasons
for why it happens and how you can deal with them. One big reason is not fully listening. We put a lot of focus on talking, but listening
can be just as significant. It’s important that both parties want to
listen to each other and give their full attention; this is the difference between listening and
just hearing. Try asking yourself, “Am I focused on what
they’re saying, or am I focused on what I’m going to say next?” Being a good listener allows you to be more
receptive and understanding. Lack of empathy is another reason for miscommunication. Empathy is the ability to understand another
person’s thoughts and feelings. This may come naturally to some, but it can
be difficult for others. If you’re willing to be open, you can really
hear the other person and see where they’re coming from. In doing so, it’s good to validate others’
feelings as well. This will make you both more comfortable and
make communicating easier. Next time, ask yourself, “Why might this
person feel this way?” or “How would I feel if I was in their situation?” Through a mix of active listening and empathy,
it’s possible to reach agreements more easily, discuss opposing viewpoints, and turn miscommunication
into effective communication.


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