Manychat Broadcast Analytics

Manychat Broadcast Analytics

Today, I’m going to break down
your analytics and statistics when it comes to your broadcast. Now this is number 3
of a three-part series. If you missed any of the
videos in this series, be sure to check out the video
above or down in the link with the description below. So when it comes
to your broadcast, your analytics are
super important. You need to understand
what it all means. How are people utilizing
your broadcast? What are the actions
that they’re taking? Is this even a good broadcast? Well, the best way to tell is
to look at those analytics. So without further ado,
let’s jump into MiniChat and I’m going to walk
you through everything you need to know
in understanding the statistics and the
analytics behind your broadcast. Let’s go. So when you go under
Broadcast, you’re going to see all of the
history of the broadcast that you’ve sent. If you click on one
of those broadcasts, we’ll just click
on this one here, it’s going to break down the
data, the analytics of how people interacted with
your messenger bot. So we’re going to break down
this stuff right over here on the left side of the screen. So starting from the
top, we have Sent To. This is the number of broadcasts
that were successfully sent, meaning that the
person still exists, they still have a
Facebook page, and you haven’t been blocked by them. These are the number of messages
that were actually sent. So I have 793 successfully
sent messages. And then the next number
is the Delivered To. This is the number of users
who opened Messenger but not necessarily the broadcast. So these are just
sent in general, and this is slightly lower
because out of this number, this is the amount of people who
just saw it in their messenger. Didn’t mean that they
actually open the message. Next up is the Opened By. This is the number
of users who opened your broadcast in Messenger. It doesn’t mean that they
took any action outside of opening your message. But they opened Messenger, and
then they opened your message. And then the Click
By is the number of users who clicked on the
button in the first message block. And that would be in this
case this message block. So I had a 31%
click-through rate on this one, which means people
clicked somewhere in here. I had four different buttons
that they could click on. Now you could go
down and you can also see what percentage of
click-through rate happened in each one of these buttons. So I can see here that
the number 1 click-through button is the top button here. And if I went and I opened up
additional blocks and flows, I’ll be able to see
these same numbers here. So keeping in mind,
again, sent means that’s how many people
received it successfully. Delivered to is the number
of people who actually saw it in their Messenger. Opened were the
amount of people who actually opened your message. And the click-through
rate were the people who actually took an action
in that specific box. And you can jump down into
various boxes in your message flows and see how
that progresses. And a really good practice is to
go through and figure out where the main drop off point is. When did people
drop off the most or they didn’t take
as much action. Those are all things
that are really important to take
into consideration. Now you should
note that if there are no buttons in
the opt-in message, then clicks won’t be counted,
because you absolutely have to have some kind of click
for people to count as a click by. So that’s what that
is right there. There you have it. Now you can better understand if
your broadcasts are successful. You can learn from your
mistakes and your wins. And you can deliver
the type of messages that your end user
takes action on. And I’m all about conversation
equals conversion. Now if you want to learn
more about messenger bots, be sure to subscribe
to the channel and hit that Bell button so
that you get notified every time a new video hits the channel. If you want to hear more
about the broadcast and all the features that
are included, be sure to check out all the
videos in this series. If you’ve missed
anything, the links are down in the
description below. And if you have questions,
if you need answers, if you want more
exclusive trainings, then be sure to join the
Baby Got Bot Facebook Group. It is totally free. The link is down below. And oh, by the way, I have two
totally awesome and totally free exclusive trainings
happening next week in the Baby Got Bot Group. The first one is all
about the 24-plus-one rule where I’m going to be teaching
you all about that rule and how to get people
to actually interact with your messenger bot, which
will help re-up your 24 plus one. And the second training
will be on July 18– that’s next Thursday. And it is all about what
we just did broadcast. But I’ll be answering
your questions and diving in even deeper to tags and the
rules around your broadcast and your options there. So if you have more
questions and you want to get more of a
live training experience, be sure to join the
Baby Got Bot community. Thank you so much
for tuning in today. And have a rocking day. [MUSIC PLAYING]


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