Levels of Communication

Levels of Communication

in this video we’ll discuss the
different levels of communication and examine where public speaking falls in
the context of broader communication studies for the purposes of our
discussion will break down communication into five categories or levels
intrapersonal interpersonal small group public speaking and mass communication
while we don’t have the time to have a comprehensive discussion of each of
these levels right now i will give you a little information on each so that you
can have a better understanding of where public speaking fits in the larger
spectrum of communication put simply intrapersonal communication
is communication with yourself how many of you talk to yourself either out loud
or just in your head you ever debate difficult decision to make a mental
to-do list daydream of course we all do don’t worry this is all perfectly normal
put in the context of the communication models that we discussed in a previous
video intrapersonal communication is simply means that you’re both
communicator a and communicator be interpersonal communication as a second
person to the equation sometimes called dyadic communication interpersonal
communication involves a dyad or two people interpersonal communication can
be classified as personal meaning that it takes place in some sort of
relational context think of your family and friends there or impersonal which
does not involve a relationship think here of the cashier at walmart or random
people who strike up a conversation while waiting in line while not all
interpersonal communication takes place in a relationship interpersonal
communication is the foundation of all relationships are need for and use of
interpersonal communication also changes over time small group communication involves a
group of at least three people and can include as many as 12 or soap in order
to be classified as a true small group the group must have a shared set of
goals and see themselves as a group in other words eight people who just
happened to be walking on the same sidewalk same time are not a small group they’re
just an aggregation of people a small group is working towards some type of
goal together and his conscious of doing so the members of a small group also
have some level of interdependence meaning that the behaviour of one group
member affects the other members of that group public speaking typically involves
one person speaking too many people in a face-to-face environment the language
and style of communication used in public speaking is generally more formal
than that of interpersonal and small group communication obviously we’ll have
much more to say on the nature and practice of public speaking in
subsequent videos the final level of communication is mass communication in
which an individual or organization is communicating to a mass audience
comprised hopefully of many many people there are two additional factors that
sent mass communication apart from the other types of communication first mass
communication is mediated communication that means that the channel always
involves some sort of Technology the second difference is that feedback is
always delayed in mass communication can you provide feedback certainly but the
person or organisation sending the message will receive that feedback
simultaneously the message will already be sent before they hear from you now I
have a question for you and what ways the other levels of communication
particularly intrapersonal interpersonal and mass communication impact speakers
and public speaking go ahead I’ll wait if you need more time to answer that
question feel free to pause the video now otherwise let’s continue in this
video we discuss the different levels of communication intrapersonal
interpersonal small group public speaking and mass communication and
examined where public speaking falls in the context of broader communication
studies check out some of our other videos for more insight into the public
speaking process


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