Learn Funny English words for Everyday sounds – Improve your English Communication | Speak Fluent

Learn Funny English words for Everyday sounds – Improve your English Communication | Speak Fluent

Shhhhh, tick tock, tick tock, tick tock, drop,
drop, drop, drop, drop, quack, quack. Have you ever heard such sounds? I’m sure you would
have but what do we call these sounds? Do you know sounds have also got names? Do you
have a name? Ezekiel, Ruth, Regina, Ross, then why do you think sounds should not have
names? Stay with me in this lesson, I’m your tutor for the day, Michelle and I’m going
to teach you, names for everyday sounds. Let’s go. Let’s look at the first sound. Click, click,
click, click, click, have you ever ordered anything with the click of a mouse? I have
of course; so many times with the click of a mouse i have made some good orders. That’s
what the sound is called. Just try and listen to it, this is called a click. I’ll write
it for you here. The click of a mouse. I showed you which mouse are we talking about. The
computer mouse not the other mouse. Let’s look at the next sound, zip, what is a zip?
Have you ever fastened your clothes with a zip, I have of course I have fastened my clothes
with a zip. A zip but how can you use it in a sentence. I quickly fastened the clothes,
I quickly fastened the zip of my dress and I was ready for the party. So you can use
zip for fastening, which means to close something. Do you use twitter, yes you do. Do you know
where does the name come from? What is the sound of a bird called? When you wake up early
in the morning and it’s so pleasant and right outside your bedroom window, that sweet little
bird makes that tweet, tweet, tweet, tweet, tweet sound, that’s called a tweet. Yes and
what do you, when you write something on the twitter, those limited number of characters,
they are called a tweet. That is actually a sound of a bird or a social media website
for you. Sound of a bird. For example, last night I tweeted about Brexit. You can use
it like that. Let’s look at the next one, sizzle, sizzle, where do you hear that? Sizzle,
sizzle, do you remember a barbecue? Out in the open and with some awesome steak on it
and for some of you maybe veggies on the barbecue. When it’s being cooked on open fire and the
sound of the oil splattering over the steak is called sizzle, it can be used for barbecue.
You know what; you can use it also to say that someone is looking very good. You can
say, you look sizzling today, which means they are looking very good or may be very
hot, that’s what it means. It’s related to hot. It can also be used for hot temperature.
If it’s very hot, then you could say, it’s sizzling outside today, you can use it for
temperature as well. Awesome isn’t it? The same word, such a useful sound that you didn’t
know till now or may be some of you even knew it. Let’s look at the next one, sizzle fizzle.
Is it same sizzle fizzle? Not really. When you are having medicine and you have this
medicine that you can dissolve into the water. You take the glass and there’s water in the
glass and you put inside that dissolving medicine and what happens? There’s a fizz there,
it quickly starts dissolving. So the medicine fizzled until it dissolved. You can use it
for medicine or may be for aerated drinks as well. When you open an aerated drink you
hear a fizzle or a fizz. For a medicine. This is fun, isn’t it? We are learning names for
different sounds. Let’s look at the next one. Murmur, murmur, murmur, murmur, what is murmur?
When you cannot understand what someone is saying properly. Some words are coming out
of their mouth and some words stay inside the mouth. So if somebody says, I’m really
sorry, what are they trying to do? They are trying to murmur to you. but can you believe
them because they are not speaking it out loud so you could say, he said, he murmured,
sorry, he murmured, I’m sorry, but I don’t believe him because he didn’t speak it out
loud. So murmuring is when you don’t speak something out loud. Just speak very slowly.
Don’t speak out loud. You know there are different words that you can use in place
of murmur. What do you do when you are in the library? Do you murmur? Sometimes you
murmur, sometimes you whisper. Whisper, yes talking like this is called as whispering.
I’ll write it for you here. Whisper and you know there’s one ,more word that you can use.
It’s almost like murmur so don’t confuse it. When you cannot hear what someone is speaking
properly, you could say, mumble. He or she mumbled. So if you cannot hear what your friend
is saying, then you could tell them, I’d be able to hear you better, if you stopped mumbling,
right? Let’s look at the next one, I’ll just do
a situation for you, I’ll just do an action for you instead, swoosh, what am I trying
to do? I’m trying to put the basketball into the net, swoosh. Swoosh is when something
cuts through the air, usually a ball or something like that and it makes that sound. So swoosh….
the ball went into the net. If you are telling someone about the recent basketball match
that you saw and you want to explain it, you can use the word, swoosh, the basketball,
to come through the air, to cut through the air. Gargle, what happens when your throat
goes sore, what does the doctor tell you? The doctor tells you to gargle, but what is
really gargling? Do you remember when you put the water in your mouth and there comes
this boiling sound, of course there’s not fire down there in your mouth and the water
isn’t boiling. But it’s just the sound of water boiling and that sound is called gargle,
yes and you do it usually when your throat is sore, you do it with warm water and may
be some salt, just to relieve the sore throat. I’m gonna write it as the sound of boiling
water but not, it’s not actually boiling. Crip plunk, Crip plunk, Crip plunk… do you
get to hear this sound when something breaks. Crip plunk, imagine you are about to sit on
a chair. You sit on the chair and it collapses, what happens? It Crip plunks, Crip plunk the
chair collapsed. The sound when something collapses. Useful, isn’t it when you wanna
talk about something that has just collapsed. Let’s look at the next one, what happens
when you have to just rush to the class and you have this platter full of food that you
have to quickly eat, what do you do with the food? Do you eat the food? Slowly and nicely
and gently? No, you gobble the food, just very fast, very fast down in your mouth. That’s
what you do when you have to eat the food quickly and also if you are eating pizza and
it is your favourite. You just don’t have the time to chew it. All you do is you just
gobble. So when you gobble, you almost swallow the food and you chew it very less. Not a
good habit, believe me, spend time on eating food, it’ll make you healthier. Eat the food
without cut, cut,cut,cut chewing, that’s called gobbling. Moaned, what is moaning? When you take your
wife out for shopping and she’s complaining the whole day, you don’t take me out anywhere,
we never go out and you finally decide, okay let me take her shopping today. You took her
shopping and she’s still complaining. No I don’t want that, I dont want you to buy this,
blah,blah,blah, that sounds like moaning. That sound is called moaning when someone
is complaining to you about something that they don’t like. Not so good to moan, the
sound of complaining. Ahh.. Just wait I heard a knock on the door,
I heard a knock on the door. Yes, you hear a knock on the door, that sound when you khat,
khat on the door, that sound is called knocking. Sound of hitting on the door. But hitting
very slowly, that sound is called knocking. You know what, do you also knock on the window?
Do you know on the window with a glass? No you always, what do you do on the glass? You
tap, not clap, I’m just trying to show you, you tap on the window and you knock on the
door. So on the window, you tap. woo, woo,woo,woo,woo is that what you do when you go to the concert
and you love that artist who is performing on the stage, woo, is that what you do? I
also do it, it’s absolutely fine, that’s called hooting. But who hoots among the animals?
You know who hoots? The owl, yes the owl hoots and sometimes humans also hoot and it’s absolutely
fine. To hoot in a concert. Vroom, what happens when you’re bike just stops working and you
stop to repair it and you finally repaired it and you restart the bike, restart the bike,
what kind of a sound is there? There is a loud vroom, that sound is called vroom. So
when you are telling about an incident to someone, you can say that I repaired my bike
and it started with a loud, vroom. The sound of an engine starting. Do you wash clothes in an automatic washing
machine? I do that and what happens when the clothes are being washed and the machine is
working all fine and suddenly it is on the loud noise, loud noise is coming out of the
machine that it’s working very well and it stops,vrrrrrrr, it goes slow. That sound when
a machine stops working is called vrring and the sound when a machine or probably an engine
starts working is called vroom. Starts vroom, stops vred. The machine stopped working, stopped
working. Whoa this lesson was fun, isn’t it? You learnt
so many awesome sounds that you can use in your everyday life to talk about the incidents
that have happened with you. Please come back for more, I hope we’ll have even more fun
in our next lesson. I hope to see you again, till then you miss me and enjoy this, this
is actually called onomatopoeia, scary word isn’t it but the sounds were so much fun,
you take care, bye.


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    Surendra Manohar

    Sorry Niharika Mam, about your explanation on 'moaning' , I do understand your embarrassment in explaining this word which is heard somewhere else. Again "whispering" or "mumbling" and "murmuring" are all in different situations. You murmur when you are not happy or satisfied, you whisper when you don't want to others to hear it apart from the person you are whispering to , and mumbling is when the person is unable to get correct words to speak he mumbles. Sorry for this but this is what I feel. Anyway nice lesson and thanks for sharing. Keep it up and God bless you. And remember I am fan of yours and long back I have subscribed your channel.😊

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    Vijay Bhaskar

    8:30 your explanation is awesome. If you would have added the sounds of those rather than explaining that would more helpful. Please try it another video. Tnq Michelle

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