Is the Joker Sequel Confirmed or Not?!? (Nerdist News w/ Dan Casey)

Is the Joker Sequel Confirmed or Not?!? (Nerdist News w/ Dan Casey)

– This episode of Nerdist News is sponsored by Star
Wards Jedi Fallen Order. Wait, is the “Joker”
sequel confirmed or not? Fans of the clown prince
of crime woke up this week to smiles painted on their faces when news from the Hollywood Reporter
broke that after becoming the biggest R-rated movie of all time. The stand alone “Joker” film
would be getting a sequel with director Todd
Phillips returning along star Joaquin Phoenix. According to this report,
after the film had its bonkers opening weekend, Phillips
met with Warner Bros to discuss getting the rights to do a slate of DC origin films. While WB held off on giving him the entire back catalog of characters, he did walk out of that meeting allegedly with at least one other unnamed
DC film in his back pocket. As to what that other film could be, well, the article floated
the idea that Phillips could be tackling the villains
Darkseid or Lex Luthor as stand alone movies. However, we gotta be honest,
I mean Darkseid seems less likely considering director Ava DuVernay is probably going to use
the dark lord of apocalypse for her New Gods movie. But a Lex Luthor film
feels right up the alley of this version of the DC
universe we saw in the “Joker”. Plus if Phillips wants to
keep finding inspiration Martin Scorsese Films,
“The Wolf of Wall Street” or “The Aviator” or even “Hugo” could be perfect inspirations. The Wolf of Metrop Street or
whatever they call it there, sign me up. Now all of this is to say
that with Joker making over a billion bucks at the box office, I’m talking beaucoup bucks. Warner Bros was keen to
secure Phillips and Phoenix for a sequel but hold up there a minute. Before you flip on the Bat-signal
to alert all of your pals. There’s a conflicting report from one of the Hollywood Reporter’s
competitors Deadline. And it straight up says that
original article is false. It claims that the “Joker”
sequel is confirmed as straight up click-bait. Now according to Deadline,
nothing was actually confirmed in the reported meeting between Phillips and Warner Bros, where he got the rights
to another character, didn’t even happen. So, is this true? Is it false? Is the Jokes getting it seques? That’s a sequel, I guess. Jesus Christ, I’m so sorry. Well both publications have
pretty good track records with inside Hollywood gossip. So with conflicting reports out there, which story’s most likely true? Let’s break down what we know so far. We do know that a sequel
for “Joker” is on the table if all the parties involved
think the conditions are right. Now, obviously Warner Bros prerequisites to want to make this sequel have been met. “Joker” made over a billion dollars. But unfortunately for Warner
Bros those billion plus reasons aren’t the only
thing that would bring Todd Phillips and Joaquin
Phoenix back to Gotham City. The two sat down with
the L.A. Times earlier this month before this current reporting to talk about the film’s success and the prospect of a sequel. And while Joaquin Phoenix
said the part of the appeal of this character in the first place was that it was going
to be a one-off movie. Well they aren’t opposed
to actually revisiting this character in a sequel film. According to Phillips and
Phoenix there would have to be a story reason for a sequel
and not just a monetary one. Phoenix put it like
this in that interview. “I would just do a sequel
just because the first movie “is successful, that’s ridiculous.” He went on to say,
“Long before the release “or before we had any idea
if it would be successful “we talked about sequels. “In the second or third
week of shooting, I was like “Todd, can you start working on a sequel? “There’s way too much to explore. “It was kind of in jest but not really.” And Phillips said about a sequel, “It would have to have
some thematic resonance “in a similar way that this does.” While none of what Phillips
or Phoenix said cancels out either report, it does
feel a little premature that the two would have
a new story to tell about Joker this soon after its release. Fortunately we here at
Nerdist did reach out to some inside sources of
our own for clarification on this story and they’ve
told us that there is not currently a Joker movie in development and as reported by Deadline,
the October 7th meeting did not, in fact take place. At the end of the day though,
we’re sure that Warner Bros and DC want to strike while the iron’s hot and do whatever’s necessary
to make a “Joker” sequel. In fact, the one thing that
both articles seem to agree on is that a sequel is a foregone conclusion. It’s just not happening as fast as some outlets might believe. But what do you jokers think? Do you think this sequel news is legit? Was it all click-bait like
some outlets suggested? And what story would you
like to see a “Joker” sequel tackle or what villain should also get a Joker-like origin movie? Check out our article on but in the meantime, let’s discuss. Thanks again to Star
Wars Jedi Fallen Order for sponsoring today’s episode. You play Cal Kestis, a Jedi padawan who narrowly escaped the
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develop powerful new force abilities and master the art
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    I loved the film but for the reasons that wouldn’t lead to a sequel. The fact that based on the theory that there are unanswered questions to who Arthur Fleck actually is, a sequel would either destroy one theory making the magic of the first film gone, or tel more story about Arthur therefore not being a joker film.
    Now what would be interesting is taking Phillips and Phoenix and seeing what they could do with other DC Villans….now that’s interesting. Or if a theory was correct, what if Fleck thought he was all the villans…

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    James Sinclair


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    Michael Malone

    Hi I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed "Joker". If the rumours are true about a possible sequel I thought I'd share an idea I had. I think it would be amazing if it had Jim Gordon (future commissioner of Gotham) going up against the Joker in a world without Batman. Having the movie examine the jokers obsession with tormenting the Gordon family, almost in the vein of Cape Fear, and having the joker and Gordon facing off like Pacino and Deniro in Heat. Possibly having the movie end with the joker shooting and paralyzing Barbara Gordon like he did in The Killing Joke.

    Thank you for letting me get that off my chest.


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    walkin mn

    Sounds so stupid, Joker was a great standalone movie, a sequel could easily damage its concept and image, maybe there's a possibility that it could be great but I really don't see how that can happen

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    Zak Landman

    I would say penguin or riddler would be a way better movie than lex. Penguin dealing with not being accepted into the high class due to who you look and his turn from being a wealthy kid into a crime boss with a great underground network. Riddler could show the career of Ed and being laid off or fired because of his way of thinking. And with the actions of Phoenixs joker showing him a different way to get revenge on his employers slowly using that way of thinking become the riddler. Lex is just a rich smart guy that is trying to stop aliens coming to earth and just wants to protect his city by any means. So without a superman or an alien i dont see a great story other than him fighting against his family/sister to gain power his metropolis.

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    Evan Black

    Only thing I would want to see would be a Joker vs New Joker movie. OG
    Joker at the height of his power and another Joker trying create his own
    vision. Plus it's the good way to tie into the new and younger Batman.
    OG Joker could finally loose his mind completely and get locked up in
    the bottom of Arkham Asylum at the end of the movie leaving there a void
    that needs to be filled after they face off. New Joker could be about
    mid 20's leaving a young late teen Bruce to finally rise to become
    Batman (Pat). Great hand off if they wanted to. I feel like adding
    another DC villain would feel forced. Remember Joker almost needs Batman
    but they can't use him, so whats the next best thing another Joker that
    was created by the likeness of himself. Old vision vs New. But would
    love to hear yal thoughts.

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    Kash Boy Wonder

    I love how people have been using the excuse that the joker was going to better because it's a standalone story lol I guess not

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    Isaac Swarts

    I still have not seen Joker yet. Being too disabled to get into a theater without a huge pain in the a… And not an insignificant amount of pain. Until there is a way beside piracy to watch at home 'the if you want to see it you would have by now' is not appreciated.

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    It's unfortunate that Penguin and Riddler are already cast because either of them would have very juicy backstories to do some interesting movies with. I think Oswald Cobblepot would be a MUCH better pick for a Wolf of Wall Street type origin story. Lex Luther is a tech genius, not a Wall St. bro.

    Riddler would be cool as a Clue style whodunit, if you didn't know who the actor was. They catch the guy, maybe even Bruce Wayne is there. But we find out at the end it was the wrong guy and the real bad guy is still out there. Right before the credits the one who set the whole game up is revealed. Riddler enters as the movie exits. And each film with him could then become the classic old cat and mouse movies with a dash of Saw or some shit to make it mesh with the darker themes.

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    I'm glad we gamers finally have a symbol that bring light and awareness to our plight as the most oppressed group in society. GAMERS RISE TF UP!!!

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    Alan Torres Grimaldo

    I haven't even seen the first Joker 🃏 yet, I mean, I'll get to it at some point. I'm dragging my feet tbh.

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    Crow Valclamore

    Of all villains that need a Joker style origin movie; it has to be Lobo. It'll be nothing but, Guns, Grit, & Girls. Lol

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    Crow Valclamore

    Of all villains that need a Joker style origin movie; it has to be Lobo. It'll be nothing but, Guns, Grit, & Girls. Lol

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    A Penguin movie could be interesting. With a story similar to Wall Street (1987) or Goodfellas (1990), and the Penguin to be more like Robert De Niro (Al Capone) in The Untouchables (1987).

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    The Joker was a good movie but I do not see how he can be the Joker we all know and love. Simply there was no criminal tie ins or the Joker being a brilliant criminal mind.

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    gattsu glory

    The way I think they have Joker come back would be like the movie "12 Monkeys" where we are in the asylum and goes on from there. or have it like the American Psycho and not know if he did anything at all.

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    Pix Punxel

    Leaked script: In this new movie we will focus on the rise of Batman. Like Arthur, Bruce is suffering from a mental disability. He lives a very sheltered life with his parents that are extensively treating him for his agoraphobia, and aspeger syndrome. He spends his days reading comics and watching hero movies. But when his parents are killed, young Bruce falls into remission. He starts thinking he is himself a superhero "Batman". He secretly fashions a suit ( this is very artistic moment in the film, because to him suit appears fantastic, but in reality its comical bunch of black rags ) He than proceeds to sneak at night and attack criminals. That are in fact just innocent bystanders. The film ends when he attacks two car thieves on a parking lot. They beat him and put him in intensive care, where we see him in full body cast and breathing tube – planning his revenge.

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    Dylan Chapman

    I really trust Todd and Joaquin. If they think there’s more to tell about this fascinating character then I will enthusiastically be along for the ride. If not though, then I respect and appreciate that they wouldn’t push a beautiful film into something it’s not meant to be.

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    Pixi Posh

    For everyone who has Android, i made an app called "Joke Soundboard" with all the best sounds and quotes from Joker movies! Why so serious guys!

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    Lynn Valery

    I don't think the sequel will become a thing. The movie was amazing by itself. At this point trying to make a sequel would be a huge stretch. I don't even see a good storyline to it that doesn't really include Batman that doesn't make it just another Batman movie.

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    Monish Kumar

    Really Awesome, I enjoyed it a lot!, See this New Album 'Monish Jasbird – Death Blow', channel link , you might like 🙂

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    The Jolly H

    HEAR ME OUT, the Joker sequel could be achieved through a Batman solo movie. Todd Philips directing the batman solo movie. The Bruce Wayne in which was in Joker.

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