How to improve your English communication skills anywhere, anytime? Learn English online 24/7

How to improve your English communication skills anywhere, anytime? Learn English online 24/7

Hello Everyone. Welcome to Skillopedia, the
place to learn skills for the real world. I am Michelle and today I’ve got for you more
than skills, yes… I have for you an important resource that can drastically help you improve
your communication skills. Do you know what I’m talking about? Let me tell you… So the
other day, I was browsing for some really good online resources that can help with communication
skills and possibly help you develop your language as well, and fortunately I landed
at So what really is Lingoda? So this is actually an online language school,
yeah! I’m telling you the truth. It’s an online language school offering courses in English
and three more European languages. And these courses are taught by well qualified, professional
and cheerful native tutors. Well how do I know they are cheerful? That’s because I’ve
tried it. So this is tried and tested and let me tell you this is one amazing resource.
And the most tempting part of this website, is that you don’t have to work your schedule
around it. Because it’s flexible and this can be accessed anytime, from anywhere based
on your availability. And all that you need is a good Wi-Fi connection. What I felt was
a bonus was that they also provide you with an internationally recognized CEFR Certificate.
And that can help you with your visa application as well and your University applications.
So this is a great proof of your learning, isn’t it? How cool is that? Alright I guess
it’s enough talking now and probably I should walk you through the website itself. So now
I’m going to show you how could make the most out of this amazing resource. So now it’s
time and let’s move on to the website that I have discovered recently. Let’s get started
with the features of Lingoda. So it’s time to search for Lingoda. Let’s get started.
So now we are going to the website, and as I had mentioned this online language school
offers about four different languages English German, Spanish and French isn’t that amazing?
Well it’s located here in Berlin, so let’s look at English now and see how we can use
this… As here as I said, you can learn English online with real teachers and live classes
so we can start now if we wish but let’s just explore the website a little bit more before
move on… Yes, so seven days a week and twenty four hours, these are the teachers and you
have your lessons spread out. And of course you have certified lessons offering CEFR standards.
Well what is CEFR? This is Common European Frameworks. It has different levels, so you
have A1 which is a beginner level and you have C2 and C1 which are the advance levels.
So you can go to any of these levels based on where you think you are and you can get
started. So let’s see how it works, so How it works? Well the features are classes available
twenty for seven native speaking teachers and that’s amazing, it includes learning material
ya so I tried this on my course and these materials are amazing because you can have
them like forever and the best part is they are really colorful and they are very resourceful
as well. So you can keep them with you and even after the course you can use them to
revise whatever you’ve done and the certification. So group classes, yes you have about usually
5 students in a group so that is a relatively small group and the class lasts like sixty
minutes isn’t that really cool? So I guess you will be receiving a lot of personal attention
like I did in my class here and felt like the teacher was all for me and It was amazing.
So the classes are very interactive you can chat, see here and talk to others as well,
so I think that’s so much fun, you can even make friends on the course around the world,
and not just that there are classes for every type of learner like I told you beginners
or advanced students, all the levels and broad range of topics like sports, politics, literature
superb, that’s what I like the most about it, the wide array of topics that are available.
You can also have private classes yes that’s amazing. So if you are a person who is slightly
shy and doesn’t want to be a part of group or wants more personalized attention… then
you have intensive one on one learning which is very effective, yes via Skype and you have
classes made for you sort of customized classes based on your requirements if you are preparing
for an exam, or an upcoming interview, or a presentation. I think this is so cool. And
of course you have your certificates which are your official results proof of your learning
and you have new opportunities you can developed your CV as well and have valuable ideas about
it. So this is certainly of internal standards and a great learning platform with learning
materials. What I loved the most was creating your own schedule, yeah, if you want you can
see an example of that but right now let’s just move on and we have different teachers
as well who are of course native speakers. And average teachers rating is 4.65 to 5.0
superb. Okay, now let’s look at how we can start here and create your own ID so let’s
start now. So need an email and a password. So let me show you how you can sign up here.
So if you don’t have an account. You need to sing up right here and you need to agree
to the terms and conditions so let me fill this for you. [email protected]
and the password. Well that’s a secret, I shouldn’t be sharing that yeah so this is
my password yes I would like to receive important information of course this is so important
and I agree to the privacy policy as well, also let’s start learning. Umm… yeah I think
it’s a good idea to save it. So… aumm well I am sort of advanced but how about I place
myself like a beginner and see what the options are yeah, well ah let’s go with the lower
levels to see how much they can offer so that’s the suggested level. This is so cool, you
need only to answer two questions and they will tell you what your suggested level is
and if you don’t think it’s good enough for you you can always change your level.
For example if you are not A1.2 to probably that’s very low then you can go for intermediate
which is B1.1 which is sort of lower intermediate B1.2 is upper intermediate so it’s your choice
if you are lower if you are just intermediate or upper intermediate. Let’s go with just
lower intermediate and see what we can do here oh so you have trial class. That’s
amazing so you can try out Lingoda, you can learn whatever you want so you can pick a
day and time and then of course your, course plan you can have a look at the curriculums
let’s look at a trial class this seems intriguing So I can schedule probably for tomorrow no,
day after, I thinks that’s good 28th June 8:30 pm Kolkata, Let’s see what we can do
with this right so here we are at the summary page for our course details, this one private
class for about €0.99 almost a Euro isn’t that amazing? Okay so that’s for trial class
so you don’t have to pay the entire sum, you can have a trial class and see how it works
for you these are the possible payment methods but for me as I already have an account, I
don’t think I would go for this one, but let’s look further at the website what are the various
other options that we have. So let’s go back and instead of trial class let’s look at something
else. Yeah, how about prices, Okay let’s look at the prices. So here we are at the pricing
page and first thing I’m gonna do is, I’m gonna change Euros to US $ and I am more comfortable
with this so let’s look at this for a group plan, the prices are a $109 but since you
are a subscriber of Skillopedia, you have a discount code yes you heard it just right.
And for that discount code you need to check the link in the description box where you
can find the discount code that you could use for Lingoda in order to use this website.
$50 off which is amazing because you have 10 group classes for a month this is only
for your first subscription so if you want to choose group class or a combo or private
that’s your choice but let’s say you choose a group class so you have to pay barely $59
and rest of it is free for you. So why not go ahead with this and see how this helps
you. So we’ve looked at how Lingoda works isn’t just amazing? There’s such a wide
variety of things that you can learn but, I think time we need to know how to book a
class, so I’ve logged in here and let’s jump back to the scree and see how you can actually
book a class. So as you can see I’ve already logged in this is my name and I have five
credits. So I basically bought ten credits and now I have five more remaining which expire
on 1st September 2018. And I don’t wanna let them go before they expire. So for that Lets
now book a class as you can see I haven’t booked any classes yet so let me book a class
and see what I can learn. Oh wow so on Wednesday these are the topics suggested by the tutors
for group classes. at 12:00 we have “At the mall” at 2:00 “Talking about your health”
at 3:00 you have “Giving directions 4:00 “Getting ready to celebrate” and 11:00 “Reading at
the doctor’s” so all of these group classes as you can see and let’s scroll down and check
for other days so for Thursday also you have very interesting topic. I think we did talk
about this earlier as well you know, how they have such great topics. Which are sort of
everybody can relate to these topics. This is interesting “Steve loves his job” do you
love your job? Well if you do then you must do a class something like this, which can
help you talking about work, wow this is really cool you can talk about work, Let’s try and
book one of these classes so let’s try and book “Steve loves his job” because I love
my job. So I have one group class credit, Okay so they say that when I confirm I will
have one group class credit deducted. So let’s confirm this. Oh wow I can keep a track of
my booked classes in my classes so let’s go there yup, let’s go there and attend our class
so “Steve loves his job” it’s a group class with Callum and my class is starting in four
days. So this class will take place on Zoom so like Skype zoom is another way for video
conferencing and I need to prepare for the class yes to correctly set-up my system and
so far I haven’t completed any classes you can cancel a class if you wish let’s say you
are not free, and this is so cool, you have the learning outcome so you already know what
you are going to learn and how that’s going to help you. This is really cool, and all
of these outcomes will be fulfilled and you can also download the learning material so
this means you can start preparing already for a class that happens four days later.
Let’s check the download so here we are and we have now downloaded material from Lingoda
“Steve loves his job” reading material Level is beginner, and the language is English.
Let’s go and see what they have. The Goals very interesting and they sort of create interest
by giving you a topic, and the best part is the vocabulary so they pre teach some vocabulary
for the reading and I think this is so cool. When you have some vocabulary already for
what you are going to read it becomes much easier. Then you have certain sentences this
is colorful and quite attractive because of the pictures and then you have the reading
itself. With some words highlighted I believe these are the very words we saw earlier the
vocabulary that they taught us. And then you have practice material. So you can do a true
or false exercise and you can match the sentences to the pictures, odd one out again true and
false, choose the correct word, talk about the news, you have some more reading and finding
the answer the exercises are very interesting. This is very good and let’s just keep scrolling,
and see what we have got oh wow this is amazing I love this. This is a reflection sheet and
it helps you think about what you liked about the lesson and what was the easiest or the
most difficult activities or words so how does this help you? So this is a personal
resource for you. Sort of a journal of your learning that happens through the course and
you have the answer key. Make sure you jump to this first. So you also got homework that
you can do in order to practice more if you are really keen. So I think I’m going to have
some real fun doing these work sheets and I am so excited for my classes which are going
to happen really soon after four days. so this is all for the downloaded material, the
amazing worksheets and this has definitely made me very excited for my classes, which
are happening four days later here, yes… on June 30th 5:00 pm with Callum I think I’m
gonna make some good friends. So did you have a look at how easy this is to book a class
with Lingoda yeah and to even sign up for it I think this is relatively much easier
and extremely useful. So guys don’t you think the class that I booked here was just
amazing and so easy. So go ahead use Lingoda and make the most out of this amazing resource.
And the best thing about this is that you have a discount code in the description, don’t
forget to use it because that’s going to help you use this resource effectively. So I’m
very excited for my class four days later, until then I’m gonna prepare some more lessons
some more sessions for you all. See you again on Skillopedia, the place to learn skills
for the real world. Till then keep working on your communication skills and do use Lingoda


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