How to improve your communication skills | Part 1 | Improving Communication Skills Video in English

Let’s move on to the next question of the day from the enthusiastic young students here at GNA University, School of Hospitality. Good morning sir! My name is Nikhil Vaid. My question is, “how can I improve my communication skills to become successful?” Fantastic! We can call this communication skills part-2. Already many of you have seen a few
videos we have put out already about how to develop your English speaking skills not
improve your communication skills. I also clarified they’re two very different
things. The ability to speak English foreign language. The ability to
communicate well are two very different skills. Now we’re specifically moving
into, how do I communicate better of course that will involve a little bit
about how you improve your English language skills also but my focus will
primarily remain on how to help you become a better communicator. Thank you! Please take a seat! Quick question how many of you feel your communication skills need a lot of improvement? Raise your hands please! A lot of improvement! Great! How many of you believe, if you improve your communication skills you improve your chances of success in life. Raise your hands and that’s my first thing here! Good communication skills are a differentiatiater! I don’t hear you! Differentiater! Which means what, if you walk into an interview room. You and another person with the same set of skills! In experienced same University you went to same professors taught you everything is the same. Person
A is able to express his or her ideas better than you can. Whose gone a win
this game? Person A! How many people do we know who have
wonderful ideas ,great information but they cannot express it well enough? You
know someone like that? We all do! Do they gain due to this or do they suffer
suffer a lot because so many exciting things coming into their head and they
can’t express them clearly! What communication skills are a differentiator! Which means all things remaining equal! Everybody out loud please! All things remaining equal! Human communication skills can set you apart from other people! What does it make sense to work on them? Do you believe that, we get results based on our priorities? Yes or No! If my
priority is friends! Number one my whole life will revolve around my friends!
Everything I will do, will depend upon what my friends are doing. Right! If my priority is academic success. I will always going to be busy in studying the books, when the exam are happening. If my priority is health and fitness. I will watch, what I will eat? Yes or No! Yes! I will go to the gym every day. I will exercise.I will play sports! It’s my priority. If my priority is developing my communication skills. There is no force in the world that can stop! You must understand valuate your priorities. Whatever you’re getting in life is based on your priorities! You tell me your top three priorities. I can tell you, how your life is right now! The results that you get from life are based on your priorities! You want to change your life! Yes or No! Yes! Change
your priorities!I can’t do everything I can’t give equal. It raises to everything!
The top two or three things! That you’re obsessed about! Those things you will
achieve. There’s no force in the world that can stop you from that .The next
thing for you to understand, all this journey of becoming a better communicator! From this journey of being able to influence other people is to understand.It is something which can have major impact. Communication is something, which can have major impact. As someone’s words ever made you cry. Yes or No! Yes! Someone’s word ever made you laugh! Yes or No! Yes! Someone’s word ever made you emotional! It made you think, they motivate you,Inspire you! Words have power! People vote for a certain candidate because he or she was convincing,was able to deliver a good speech, was able to convince the crowd. You watch an actor was able to touch your emotions! Right! You laugh at a comedian’s joke, was able to connect with you and make your mind
you know go into that state of humor and laughter. Right! Words and communication, they have a lot of power wrong inaccurate communication can lead to disasters. Airplane crashes can happen when the pilot and the copilot don’t talk to each other so much evidence around this. Right! companies can go bankrupt. If the leadership is not, if people are not talking to each other. Different departments that they keep fighting. Homes can fall apart, if there
is wrong communication right. Communication is a lot of impact. Even
one alphabet missing in a in a text message, Can create a lot of problem for you. I heard the story of a young man.Who was sent to go for his a company’s annual conference right and he really loved that resort.Once he checked in he opened the windows. Beautiful scenery outside so he was so
excited to share this with his wife! He sent a text message back home very very fast. You know he typed in I wish you were here. Since he was in such a rush. He forgot to put in the last E and here a huge problem explaining to his wife one alphabet missing in the age of emoticons.You know Smiley’s you know you guys don’t laugh anymore because you will LOL! You’re not actually laughing! You are
lolling and emoticons. Emoticons can change the way you feel! Yes or No! Yes!
You ever have that whatsapp conversation with someone. You get like the
emoticon the one. That’s you’re really looking for any digital hug.You like!
It changes your emotions! We human beings are emotional creatures! Yes or No! Yes! All you’re getting is the yellow face – two arm stretched out. You are wheeling or mushy mushy warm that side right. This is really important that you also have to understand. You are abbreviated lot of stuff. Your generation is abbreviating a lot of stuff. What are these new privations coming in TTYL. What’s this ttyl? I didn’t know this existed until my niece,she’s not typing on the phone okay Mamu! Oh! TTYL so what the hell is TTYL? I have talked to you later.
Right! there’s so much and the problem one of the mistakes. You’re making is you
think the digital world and the real world are the same. You bring in these
abbreviations and I’ve seen youngsters typing in applications writing ttyl in
emails or in official communication. You have to understand that
communication you have to pay attention. The digital world and the real world are
not the same.We human beings are emotional beings. Every single thing is having impression on us.Facial expressions! Do they make a difference? Yes or No! Yes! It’s not what you say? It’s how you say it. There’s some people are always complaining. I don’t know why everybody is having an
argument with me. Why everybody is calling me a problem person. I’m a nice
guy. I end up having a fight with everyone. I tell this person it’s not
about what you say. It’s how you say it. When you say it. It’s the timing. It’s a voice tone. It’s a facial expression.That is these things have a lot of impact.Understand regional differences when you’re communicating because communication has a lot of impact.When I was in Australia so in India we often say this right when somebody dies. When you say this person expired in this
year. We say this very common right. He expired so I told, one of my friends in
Australia talking about somebody else Oh his dad expired. We were in a bar and he
had his mouthful with this drink. He’s like expired. What do you mean? Was he a medicine? You mean passed away or died.Right but
it’s just this is what we say here and every region has his own way of
saying things, for example in India we call it a rubber in the United States
they call it an eraser.If you ever travel to the US don’t ask your students
your fellow students asking them for a rubber. That means something else! Ask
them for an eraser.Instead if you are sitting in a classroom of hundred people
and you’re asking can I borrow your rubber please! You’re gone a have a
lot of people laughing at you because that has an entirely different meaning in that region. Understand regional differences
regardless of the language. Let me repeat this again and again.It’s not only the English language. It is even in vernacular or even in regional languages even in Hindi even in Punjabi for example we speak them in one part of the state or one part of the country to another are going to be vastly vastly
different right. You gaining something using your communication skills. Number one to understand. It can set you apart.Yes right! Number two to understand communication has power.Why don’t we
repeat this, we share these two messages with people sitting next to us. Shake
someone’s hand on your right or left with a smile! Look them in the eye and
remind them Communication skill set you apart. Number two communication has power! Number three say it again don’t expect spoon-feeding. Reason why i say that,we put out a video on how to improve English speaking skills. Okay! We give them five steps. It is this person writing in the comment box sir, please give me some tips on how to improve English skills. You’re too old now for somebody to come
and spoon feed you. That’s step one! Step two that is step three! Grown
up! You’re grown up now! You have to understand that I have to take charge of
this process and there are no shortcuts! There is no shortcut to weight loss you
see all these ads! Shortcuts don’t exist! Okay! You see all these ads which say sir
we will help you lose weight in five days.
Neither can you lose weight in five days! Nor can you learn or master a foreign
language in five days! Let us be very clear about that it takes a lot longer!
Than that you get this point! Yes so I understand there are no shortcuts!
Understand no one is going to come spoon-feed me understand no one is going to come and rescue me.That I must learn to rescue myself. That I must take charge of my learning process. I must find the resources. It’s very important for you to understand the four parts. What the four different stages of mastering anything be acommunication skills or be it driving. How many of you in this room can drive a car? Raise your hands please,or a two-wheeler right and we will talk about I’ll draw a parallel between learning. How to dry an automobile and
communication scales? Yeah! You have to go through four
different stages. There are no shortcuts but we will do it in the part two of
this session here. Thank you so much!

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