How To Go From Talking To Kissing

How To Go From Talking To Kissing

Hey, this is Tripp from Tripp and
today we’re going to talk about kissing. Now I’ve done a few videos on kissing in
the past and I talk a lot about how to be an amazing kisser. I’ll put those links in the description
below this video. But the question is, how do you initiate a
kiss? How do you start it and go from talking to
kissing? I find that it’s one of the more challenging
moves to make especially when you’re seeing a girl for the first time or you just met
her. So let’s go over step by step exactly how
to do it. Now as a bonus, I’m going to give you a
free gift. It’s called “Tripp’s Tension Technique”. And this is going to teach you how to build sexual
tension with a girl. Not only to make her want to kiss you but
to turn her on. To learn more about that, all you gotta do
is click right here on the screen or in the description below this video and get it right
away. For now, let me tell you a few ways that you
can initiate a kiss with a girl. Okay, let’s play out a few different scenarios. One scenario in which you are on a date and
another scenario where you meet a girl for the very first time. Now before I tell you about those, there’s
something you need to know when it comes to kissing girls. A girl needs to feel comfortable with you
before she can kiss you. She also needs to be attracted to you. If you can hit these two triggers, you have
a 99% success rate of getting a kiss once you initiate. Keep that in mind and let’s move forward. Now if you meet a girl for the first time
and you want to initiate a kiss, you have to look for the signs of attraction. So let’s say you meet a girl at a club or
a bar or at a party and you guys strike up a conversation. Here’s what I want you to look for. Is she touching you? Is she engaging in conversation? Meaning, is she asking you questions and or
giving you her full attention when you’re talking? Is she laughing in the middle of convo even
when you’re not necessarily being funny? These are the signs that she likes you. If you’re hitting a bunch of these, then
this will tell you that she’s almost ready to be kissed. But, there’s a few more things that you
have to do. For one, you need to be flirting back with
her. You want to move your body closer to hers
in conversation. You want to touch her back. Whether it be a hug or holding her hand. Even if it’s just for a split second, she
has to know that you like her. You don’t want to be too mysterious. That way when you go for the kiss, she’s
not completely shocked and pulls away or gives you the rejection cheek. Okay, so let’s recap for a second. She knows you like her because you’ve been
physically and verbally flirting with her. She’s been showing the signs that she likes
you and now you are ready for the kiss. But here’s a little tip that most people
aren’t telling you. You want to move her to a separate location
to do the kiss and you want to do this for multiple reasons. But first, let me tell you how to do this. So if you’re at a club or a bar, take her
to get a drink. Or go to a different part of the venue that
maybe you wanted to check out and bring her with you. Or take her outside to get some fresh air. Or take her inside to dance. There’s plenty of simple ways to move her
around. If you’re at a party, you can take her outside
somewhere. If there’s a balcony or a backyard or you
can even just go to a different part of the house or place that you’re at. Just walk and talk until you eventually come
to a stop. Okay, so let me explain why you’re doing
this. Well you want to move her away from big crowds
or friends so she doesn’t feel embarrassed to kiss you in front of them. Also, something I learned a long time ago
was that if you move to multiple locations with someone throughout the night, it makes
you two feel more connected since you’re creating multiple memories. Now once you two have moved to a separate
location, you have a couple of options. One, you can go into the kiss almost right
away. Once you two are settled and aren’t walking
anymore, lightly grab her hand, look her in the eyes don’t say a word, and go for the
kiss. Or you can move to the new location, talk
for just a minute, look at her in the eyes, create a silence by not talking and just go
for the kiss. Or you can say to her, “Wait. Quiet for one second.” And then go for it. For some of you, this may take some balls. That distance between you two is extremely
short but it’s gonna appear like a huge gap. You just have to close the gap, feel confident
about going for it and just do it. Next, let’s talk about if you’re on
a date with a girl and you want to go for the kiss. My best advice to you is to wait until the
very end of the date. And I want you to go for the kiss on the first
date almost every time with every girl that you meet. A lot of people won’t necessarily agree
with this advice, but let me tell you why you should. First, you want to break the friend zone barrier
asap. I know what you’re thinking “But Tripp,
we’re on a date. I’m not friend zoned.” The truth is, you are friend zoned until you
two get physically intimate. And if she has agreed to go on a date with
you, well then she likes you enough for you to go for a kiss. And second, the more you practice initiating
a first kiss with a girl, the easier and easier it will become until you actually won’t
fear it at all. If that is one of your issues to begin with. Now when on the first date do you do it? Simple. After your drink of your dinner or whatever
you’re doing, you want to initiate it. I would try not to initiate it in a car. Ideally, you’ll be standing up after you
guys have spent a few hours together. It’s awkward to go for it in a car and much
smoother when you two are both standing. And I want you to do the exact same thing
I said earlier. Create a silence. Don’t talk. Look at her in the eyes and after about two
to three seconds of no talking, lean in and kiss her. It’s really as simple as that. If you want yet another technique to turn
her on and initiate a kiss and getting sexual then check out “Tripp’s Tension Technique”. You can get that and learn about that by clicking
here on the screen or in the description below. Go ahead and get that right away to learn
how to massively turn her on and have her craving you. If there’s anything else I missed or something
is unclear, please ask a question below in the comments. Press “like” if you like the video and
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every single week. I’ll talk to you soon.


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