How To Communicate And Work With Chinese Colleagues – Decode China

How To Communicate And Work With Chinese Colleagues – Decode China


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    Dan Lok

    What are the best ways to work with Chinese Co-Workers?
    Share how you plan to use these top 3 keys on how to communicate and
    work effectively either currently or future situations with Chinese colleagues below.

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    this video is interesting, the techniques that you talked about when working with a Chinese co-worker is very similar to the same techniques that you can use for working with some American dyslexic people such as myself (those techniques would have been very useful years ago to me while I was going to school and starting new jobs, (HTC group 3), Thank you for this video Shifu

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    Miguel Arevalo

    This video has very good information about dealing with chinese people, specially now in north america , where they are flooding workplace due their cheap labour force and (as the presenter mention) the search for stability, the problem is when they start to ascend positions in organizations and start unfolding their education and habits, is really toxic for western people, it degenerate values and start creating really deep trenches between co-workers. Unfortunately is happening and a is a lot. Even I can see and feel is irreversible, I was hit by this wave…for now I can only say fuckin chinese people…or mueranse chinos hijos de puta barata…sorry about my french…. I feel a little disappointed, but I gonna smile again very soon

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    Very interesting insight into the mentality of (not standing out) and conformity when dealing with subject matter. American is the only culture where Odd, Unique, Different is celebrated. This.. is the invisible bridge between the cultures we believe. EGO is always a soft spot leveling the playing field and a tactful card if played right. ..Play it wrong and it's game short IT'S ALL A GAME

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    for some reasons listening my chinese coworkers talking to each other in chinese it sounds that they are fighting all the time, the language sounds agressive:).i mean i dont know which one of chinese language are they talking. also when they talk to me in english it seems they are yelling at me little bit:D. i dont think thats the intention, but is comes out like that

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    Prakash Dutta

    Provide them step-by-step instruction and they will blindly follow it and finish each step properly. Correct, dump head needs every thing should be descriptive and arranged so that the brain is not required to use. Building a copy cat work force. I noticed that you said, they need a secure workplace. Funny Chinese work culture…..

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    It's so funny to watch this video. The Chinese colleague you guys talking about is exactly Me. And I am international students, so true that we've been training not to be judged but judging others all the time. LOL. That "shy" people think about is just a fear to be judged.

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