How The Matrix 4 Casting News Reveals More than You Think! (Nerdist News w/ Amy Vorpahl)

How The Matrix 4 Casting News Reveals More than You Think! (Nerdist News w/ Amy Vorpahl)

– This episode of nerdist
news is brought to you by Tor Books, proud publisher of
“Warrior of the Altaii”. How “The Matrix 4” casting news reveals more than you think! Heads up Coppertops! We’re plugging back into “The Matrix”. Back in August it was
announced that Warner Brothers would be producing a fourth Matrix film with Keanu Reeves, reprising his role of Neo
along with Carrie Ann Moss returning as Trinity;
and with the films set to be directed by franchise co-creator, Lana Wachowski, all we have to say to that
perfect storm of talent is Wachwowski! (crickets chirping) Okay, how about just whoa! – Whoa! – This week we have yet
another piece of the puzzle with Variety reporting that “Aquaman’s” Yahya Abdul-Mateen II having been cast as one of the new leads of
this next installment in the franchise. Rumors have long been swirling
that the powers that be have wanted to bring “The
Matrix” back in some way. Whether as another
story within the world’s created by “The Matrix”
or a prequel of some sort. But, with the announcement
of the film being titled, “Matrix 4” along with some of the
fan favorites returning. This definitely implies
that this is a continuation of the story that was finished
in “The Matrix Revolutions”. But, what did these
announcements of new leads and returning stars
mean for “The Matrix 4”? Where the franchise can go
from the divisive ending of “The Matrix Revolutions”. Well let’s break it down right now. If it’s been awhile since
you’ve logged into “The Matrix”, the third film, “The Matrix
Revolutions”, ends with both Trinity and Neo sacrificing
themselves to protect the last human city of
Zion from getting wiped out by the machines by rebooting The Matrix, to purge it of the Smith infection. Neo managed to break
the wheel in a way that Daenerys Targaryen couldn’t. He stopped the cycle
of the human resistance being completed wiped
out and left to rebuild. Neo’s sacrifice was the only
way to prevent the deaths of almost everyone in
Zion and this Neo was the first version of The One who was able to achieve that. The trilogy ends with an uneasy peace after centuries of war
between man and machine. But, with Trinity dying and Neo seemingly, i.e. almost definitely, dying in the third Matrix film. How could they possibly return
for a fourth Matrix film? Well, there are a couple
of ways this could work. Trinity did appear in “The
Matrix” online massive multiplayer online game that took place after the trilogy’s end, implying that she some how lived. Whether this is canon or
not remains to be seen. But, this definitely leaves the door open for the onscreen death of Trinity and the near certain death of
Neo to retconned in some way. Even if it means that
their digital essences remain in The Matrix, even though their
physical bodies have died. Also, when the architect
shows Neo his past iterations in “The Matrix Reloaded”, we see that they all
look like Keanu Reeves. This basically confirms
that The Matrix created the human resistance in the first place as a further means of control. But it also indicates that there is some genetic manipulation or cloning
going on down on the farms where humanity is grown
if The One always looks like Keanu Reeves Neo. Maybe The Matrix’s creators
created a new batch of Neos and Trinities and
we will see new versions of the characters in “The Matrix 4”, while still being a continuation of the same timeline of events from “The Matrix Revolutions”. Plus casting Yahya
Abdul-Mateen II as a new lead, implies the franchise
is looking to branch out and we could see new
stories set in new parts of the universe, a la “The Animatrix”. Perhaps a new type of hero could emerge to fight new threats, kind of like the “Star
Wars” sequel trilogy, but with how hot Keanu Reeves is right now we’re not expecting to see him sidelined at all in “The Matrix 4”. Another option for how this all could work is this could still somehow be a prequel or a sidequel spinoff to “The Matrix”, with this story taking place in one of the past or future
iterations of “The Matrix”. If there’s one thing we know for certain it’s that the peace between
humanity and the machines will be broken in some way, because come on, there wouldn’t be a movie otherwise. We’ll just have to see
how this all shakes out when we learn more as it goes
into production next year. But, what do you folks think? Are you excited for “The Matrix 4”? – Yes! – [Amy] How will Neo and Trinity return? Are you glad that this
gives them an excuse to make another “Animatrix”? Let’s discuss. Thanks again to Tor Books for
sponsoring today’s episode. “Warrior of the Altaii”, the never-before published
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    Neo didn't die. He was subjugated to his own hell within a computer program where he'll never be truly happy – John Wick being the result.

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    Todd Nicholson

    Why not show an image of the Yahya person so I don't have to look him up elsewhere to figure out who she is talking about? Just showing the headline and mentioning that he was in Aquaman doesn't tell me much.

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    M. S. BitEth

    Lana is a gynocentric feminazi. We now know Matrix 4 is doomed to go the way of star wars and star trek. A shame. You can smell her yeast drippings already and the film has not even begun!

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    Osiris Malkovich

    Who writes these videos for Nerdist? Do the hosts write their own stuff or are there writers behind the scenes?

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    Abdul Mateen is a great actor. I would love to see him as a villain again. Hopefully hes not playing the role of the black guy in the animatrix who dies fast.

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    skeptically pissed

    Sweet,they're going to ruin another great story for" reasons".try comming up with something new,lazy fuckers.

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    For the record… What "Disney" calls Star Wars, is TRASH… Star Wars & even Marvel are WAAAAY too dark for Disney to handle appropriately/effectively..

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    Are they gonna change so the pods with humans are used as a neural network? From my understanding that was the idea from the beginning but the execs at WB wanted it to be a power source, to make it simple for the audience to understand

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    THE AlienHunter

    It would have been nice if at least ONE news channel had mentioned the whachowskis had gotten a sex change..I thought fell into an alternate dimension.

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    Neo is the sixth one. Architect says it in the very scene. The video screens show Neo’s possible responses to what the architect is saying. I swear you guys don’t even try anymore.

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    Stephen Alvear

    In the matrix two we got that french guy… forgot his name.. but the one with the vampires and werewolves.. we found out he was from a previous matrix… it would be interesting for neo to take his place as the antagonist failed chosen one now beaten by the system and choosin to live within it as he once was and trying to stop the new chosen one from doing what he failed to do, ending the machines. Give neo a more prominent roll as overarching villain and make him grow and eventually join the new one and beat the machines as two chosen ones take down the matrix.

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    Kal T

    Will the cast bring their walking sticks while in the Matrix? It will probably ruin the suspense of disbelief to see Neo residual self as a senior citizen
    Also holy shit they made an mmo out of this???

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    Mahmoud Elgassier

    If Trinity somehow makes it back it would be the latest damn plot line in the history of plot line. I fear this is just gonna be a cash grab m not excited for it at all

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    Singularity Bound

    I wonder if Trinity and Neos minds were uploaded by the AIs as a respect…? After all their work helped to reset. You would think the are even advanced enough to make new bodies..?
    There have been a lot of advancements and discoveries in RL that could have lots of play here.
    Not a fan of prequel idea tho.. People can argue but its over.. but that is the thing, especially for AI it would all be about repeating cycles.

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    Nuke Abe

    I bet they will use Neo as a skin of the new agent or architect or oracle and not as the new The One. I have a theory that Keanu Reeves will be playing the face of the machine in the next installments. It's the only way forward without retconing those that came before.

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    Christopher Jensen

    it's not unreasonable to think that some machine would have been able to jack into Trinity after she died and have been able to download her consciousness from her brain. Neo obviously gave himself to the Matrix in exchange for humanity surviving, so he's in there somewhere.

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    S. Smith

    1:41 Did he though?

    Maybe the Architect wasn't lying, maybe this is just another iteration…

    Maybe it is a continuation, another cycle.

    Maybe it is a prequel, a previous cycle.

    Maybe it's a parallel process on the same cycle.

    History repeats itself, even when it changes.

    The sameness may even be unrecognizable to anything less than a mass intelligence.

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    Wait… the tv images of him are just him… not the previous “ones”… is this an idea floating around? It just symbolizes the architect focusing on him. As an AI machine the architect is multitasking. When Neo enters his solo focus is on Neo. I get why it can be seen like pics of past ones. But I don’t remember the dialogue fitting that during the scene. I’ve seen it so many times. But I honestly would have to rewatch the complete scene again to confirm. I do like that theory. I always thought the machine would just pull sperm and eggs form existing humans and incubate brand new humans in the farms. This because machines know the inherent flaw in cloning. Diversity helps to keep living organism population strong. ✌️

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    I always read the trilogy, especially after the last one, as an analogue to the Arthurian Myth. His choice to fight Smith in the first is his moment wherein his character "Draws the Sword" that no one believes can be done. He "loses" that "sword" in dying by Smith's hand, but then his "Lady of the Lake" gives him Excalibur/The Belief in his true identity. That end scene read as more of an "Arthur being carried to Avalon" homage than any kind of Jesus metaphor, pose not withstanding, especially given that the Oracle implies that Neo will return if they ever need him. Smith could also be seen as a Mordred analogue, as he's "born" from Neo's ascension to the prophesied Station of Power, and that only in Arthur/Neo's death is he defeated.

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    2:42 Those weren't previous iterations of Neo, as there have only been six past versions of "the One". they were projections of his possible responses to the situation.

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    Michael Edmond

    They never left the matrix….
    Watch the 'real world' bits, there are things that happen (good example, the walkway collapsing and killing the operator) that 'had' to happen for the one to end up in the source room and be forced to make a choice, (while morphious is saying there are no coincidences, things have happened for them to end up there), and tell me how the machines could ensure that those things happened exactly when they did, if they were not still in the matrix.

    The perfect prison is one that you think you can escape from, but are infact still in the prison……

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    The architect's screens were not showin Neo's other iterations. He was showing Neo's possible choices of responses/ reactions to what he was needing told. The screen would then zoom in the choice he did make.

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    Kenya Taylor

    Here's what I think: Remember Counselor Han? From the subtle way he suggested that not only are the machines dependant on them, but that they are dependant on the machines tells us that he has an understanding that the two sides have to work together. He's the highest ranking elder and his say overrules all, it seems. Now given that The Matrix is rebooted every 100 years according to Morpheus and the Architect and that this was the 6th version, and it takes place after the most devastating war in history, so let's say 200 years, starting towards the end of the 21st century, according to the Animatrix, that puts us in at about the year 2875. You figure by then, we would've figured out how to roughly double our life expectancy. So that wise, roughly 70 year old looking man, is more around the age of 140. Putting him at the right age to be fighting agents at the age of 40 and looking 20, and at the right age to have been around as a leader 100 years ago. Notice that Morpheus says: "I remember that for 100 years we have fought these machines…" It's not because he remembers a history lesson, it's because he was freed 100 years ago, when he was a "teen", probably around 22/23. I believe Counselor Han was the previous "The One" and that he was the one tasked with picking the 23 men and women who will restart Zion, and was trying to get Neo mentally prepared to enter this new role during that scene. I believe in this movie, we'll see Counselor Neo.

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    I actually think that the Matrix needs a proper reboot, considering how the last 2 movies went.

    And Trinity and Neo are dead… so Matrix 4 is a misnomer

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    Your face makes me wanna plug into the matrix and jump off a cliff. Your jokes make me wanna unplug from the matrix find your pod and take a shit in your nourishment fluids.

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    Thurgor Supreme

    Rogue human factions begin attacking the Matrix and rogue machine factions begin attacking Zion. Our protagonist group hacks deep into the Matrix to get Neo's code and "reincarnate" him. Neo begins "keeping the peace" by going after both factions. They eventually discover there's a bad guy indirectly providing the means and motivations of both factions, who is using the "chaos as a ladder". Neo and company defeat bad guy. Rogue factions make amends and/or go to prison. The End.

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    the Animatrix was the BEST of the Matrix Universe ( MXU ) people didnt even knew animation could be so beautifull and mature unitl I show them the Animatrix.

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    The "Trinity" program was used to reset the Matrix online for sure, but the retrieval from her body claim is false Matrix fandom wiki telephone game wording.

    "or whatever simulation of Trinity the biological interface program is manifesting"

    They never actually defined the origin of the "Trinity" program in the Matrix online.

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    Trace Sizemore

    What if what they thought was the real world was just another layer of the matrix and that's how the machines controlled them by letting them think they were in the real world and had some kind of control? Neo was able to use some of his abilities outside of the matrix which shouldn't have worked if it was the real world and maybe when he 'died' he actually ended up waking up in the 'real' real world?

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  89. Post

    You guys, the characters seen in the three Matrix movies were all no "physical" bodies, but all programs. The so called "real world" was nothing more than a second tier in the matrix offering an alternative "reality" (like running virtual machine with Ubuntu Linux running in a virtual machine with Windows XP running in a virtual machine with Windows 7 running in a virtual machine with Windows 10 on a server farm running Linux – everytime you exit one machine you dont enter a real machine but just another virtual one). So Neo, Morpheus, Triniti … they all were virtual characters in two virtual worlds running in the "Matrix".

  90. Post

    Those aren't past iterations of Neo. Those are all of the potential reactions that the ai has predicted Neo could have.

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  96. Post

    There's literally zero evidence to suggest that either one of them died. not to mention the fact that even if they were completely dead. The machines could have certainly resurrected them. If the abilities of the machines from the animatrix are any indication. All we actually see at the end of Matrix revolutions. Is both Neo and Trinity losing consciousness. !!!! There is no definitive evidence to suggest what you're saying. Stop it.

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    Anja Jansen

    The Matrix Online should be canon, just like Enter the Matrix and The Animatrix. When the game was released, it was announced by WB that the game would pick up the story right where the movies ended, and that the storyline would be official for the Matrix universe. I really hope the new movie won't change anything about the lore as told in MxO, because it was really good!

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    Michael Minter

    She needs to go back and watch The Matrix movies a handful more times. Neo was only the 6th of integral anomalies. Those screens are just a representation of how a machine would perceive choice. Big thumbs down shifty eyes!

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