HOT NEWS !!! Google stops selling the Pixel and Pixel XL Smartphones

Google is apparently done selling its
flagship smartphones from 2016 the pixel and pixel XL have both been removed from
the Google store and the project five store suggesting the stock is all dried
up and no more will be made Google’s current flagships the pixel 2 and pixel
2 XL launched in October 2017 but the old pixel phones stayed on the store and
got discounts of $80 to $100 for a time it seemed like Google wanted to employ
an apple like pricing line up with flagship phones moving to a lower tier
and getting a discount even with the pixel twos release though the pixel ones
perennial stock problems remained and the phones were never readily available
in Google’s store Google’s stock problems minuscule distribution network
and big price increase over the Nexus devices led to the company only selling
3.9 million phones in 2017 according to the IDC Google’s distribution hasn’t
gotten much wider with the pixel two and two XL but stock on the Google store has
been much improved if rumors of a cheaper mid-range pixel phone come true
Google could move a lot more units if you still have an original pixel phone
major updates should still alive until October 2018 while security updates will
last a year longer until October 2019

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