GREED | Headline Gala | BFI London Film Festival 2019

GREED | Headline Gala | BFI London Film Festival 2019

We’re at Leicester Square for starters,
that’s incredible and with the BFI! I’ve always said how much I love Britain
I don’t think I’ve ever… And this is a pinnacle of fabulousness
for me. I think the story that it tells is a sort of
satirical look at the fashion industry and the billionaires that run it
and the massive sort of injustice between the amount of money that they earn
and the amount of money that people in sweatshops are paid to make their products. It’s great working with Steve. He’s really lovely to work with,
he’s very funny, he’s intelligent. And he was supposed to be playing the
part of a very successful, ruthless fashion tycoon who’s failing,
so it was the perfect role for Steve. The character really,
he’s not a particularly likeable character, but in the film,
we make McCreadie a funny guy. So he’s witty, he’s entertaining. So, his obnoxiousness is mitigated
by his humour, if you like. It was a fun role to play and
I had to treat him seriously to give it some sort of integrity,
but not a very nice bloke, no. I think you watch Steve as much as you
possibly can because he’s such a genius! He’s been nominated for more
Bafta’s than anyone else, I think? 17 I read the other day
he’s been nominated for. To work with someone like that, that’s such a huge
part of British comedy culture is unbelievable. I play Amanda who works for
Rich McCreadie played by Steve Coogan. And she’s there to, I guess expose the
connection between fast fashion and exploitation. I’ve done a couple of
documentaries about inequality and it seemed like this kind of character
would be a good way of looking at what’s been going on in the last 40 years
and how inequality has been growing, but through the career of one man
who’s quite an entertaining character and hopefully the film’s fun.


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