Google’s “Innovation time off” Intrapreneurship program

Details of Google’s innovation time off
intrapreneurship program presented by In this video, we are going
to learn about Google’s innovation time off Intrapreneurship program Innovation
time off is a motivation process used by Google to encourage the employees. In this program every employee spends 20% of their time to work on projects that interest them. This intrapreneurship program involves select a project and submit the proposal evaluate the project, approval of the project and monitor the
progress of the project. Several of Google’s products and services like Gmail Google News Orkut and AdSense are products of this innovation time of
intrapreneurship program. According to an announcement half of the new products or
services from Google were from this program In India the enterprise like Marico and kinetic engineering Limited has introduced similar programs. That covers up Google’s innovation time off intrapreneurship program details. Thanks for watching is started to promote
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