Google Engineer SLAMS Dodgy Link Builder on Twitter

Google Engineer SLAMS Dodgy Link Builder on Twitter

– Now when it comes to link building, most SEOs are straight up junkies. – I’ll proceed directly to
the intravenous injection of hard drugs please. – And it seems some
members of the community will literally do anything
to get their hands on them, literally beg, steal, or borrow. – Yoink! – Now being scrappy and
industrious around getting links is one thing but being
deceptive is another. On this week’s Chronicle Chronicle, we’re gonna talk about the latest in all things Google including, clamping down on deceptive link schemes, new local SERP listings, new features for redirects
inside of Search Console and also new Shopping
Ad placements in Gmail, Discover, and YouTube. So please click that like button and without further
ado, let’s get into it. (upbeat music) This week on Twitter a
(mumbles) highlighted an unscrupulous webmaster
that was targeting her, asking for links. Now link outreach is
perfectly normal behavior, but this time some dodgy SEO was asking for an image credit link to an image they didn’t even own. – You naughty, naughty! – Naturally Google engineer and banana enthusiast John
Muller stepped in to ask for the culprit’s URLs, to see how they handle it on their site. How they handle it on their site? I give you one guess how they’re gonna handle it on their site. – Say hello to my little friend! – Sometimes when I hear SEO
advice it’s like hearing an ad from the distant past. – It’s Proctor and Gambles, Golden Fluffo. – So when I heard that Google
is now putting directories like Yell and Yelp at the
top of the local SERPs, I was a little bit mifted. However they’re actually doing this to comply with the EU
Anti-Trust regulations. So from now on we’re gonna see
brandless things at the top of our local SERP from and yell. So should you go out and sign up to all these directory listings so that you can get alongside
millions of other businesses. – Take a ticket and have a seat. – (gasp) – Yes you probably should but not for the reason that you think. So Google uses third party directories to understand who you are as an entity. So do you feature in the British Medical Associate Directory? Probably a doctor. Are you in the Legal 500? Probably a vulture, I mean a lawyer. Are you in every single
directory on the internet with spin tact descriptions and links back to every
service page that you have? You’re probably in SEO. No, I’m only joking. So being understood as an
entity is a really big deal cause it gives your brand
name a different weighting and a different treatment
inside of the search engines. But before you rush out and sign up to all of these directories, I’d recommend fast tracking it
by using a service like Yext. Yext helps you control all of your structured data around the web and helps you sign up for all
these directories at scale, plus it helps you manage all
your information if it changes. Now when a client comes to Type A Media to help migrate a site to new URLs, our first reaction is that
of a calm, strategic thinker. A Yogi if you will. – Why god, why? – And then when it comes
to the migration itself that’s a breeze. Everything is under control
from start to finish. – Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck. – Na, I’m only kidding. Migrations are hard work so we take whatever help we can get to make sure that our clients
traffic goes for one URL to another without being disturbed. So now that search console
have released a new feature to help validate redirects
we’re all very happy. ♪ Because I’m happy ♪ ♪ Clap along if you feel
like a room without a roof ♪ – Then new tool gives you the
top five URLS in the migration and shows you the actual redirect flow. So this allows you to
validate your redirects to see if Google themselves
can actually follow and understand them. This should go a very long way to helping us being much more
successful with migrations as Google themselves are
giving us two thumbs up for the migration. If you want an in depth guide on doing site migrations check out this migration guide by SEMRush. I have personally contributed along with a bunch of other senior SEO’s, it’s a really good workflow and I think it’ll really help you the next time you’re running a migration. So if you cast your mind back
to the September core update, I viewed a lot of (mumbles)
snippets in the SERP. Like ratings, reviews and answer boxes and essentially none traditional
looking search stuff. You’ve probably seen a change in traffic. (intense music)
(swoosh) That’s right a lot of people reporting large
visibility losses due to a lot of RET results being lost. Now thankfully Search Console
has a brand new feature where you can look at the RET results and actually diagnose where
the traffic’s coming from. On top of that this week they’ve
literally just introduced new tools to help with featured snippets in particular review snippets. So if you have got star
ratings in the SERPs you can now actually build a report on how they’re affecting click
throughs to your website. So further to that Google have actually an enhancement report that lets you see any issues
with the review mark ups so you can easily fix the problem. So if you’re an eCommerce website this is gonna be a very important report to get your head round. To see if your product page is
eligible for a review snippet you can actually use the
structure data testing tool which is on the screen now. It will give you an indication if you’re eligible or not
based on the structured data that is on the page. What is Google really good at? – (cries) – That’s right, taking your money. And guess what? They’ve found even more ad
inventory on their platform to squeeze your ads into. – Air is pushing the egg down. (boop) – So if you are on product terms you’re gonna be very,
very interested in this because Google now let’s you
run them on Discover, Gmail and YouTube. I’m a huge fan of product ads cause they drive easily the most revenue at the
lowest prices for our clients. In particular I really love YouTube ads it’s cause they have
quite a high dwell time which makes it really good
for long tail targeting. To enable these ads simply
go to targeting options when creating a brand new ad and select YouTube, Gmail or Discover, and your ads will start showing. One tip however, definitely separate the product feed into
multiple different campaigns because the intent on these places is gonna be
completely different to the SERP. Definitely run them as
retargeting campaigns and definitely split out things like best sellers per demographic and push those one by one
onto this new ad formats. That’s everything for this
weeks Chronicle Chronicle, if you like it, please like it. If you love it, please do subscribe and until next time we will see you later.


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