Fox’s Chris Wallace rips Trump over Sondland’s bombshell testimony

Fox’s Chris Wallace rips Trump over Sondland’s bombshell testimony

I think that what Gordon Sondland was trying
to do was protect himself more than he is to protect anybody else, to a certain degree,
took out the bus and ran over President Trump, Vice President Pence, Mike Pompeo, John Bolton,
Rudy Giuliani, Mick Mulvaney—he implicates all of them. And one of the things that pains to say is
this wasn’t a rogue operation, I wasn’t a freelancer, everybody knew. Everybody was in the loop on this. He certainly makes it clear that in the direct
conversations he has with the president, he saw a conditionality here, and he very much
saw Rudy Giuliani as a personal agent and the person that the president was directing
them to talk to. On the specific issue of aid, he says – and
he was quite insistent on this – I was never told by the president that aid was conditioned
on this but I added up 2 and 2 and got to 4. I suspect that the Republicans are going to
challenge his math skills. As a reporter, it seems to me we have to go
to what the headline is today. And the headline is that Gordon Sondland,
one of the 3 amigos, perhaps the one who has the most direct contact with Donald Trump,
says in his opening statement, was there a quid pro quo with regard to the requested
White House call and White House meeting, the answer is yes. He says that President Trump wanted a public
statement from President Zleensky committing to investigations of Burisma and the 2016
elections. We all understood that these prerequisites
for the White House call and White House meeting reflected President Trump’s desires and
requirements. So there seems to have been no doubt whatsoever
among the people who were closest, and I thought Sondland made a very powerful argument it
wasn’t just the three amigos. It was Secretary of State Pompeo, it was Vice
President Pence – of course he denies that – Mick Mulvaney, John Bolton. That they were all on the same page and they
all understood that the president wanted the announcement of these investigations before
he was going to agree, at the very least, to a meeting, and then of course there’s
also the question of the military aid. He couldn’t have been more clear about that. This is Fox News’ Chris Wallace preemptively
reciting the facts about Gordon Sondland’s testimony to the House Intel Committee, at
least until the primetime hosts come on and begin running cover for the president. But the simple fact is that no matter how
much damage control the right might try to do, this testimony was absolutely devastating
to the president. Gordon Sondland says, outright, that there
was indeed a quid pro quo— I know the members of this committee frequently
frame these complicated issues in the form of a simple question: was there a quid pro
quo? As I testified previously, with regard to
the requested White House call and the White House meeting, the answer is yes. He says that the public announcement of an
investigation into Joe Biden was a condition to release the aid to Ukraine— In the absence of any credible explanation
for the suspension of aid, I later came to believe that the resumption of security aid
would not occur until there was a public statement from Ukraine committing to the investigations
of the 2016 elections and Burisma as Mr. Giuliani had demanded. He says that all of their actions with regard
to Ukraine were done at the direction of the president— So we followed the president’s orders. He admits that it was never about corruption,
but rather just the ANNOUNCEMENT of an investigation— You had to get those 2 investigations if that
official act was going to take place, correct? He had to announce the investigations, he
didn’t actually have to do them as I understood it. And he implicates a slew of administration
officials in the process— Everyone was in the loop. It was no secret. Everyone was informed via email on July 19th,
days before the presidential call. As I communicated to the team, I told president
Zelensky in advance that assurances to run a fully transparent investigation and turn
over every stone were necessary in his call with president Trump. So, yes, he did throw everyone under the bus,
but rightfully so. Because while we’ve come to EXPECT the entire
GOP to risk everything for Trump, there’s absolutely zero reason to do so. First, Trump wouldn’t return the favor. He will discard of someone the SECOND he doesn’t
have any use for them anymore. He’d give up Don Jr. if it meant he could
save himself. But second, and more importantly, HE IS ACCOUNTABLE. Trump was in charge of this entire extortion
scheme, so the notion that anyone else should go down for him, to risk getting thrown in
prison and sacrificing their careers and seeing their families and watching their kids grow
up is ludicrous. It was TRUMP who appointed Giuliani to demand
that these sham investigations move forward. It was TRUMP who ordered his team to work
with Giuliani. It was TRUMP who ordered the aid frozen. It was TRUMP who finally released the aid
only AFTER the whistleblower complaint incriminating him was delivered to Congress, which in and
of itself is a tacit admission. I get that Trump likes to take full credit
for everything good and zero credit for everything bad, but whether he can manage to comprehend
this concept or not, the buck stops with him. At this point, the only people refusing to
accept to truth are a small faction of Republican lawmakers—and for what? Is approving judges and guarding their tax
cut really worth destroying the foundations of our democracy? To cling onto their tenuous grip on power
just a little longer, rather than dumping this criminal helming the ship and mending
their deeply broken image? Especially considering that we’re at a time
when Trump’s endorsement is toxic, when Republicans have lost seats in deep red states
and districts in Kentucky, Alabama, Utah, Kansas, Texas, Georgia, Arizona, Virginia
and Florida, when half of Trump’s inner circle is literally sitting in jail, when
the majority of Americans ALREADY agree that Trump’s behavior warrants impeachment and
removal from office, is this REALLY the best time to hitch their wagons to him? Apparently so, which could not reflect worse
for a Republican Party at their lowest point in history. Although to their credit, at least they’re
consistent with their poor judgment.


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    Adam Kuda

    I feel like Sondland set up Giuliani to be the perfect sacrifice. He distanced himself and even Trump slightly and really put the heat on Giuliani.

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    Liberal Snowflakes

    For what it's worth and it's really not much tbh is the fact that Fox still have one or 2 anti Trump diehards at this news outlet, whereas the fake news ones are 110% anti Trump, with not one liberal news anchor favoring Trump. Having said that, it's time for this ol timer to GTFO and go work for fake news just like Shepard has done recently!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Liberal Snowflakes

    For what it's worth and it's really not much tbh is the fact that Fox still have one or 2 anti Trump diehards at this news outlet, whereas the fake news ones are 110% anti Trump, with not one liberal news anchor favoring Trump. Having said that, it's time for this ol timer to GTFO and go work for fake news just like Shepard has done recently!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Ginny Oliver

    the Republican used to support the US constitution now they support mafia boss Trump. If Trump's men have gone to jail because of their corruption with Trump..what does that make Trump?

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    The problem with Repukelicans is that they are ideologues. Their policy views are so extreme that they have only little support left in the population, but instead of revising their political agenda, they stick to their believes come rain or come shine and rather cheat wherever they can in order to still win elections. These people are hopeless and need to go. You cannot work with ideologues, they are not willing it capable to work on compromises.
    Each of them has to go, tough job America, in your place I’d start with Moscow Mitch.

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    Tom Smith

    Partisan BS is going to keep any of this from going anywhere. Time to put the squeeze on Rudy who (like the p** he is) will finger Trump.

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    Luke ZIKO

    It’s pathetic how republicans still won’t admit this . History won’t be kind to this Republican Party the trumps era , there gonna have to explain to there families forever why they shamed themselves for trump

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    Liz Smith

    I wonder how many of tRump's 'people' will end up serving time for these crimes. About 50 of Nixon's people ended up in jail, many of them sentenced after he left office.

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    How soon will Chris Wallace decide it is time for him to "retire?" He is such a force for good on Fox, surely they can't allow him to confuse The Trump Cult with these facts. Shepard Smith got fired for just this same truth reporting.

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    melanie Tirbany

    Jim Jordan needs to be on some kind of SEDATIVES … his temper tantrum is out of place and very annoying and obviously he gets no where with it … his ship is sinking so I guess he grasping at straws … whatever !!

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    Luke Nester

    The problem being, the republicans have made it very clear that trumps guilt irrelevant. No matter how much evidence there is, they will stand by him regardless. We could literally have a recording of a call where Trump does say to zelensky 'I am currently extorting you. I am not going to give you the aid unless you make up dirt on the bidens. To be clear, this is a quid pro quo.' And they would still refuse to vote against him.

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    kerri pearson

    Watching Canadian news and hearing that the people of Michigan are rolling their eyes at the patriots who came forward and testified. I can’t believe this…..really? people of Michigan pls respond

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    When pressed Sondland said it was speculation and he had no knowledge of quid pro quo. His feelings do not mean anything.

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    This Schiff Show is just another example of a hoax. Without evidence it will go the way of the Russian hoax,right down the toilet of history.

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    Virgoin Cyn

    WE THE PEOPLE are FCKING Impeaching Drumpf’s ass!!
    GRAB your 5 mins of fame cause it’s about OVER !!

    O, what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive!!
    Sir Walter Scott., c. 1808

    Sock to ‘em Rep. Adam Schiff & Speaker Nancy Pelosi…GODSPEED to You Madame Speaker Pelosi, Adam Schiff & Congress!!! 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷


    The king is not king,
    The LAW is KING…
    Thomas Paine

    Make no mistake people…

    ‘We The People’ through our elected congress are going to kick Mob Boss Drumpf & his adult criminal kids and criminal enablers like VP PENCE, Kushner, Barr, Mnuchin, Pompeo, Bolton, SONDLAND, Mulvaney, Miller, Sanders, Conway, Lying Hope Hicks, Moscow Mitch, Leningrad Lindsay, racist & Lying & racist MARK MEADOWS, Russian linked Kevin McCarthy, Lev Parnas linked Devin Nunes, Matt Gaetz, Jim Jones, LYING Rep. ELISE STEFANIK, delusional Gulliani, etc., ASSES!! Your ALL criminals filling your pockets with foreign money laundering!! We’re going to drain the ‘SWAMP!’ We’ll see you ALL to Prison!! 💥☄️

    Call Congress 202-793-3332 Voice your opinion about the most corrupt WH Administration ever in the history of this country!!

    WARREN2020!! 🌊🗳🌊🗳🌊🗳🌊🗳🌊🗳🌊🗳🌊🗳🌊🗳🌊🗳🌊🗳🌊🌊🗳🗳🌊🗳🌊🗳🌊🗳🌊🗳🌊🗳

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    Pam Timmins

    Great reporting Brian….Chris Wallace good job speaking out against trump, I don't know why anyone likes trump he is disgusting and nasty, to me…..Impeach Indict Jail trump! SAVE OUR COUNTRY AND THE REST OF THE WORLD FROM trump and the cowardly gop thugs!

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    President says I don't know the man. He might be a good man, I don't know. He wasn't a fan. He supported others first before he came on to support me. He came late. Mommy little Mickie pushed me down today and he tore my shorts. So I told the teacher he was bad to me. I found his crayons and broke all the yellow and blue ones. Then I called him names and said his father was stupid. The other kids don't like me because I'm so smart and very very rich. Some of my friends that I picked and gave good candy to are in trouble with our teacher for telling lies and stealing things for me. Now they don't like me anymore. But that's ok, I have a lot if schoolmates who will do what I tell them to do. They know I have lots of candy to give them if they are my friends. Just like in real life, so many of his attorneys and staff are in jail for taking his candy and doing what he told them to do. He tried to candy coat everything he says untill one crosse's him, then he says who are you again? I only heard if you in passing. Your not a fan. I can out lie the best of them. Why, everything I say is a lie. That way I don't have to keep track of them. So intelligent and genius smart. My new friends like Putin and Kim Jung-un, and the Turkey guy and the Prince of Saudi Arabia will help me when I ask them to. Just like the new Ukraine president I pressured to investigate a presidential rival in the United States before I would give him any candy.

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    Marvin Wiens

    If he had waited until the end of the testimony instead of jumping straight to Trump bashing Sondland made it absolutely clear his quid pro quo statement referred to a whitehouse meeting and he was never told by anyone to demand anything from the Ukraine. In fact he stated that the President wanted nothing, no quid pro quo. He, like all these other witnesses just made up s##t in their own minds and pretended to presume, assume, think, theorize, make up, twist, turn, and decide what others hidden agenda MIGHT BE and now report them as facts. Now in the face of public reality they are all backtracking on there stories. Passing off rumours and third hand gossip may be acceptable coffee shop chatter but in the cold harsh reality of a public trial you need to get factual.

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    Monette Midy

    Poor Mike Wallace desperately trying to make Fox news a real news organization. Take it from Shep Smith, It is a lost cause. You are sandwiched between a bunch of right wing propagandists, which negates everything you are trying to do. That's the whole point Mike Wallace.

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    Vivian Villa

    Knowing what we know about Trump, only a brain dead ignorant or someone who lacks any moral standards would believe this severely disturbed old man would relinquish control to ANYONE to make decisions on his behalf? The man is a degenerate Alpha Male power junkie

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    trent T

    You realize the republicans are sticking behind Trump after listening to the hearings. Dems are wasting our tax dollars and time in this partisan investigation. It will never get to senate. Quit kicking a dead horse and get something done in Washington.

    O yeah, he’ll be your president another 4 years. Good luck with the partisan, pointless, impeachment cases in the future.

    I don’t get why dems think it’s ok to keep trying to impeach an American elected president without bipartisan support. It shows the hypocrisy and ignorance from the left.

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    Lee Williis

    There are only 2 roads leading from trumpler, one leads to prison and other leads to putin. Soundland must have been thinking like "Trump train? Noh. I pass! I'll catch a ride on the freedom bus"

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  40. Post

    His opening statement was damming. And then of course under cross examination he folded like a Cheap suit and said that it was just all his presumptions. How can this be your second video on this testimony without mentioning that fact. Weak case at best…

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    Mary Anne Horn

    And now I hear nuniz was involved in getting dirt on Biden!!!! And these are the creeps that are going to "judge" trump. God help the United States of America.

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    sharon nagle

    Trump is insane. He really believes he can do anything he wants to benefit himself and the hell with the rest of us. Disgusting.

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    mark bell

    The wheels of God’s justice will catch up with Trump sooner or later, and his cronies in the senate or anywhere else will not be able to shield him. Jesus said all Authority in Heaven and on earth is given to Him. Matthew 28:18.

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    Owners of big corporations, governors, mayors, senators, congressmen(women), judges, and others have been forced to resign and even sent to prison for doing or saying things that are not even 1% of what "Corrupt Trump" has done or said. So why is this stupid man still president?

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    Waffle Fries

    Thanks you Chris Wallace…see you are one of the few that tell the true fact.. he's not like Fox with the rubbish disturbing behavior I'm trying to confuse people about the fact

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    David Uzbalis

    Can't wait to see the ship go down and all the idiots stuck behind locked doors looking through the portside windows

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    Alexander Ablaza

    Trump and the republicans are trying hard to discredit the people who testified on the inquiry. The republicans have to kowtow to trump otherwise, they will be the target of trump’s ire and diminish their chances on next year’s election. The poor Ukrainians are also in quandary else they lose the bi-partisan support they have now, especially if there’s a change in the ruling party in the senate and the white house. Meanwhile, the ukrainians are doing the dying by keeping Putin in check and acting as a buffer to Europe against Putin’s transgressions.

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  63. Post

    IQ45 has no friends just flattering chumps as dumb as trump. Like his boss Sondland only thinks of himself. Peas in a pod, rotting on the vine.

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    Mac Daddy

    In other words he told the truth. He just drove the bus instead of being ran over with Trump driving. It was a smart move on Sondlands part.

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    Douglas Page

    Gotta love stupid people. A man testifies under oath that he heard directly from the president that he "wanted nothing," and direct instructions that there be "no quid pro quo," and still presumed that there was, and instructed others to act according to this presumption, and these idiots blame Trump.
    The only man that demanded conditionality was Sondland, and the rest only testified that they heard it from Sondland, or from someone else who heard it from Sondland.

    Sondland should be the one charged with abuse of power.

    But since when have democrats ever believed fact over gossip?
    Time to leave your socialist cult and join reality.
    Walk away from the Kool-aid.

    By the way, Wallace has always been a partisan democrat and a POS.

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    Sadly, as long as Trump retains the febrile fealty of Shorn of Sanity Fox viewers will continue to bathe in the waters at the foot of the Cliffs of Insanity.

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    Is this the only person (Chris Wallace) tell like it is in Fox the truth? That is all people want to hear the TRUTH, hope all his associates understand what that word means as a journalist because they give Fox a bad names. If I am C. Wallace I would be embarrass to work their while he has to tell the world like it is the truth and his associates in Fox just do the opposite. Fox is a F disgrace as a media outlet.

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    Harold Jaussi

    wallace makes himself out to be " the even-handed reporter ".!!! in actuality , he is just as much a NEVER-TRUMPER as all the rest of his peers in the leftist press.!!! the D C MOB HATES trump . WHY ??? because he is out to ruin the con game that has been played on the american people for at least 50 years.!!!! a CON GAME that started with LBJ in 1964.!!!!! and IF the modern radical dems EVER GET POWER again in the D C MOB , you can kiss LIBERTY GOOD BYE.!!!!!!

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    K. Schmidt

    Mr. Cohen, had you just put up the Sondland cuts with Chris Wallace's comments, I could have shared this with my Republican friends. But with your comments added, it becomes useless.

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    Bieassia Law

    Sondland pulled a Neno Brown from New Jack City, “If I’m going down, EVERYBODY’S going down!” In other words, “Everyone was in the LOOP !!!!!

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    Walter M Lane

    Look who really was concerned about the 2016 election? Bone Spurs, whose party has done Nothing to guarantee that the next election will ever be pure as the driven snow! #thedogdayswillbeover

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    Mark Youneva

    This is absurd. There is so much corruption, scandals, incompetence, nepotism, wasting of taxpayer money, etc. yet taxation is still flawed, not everyone has access to healthcare insurance they can actually use, the environment nad planet is still going to sh*t, kids are still drinking lead water in multiple cities in the U.S, and the education we provide our children is not equipping them for competitive global laborforce. All the job growth both Democrats and Republicans are taking credit for are minimum-wage jobs, with no real career prospects. Voters really are DUMB.

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    Lee Kress

    Mr. President what did you want ukraine to do,exactly? I think they should do the right thing and investigate the Biden's. Yeah recorded and public. Obstruct everything that looks like an investigation. Everyone who could clear up all these questions and statements were told to stay away. Think about all this stuff, compare it to past experiences. Then think for yourself don't just agree with your neighbor, your buddy, your family, or any of the dipsticks on tv. Think for yourselves.

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    James Mash

    if trump nuked one of his shit hole countries, the corrupt gop might pull their heads out of trump's asshole long enough to praise Putin's puppet!

  85. Post
    Christopher Iovino

    Even if they impeach him, they probably won't remove him. If they remove him, Pence or some other Republican will just pardon him. Just like every other time, Reagan and Oliver North, Bush Jr and Sr, Clinton, Nixon. It's all rigged.

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    Sunshine Naz

    I feel embarrassed 😩 and ashamed that he devin Nunes is descended from Portuguese. Portuguese people and descendants are the most honest and caring people not involved with corruption. He is probably the worse of our race 😱😱

  87. Post

    Wow. Forget being thrown under the bus, this guy went full Sandra Bullock on their asses and ran the bus over them (and reversed to make sure!!)
    Yet STILL the soulless Republicans in the Senate will vote Trump innocent 🤬

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    checks and balances

    This president is a criminal but the GOP doesn’t care and voters don’t realize that republicans have turned into a mafia to keep the ultra rich ultra wealthy without earning it

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    Bill Baldwin

    Ask yourself. What kind of leader, who when you disagree with him, has some of his followers beat you up? Or just publicly bullied, denigrated. Break the law and just dare you to do something about it. It's time for a new leader. Let's replace the traitor currently posing as our president. Impeach. Impeach. Impeach.

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    Sandy Riley

    Seems like if trump screams no quid pro quo that makes it non existant. There clearly was. Trumps is nuts. He cant seem to form a coherant sentence. Something is wrong with the man.

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    William Platt

    Fox has turned on Trump and trump is desperately looking to FOX for exclaimors of support!
    He still hopes/tries to use FOX as his personal news network!

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    Leon Archer

    Sondalin, talked directly to the president. The president told Sondalin, I don't want nothing, I don't want no quid quo pro, Tell the president to do the right thing. The END!!!!!!! ITS OVER BOY!!!!!

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    Luann Larscheid

    Typical how a scumbag liberal piece of shit like Brian Tyler Cockbreath ignores the fact, that there was never any investigation or was there ever any announcement there would be an investigation, and the Ukrainian's still got the military aid (javelins.) Of course the left will claim, without any actual proof, that the only reason Trump released the military aid, is because of the whistle blower.
    But of course there is no actual proof of this, only speculation. And unlike the liberal bubble that Brian Tyler Cockbreath lives in, In the real world, speculation, assumptions and personal opinion, are not considered facts.
    By the way what did the Obama administration send the Ukrainian's to help stop Russian aggression???

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    V. E.

    Nice to see not every member of the Trump team is a shill or flack. Now, let's see if Congress can take care of business!? smh

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    James W

    Mike Wallace is a great credit to journalism and his dad Mike would be proud. When he is forced out at Fox, as was Shep Smith, they will have lost all credibility as a news organization. Their "news" with people like Hanity and Carlson, will be purely entertainment. Soap opera. They actually so well at entertainment – watch "The Simpsons"

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