Fox News: Inside Business Features GMR Transcription

Fox News: Inside Business Features GMR Transcription

In our rapidly evolving world, success is
defined by turning challenges and opportunities. With enough foresight and ingenuity the
complex problems up today can become the achievements of tomorrow. I’m Fred Thompson from business and technology to health
care and the environment, join me as we take a closer look inside
the workings of the modern global economy welcome to inside business. I’m Fred Thompson and I’m Inside Business. Productivity and efficiency are the
benchmarks for every organization success. That’s why industry leaders are
constantly seeking new tools to help them reach their goals. Audio recording has greatly advanced
since Thomas Edison’s tinfoil cylinder phonograph in 1877. It has even come a long way from
the records and cassette tapes of the 20th century. Today, a broad range in industries and
disciplines rely on digital recording technology.
Digital recording has become a key tool for many businesses and individuals including those in academic, legal,
business, and insurance fields. But the digital audio
file is only part of what makes the recording
capability so valuable. Potential of text document of the audio
recording is what individuals and businesses usually require. Transcription service is the conversion
of a spoken language source into written or printed form. The active
converting the recorded audio into a text format however requires more than advanced technology.
It necessitates human intervention by a professional transcriptionist. While
there’s no formal training or certification required. We only hire
transcriptionist who can pass a rigorous tests. Our test consists of sample audio
files that must be transcribed accurately. Sabrina Vaster is a qualified transcriptionist for
Orange County California based GMR Transcription services. I love typing and I always have but transcription is
also a great fit for me. For the past four years I’ve been a
graduate student seminary so I was easily able to fit
transcription around my classes, summer breaks and vacations. Now I’ve graduated
and I’m doing a full time internship as a way to be ordained as a pastor but
because I can work from home I can still do transcription on weekends and
evenings. so it is a great bit as a part time job.
Vaster is one of more than 100 GMR Transcriptionists based throughout the
US and Canada. Transcription has been a very large industry for
a very long time. It started out with medical
transcription with insurance requirements for medical records from
doctors. Now that the man goes far beyond medical. Steve Burgess is the CEO and founder of the business
profit. We use transcription services for both our training and development
services for our clients. We offer to record interviews with the clients as well as
the presentations we are going to prepare for our clients and I have been transcribed so we can
review them and ensure the quality also, as professional speaker, I prepare
all of my speeches and have those transcribed for the same reasons the way it’s helped us has won the
quality has been phenomenal. The challenge for this industry has been
finding a new model for non medical transcription. Introduction of digital recording and
access to broadband has really expanded the market and open
the door for a new kind of transcription company. The new model, company’s officials say, is
cost-effective and easy for consumers to use. Years ago
people have to drive to a transcription office, drop-off audiotapes and wait to
receive their paper transcript. Now-a-days everything is done online.
Digital transcription has really become possible with the popularity of mp3
formats. Customers can simply upload their digital files to a secure FTP site provided by the
transcription company. GMR Transcription offers a wide variety
of services including academic, legal, business,
medical and insurance transcriptions. We also
offer Spanish transcription and translation. Files are uploaded by the
client and given unique names for the privacy
of the client and the topics. As the need for transcription services across
industries continues to grow, company officials say they are poised to
meet the demand. As the industry pioneer, GMR
Transcription will continue to play a key role in the growth of the industry. By standardizing quality, keeping costs
low and increasing availability at qualify
transcriptions by keeping up with transcription Certification Institute.


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    transcriptionessentials-info and speechpad-com seem to be okay, when it comes to general transcription. They have enough work and the grading and payment is fair too.

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