Fox News couldn’t handle this peaceful Kavanaugh protest

Fox News couldn’t handle this peaceful Kavanaugh protest

It got so volatile at points that we
ultimately didn’t feel like it would be safe to do an hour of live television
out there. Many protesters became so aggressive
last night at the Supreme Court of the United States that even our own Shannon
Bream was actually forced to move her show inside because she felt threatened
in that environment. Last night, Shannon Bream was going to do
her show we were going to do her show outside of the Supreme Court and she had
to bring it back to the Fox D.C. bureau because things just got so out of
control there. Fox News Shannon Bream had There’s definitely no kumbaya happening out there on the steps, but there is here tonight.


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    Don't become complacent people! This is the finest example of propaganda that is purposefully designed to keep the narrative that all liberal protests are volatile alive. I doubt they wont use it later on which may lead to new "laws" or changes to our first amendment right to peacefully protest or to any number of nasty things it could be used for. Make no mistake Fox media entertainment is Trumps personal Fascistic propaganda machine. Remember this is how full on Fascism is a frame work that is methodical and takes time. Remember red states have already tried to make planning a protest illegal!

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    Patriot Prayer was attacked by Leftists in Portland a few weeks ago. Assume that rabid Leftists will attack so be prepared to defend yourself by any means necessary. Breitbart is keeping a running tally of violence or harassment by the Left against Trump supporters. 447 so far.

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    Darth Plagueis

    Frank Dale you're a gremlin and it's funny how your guys blog doesn't allow comments. So we can dissect your idiotic article attacking Ben Shapiro.

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