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>>The Internet Communications major will
encourage students to develop their skills in creating, maintaining and
managing online communications. Students will learn how to navigate, lead and create within a rapidly changing technological landscape.>>I chose to study at Curtin because I’d heard that
their courses were quite practical. I was looking for a post-grad course that had a good mixture of course work as well as research work. I was looking to specialise in web industry a bit more. So originally I studied just
Communications as an undergrad and I just wanted to specialise a bit more
based on my experience in the job market previous to that. And a lot of roles were
getting more specific in that digital area.>>Internet Communications is designed to
prepare students for careers in areas such as Marketing, Media and
Communications, Content Management, Internet Policy and Social Media Management.>>I decided to persue the postgraduate study
because I wanted to increase my career opportunities. So I decided to get involved in the Masters of Internet Communication because of the practical
skills that it offered. And because of how current the learning in this
particular course is, it was directly applicable to the sorts of work I wanted to do. And gave me enough
experience to jump straight into the field of social media and web
communications.>>The internet is part of our lives from
the political and social to the cultural and economic. There is demand for new
ways of thinking, designing, curating and critical reflection. This is at the heart of what we research,
teach and practice at Curtin University.

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