[ENG SUB]Jisoo solo broadcast – Oct. 30, 2018

[ENG SUB]Jisoo solo broadcast – Oct. 30, 2018

Hi. What are you guys doing? Did you miss me? I missed you, too. I haven’t had a meal yet. I’m hungry. What should I eat? Choose a menu for me. I’m hungry. Shall I just eat Jjapaghetti? I eat Jjapaghetti everyday. “You don’t feel like removing makeup, do you?” Right. I don’t feel like it. “This is V Li Hi. Yuppduk? What did I eat today? I’m so addicted to coffee these days. I had four cups of coffee today. Four coffees and. What did I eat? What did I eat? A while ago..crispy.
I think I had snacks. Snacks and.. Chicken salad? I had chicken salad. I didn’t eat much today. They say lots of coffee is not good my health. But I’m so addicted to coffee
that I can’t live everyday life without coffee. Americano?
Yes, iced Americano. I had too much iced Americano.
It’s cold. “Isn’t it difficult to prepare for your concert?” It’s fun. And I’m so excited. Our members and our staff, all of us. We are working so hard for the concert. I really want to do a great job. Fighting. I’m lying down now. I just want to lie down. “Hi?”
Hi. Only 17 days before the college entrance exam? That’s why it’s getting cold. Take care of your health
and cheer up. You must take care of your health. Because if you’re sick,
you can’t do well on the exam. Don’t get sick, everybody. “Have you listened to Jennie’s solo album?”
Of course. Look forward to it everyone.
It’s great. Too close. I attached a nail only here.
How do you think? It looks natural, right? It’s cold, don’t catch a cold. This fan said. Right. It’s gotten so cold.
It’s winter now. I can’t live without my down coat. It’s really really cold.
I usually don’t wear socks. But I think it’s time to wear socks. Aren’t my feet cold?
They are cold. But. I really don’t like putting on and taking off socks. It says realistic. Hi, everyone.
I’m Jisoo. Everybody ask me to speak in English. I can’t speak English. I can’t speak English. I got a dirt on my hair?
You’re lying, right? Because of this, what’s this? I can’t see half of my face. This fan says I love you.
I love you, too. Asking me to make a heart.
I just did. “What are you going to sleep?” I’ll go to bed.. after having a meal and taking a shower. How is Dalgom doing?
Dalgom.. Dalgom’s leg is bad.
So he’s going to have a surgery tomorrow. I’m so sad. Dalgom gets sick often. Dalgom, you fool. BLINK, don’t be sick. Dalgom is always sick, I think. Stays still. So sad. Really. But it’s going to be alright.
Because Dalgom is healthy. They say don’t worry. Dalgom is brave, so it’s okay. “Jisoo, don’t get sick.” I’m not sick. I’m okay. I’m healthy. I can’t be sick when Dalgom is sick. “Jisoo” Yes, it’s me. Huh? Did you hear that? The rumbling sound? I heard it, the rumbling sound from my stomach. Anyone heard that sound? I’m hungry. I’m so hungry today. I haven’t had a meal. I’m hungry. So funny. What should I eat?
Got nothing to eat, really. I don’t have anything to eat. I like eating instant rice, without side dishes. I really like eating steamed rice alone. But shall I eat Jjapaghetti today?
Jjapaghetti? Have you listened to our song
collaborated with Dua Lipa? “Kiss and Make up” How do you think? Do you like it? Everyone listened to the song?
Anyone listened to the song? Anyone who listened to the song? Nobody listened? “Really like it.”
Really like it? I like it, too. It says my classmates also like the song. Play the song in school. What’s the place called? Oh, ask the broadcasting club to play the music. “Show me your earrings.” I changed my earrings. Like this. Oh! I’ve been planning to get another piercing. I also have earrings here.
One, two, three, four. Here, one, two, three, four, five. So nine in total.
I’ve been meaning to get another piercing. But you know, when you get your ear pierced,
you have to take care of it for weeks. So I can’t act on it now. I have to wear in-ear earphones.
It hurts when I get a new piercing. Getting my ears pierced is not painful.
It’s also easy to take care of it. But I can’t stop touching my ears.
So I can’t have another piercing. I recently changed my in-ear earphone. I like it. I love it. Good. At our concert, please look for my in-ear.
Got it? Look for my in-ear. I need to pull my wisdom tooth. But I haven’t been able to go to the dentist. I want to pull it as soon as possible
but I’ve bee really busy. If I pull my wisdom tooth, I will have
to go the dentist regularly for a while. I won’t be able to open my mouth wide.
So.. I’m not having my wisdom tooth pulled out yet,
to sing passionately at our concert. I’ll sing like this at our concert. That’s why I haven’t had my wisdom tooth pulled. Wisdom tooth? I want to get rid of it soon. We wanted to do something on Halloween. It’s too late now. Will you do something with us
next Halloween? Let’s get together on Halloween. Let’s get together next year. I’ll make it happen.
I’m good at it. There’s a fervent reaction. This is our BLINK.
Great response. I don’t read these days. I write a lot. I think I have so much things to say. An explosion of words on my note. I’m thinking about publishing
a book about life later. Life I lived. What’s life? I’m hungry. I’m so hungry!
It’s painful. “Your solo song is for children, right” Maybe I should do a medley of children’s songs. I like that song. Jennie likes the song, too.
It’s about tomato.. A song of a tomato that wants to be ketchup. Ketchup..
Wait, there’s another thing. What is it guys?
You all know this song, right? What’s the other thing?
There’s another wish of tomato. I’ll become.. What does it say? The title is Cool Tomato, they say. Cool tomato, something like this. Juice!
Right. It wants to be juice. I and Jennie had a really long discussion over it. I asked her “What would you want to be
if you were a tomato? Ketchup or juice?” She said she wanted to be juice.
So I said ketchup is the best choice for a tomato. When we say juice, we usually think of
oranges, grapes and tomatoes all. But ketchup, we can only think of tomatoes. You know what I mean? So I said, of course a tomato
should become ketchup. Jennie said she would choose
to be juice and die quickly. You know, it takes long to make ketchup. Jennie said she hates that.
So she would choose to be juice, to die quickly. But I’ll become ketchup. What is BLINK’s choice? “Of course, tomato juice.”
No, it’s not. It’s ketchup.
Okay? Be ketchup, everyone. “When I first listened to “Kiss and Make Up,”
I thought your part was in English” it says. No way. What was my part? Lisa cried after reading a letter from me? So funny.
Why cried? I’m so glad that Lisa came back as a brave soldier. The song I listen to the most lately? I listen to “The Wind Blows”
by Lee Sora a lot lately. My senior Lee Sora. The spirit of fall all of a sudden? Love it. The wind blows. I’m hungry. “Why did you change your hair style
when you’re not on a promotion?” it says. Because I didn’t changed my hair style
during our promotion. Because I always had black hair
because I like black hair. But I wanted to change it. So I dyed it brown, but it turned yellowish. So, I’ll dye it again darker brown later. Because it looks like brown now. But under the light outside,
it’s yellow. I’m yellow. I like my mole. Right? Look at this. Like this. I like it when my mole appears,
when I say “Shh.” At first, they wanted to get rid of this mole. Because it was too conspicuous.
They say I should get rid of it. I asked them not to get rid of my mole. Later, I found out that I still had my mole.
So I was so happy. I almost lost my mole. I’m hungry. It’s a hungry show, right? Why do I feel like I turn on
V Live when I’m hungry? I always turn on this app
before I have a meal. I turn on V Live, right after getting home
and before having a meal. Then I get so hungry. Anyone who’s hungry? Shall I eat Jjapaghetti?
I want to eat Jjapaghetti now. I think I’ll be full and happy
if I eat Jjapaghetti. On Mondays, Is it Monday today?
I’m a cook on Mondays. I always part the hair in the middle these days.
But I tried this side part today. How do you like it? Sesame leaf style. I want to eat sesame leaves with pork belly. I’ll be so happy if I eat
pork belly with sesame leaves. They say they start to
hear the rumbling sound well. NO! I’m screwed. I can’t hide the sound anymore. The sound quality is very good. Rumbling. Rumbling, rumbling. What? “What is your favorite color”? Purple, blue. Purple and blue. I like purple and blue. Chicken skewers? I want some. But I want rice cake skewers. No wait,
hotteok (pancake with brown sugar filling). We had been talking about hotteok. I’m going to make some. Jennie asked me if I could make some
and I said no. So she made some on her own and said
“just fall apart”! That was harsh. Then the sugar filling gets every where. And what would happen to the frying pan? It gets harder to wipe off. I’m hungry. I’m hungry. Chaeyoung said I can come and eat
at her house. I’m going to go to her place and I’m going
to be singing a song about hotteok. I’m hungry. I’m hungry. “The alarm just rang now”. What alarm? The alarm for this V LIVE? Oh no. But I wasn’t talking about anything important. I’m hungry. Someone asked what I was doing. I’m hungry. I’m hungry. “What is your favorite food”? I don’t have any favorite foods.
Ice americano. Someone is surprised that I’ve been
lying down for 30 minutes. Sometimes I lie down for an entire day. 30 minutes is nothing. You obviously don’t know me that well. If I were to install a camera in my room, you could probably see me lying down
for the whole day. I give up on eating because I don’t want
to get up. Who do you think first thought of beds? Beds. I love them. I hate getting up and moving. Although I’m not moving now,
I want to be still even more. Do you not understand that feeling? Meat, meat, meat. Hungry, hungry, hungry. “Your arm would hurt though”. It’s OK. If you empty out your head, nothing bothers you. “I love you”. “Do you love me”? Comment time. Someone asked if I like beaches or cities. I used to really like mountains. But lately, I like beaches too. I didn’t like beaches for a while. Because I can’t swim. So the ocean was scary. It’s endless. Endless to the horizon and also to the bottom.
So that’s why it’s so scary for me. But lately, I’ve started to like the ocean too. I like how it’s endless. So now I like both the sea and mountains. I like them all. “Do you have a favorite snack”? I’ve always liked those kind of snacks. Cake-like snacks like Choco Pie. I like those kind of snacks. There’s a ton of those over there. I like the cake-like snacks that are covered
with chocolate. Yummy. I’m going to eat a Choco Pie. “What is your specialty subject”? Specialty subject? Subject? Specialty? Are you asking what subject I’m most
confident in studying for? I like to read. “Is there a dress code for your concert”? Black, pink! No there isn’t any dress code. That’s funny. It’s already been 30 minutes. Since I’ve said I’m hungry. The time before that and the 30 minutes
of when I was on V LIVE. I’ve been hungry for longer than that. “Tell us what happened in the US”. In the US? It rained. And when we were in the States, we didn’t get to eat really American food. But the Korean food was so good there. The Korean food we had in the US was amazing. I wanted to get some spicy flavored Cheetos so Chaeyoung and I went to a supermarket
and did grocery shopping. But it was unbelievable. My Cheetos wasn’t the spicy one
but Chaeyoung’s Cheetos were. We took them out of the same bin but
mine were the normal kind. What’s was the deal about that? We took them out of the same bin. So I wondered why these things
only happen to me. Why is that?
Mr. American grocery store? Failure. The camera is shaking because my hands are. I’m so hungry my hands are shaking. I’ve only drank coffee. I had too much coffee. “Can you wink for us”? Wink. I don’t think so.
I think I’ll look weird so I won’t. I tried my best. Pizza? I want some pizza too. It’s been so long since I had pizza. “I’m going to give out slogan boards in front
of the concert, you should come and get one”. It’d be funny if I really went. I should go. I’m going to get in line and get one. “I’m going to give out photo cards,
you should come to that too”. Everyone is telling me I should go and
get goods on myself. I have a ton of slogans, lots of photo cards,
and even a calendar with pictures of me. That calendar is so useful. Over there. It’s me. There’s a picture of me in the calendar.
I like it. Jisoo calendar. All the calendars at home have pictures of me. I should sit up now. Look at my hair. What’s up with my hair? What’s this? What happened here?
What’s going on? My hair looks like a lion’s mane. I’ve become a lion. Have I shown you this before?
Did Jennie show you? This?
It’s me. Jennie bought it for me. Tinkerbell.
It’s me. It’s me. I’m finally sitting down. “Korean melon or watermelon”. Neither. I’ve gotten so picky these days
it’s ridiculous. I say no to everything. I’ve become too picky. I say no to everything.
I’ve only been drinking coffee. No! No! I don’t want that! I only eat rice. I only want some rice! No! I only eat rice. Picky eater. I’m a bad picky eater. I like Jjapaghetti though.
I like all ramens. Ramen is always all right. Do I like ramen the best?
Then again, that’s not true. I’m hungry again. Oh no what do I do?
I’m so hungry. Someone called me a lion. Seaweed soup ramen? No way.
You made that up, didn’t you? What? Seaweed soup ramen? You’re lying. Don’t lie to me. “Did you get your hair done again?
It seems lighter”. I didn’t dye it again but it got lighter. It’s gotten too light so I’m going to
get it dyed again. After bleaching, I’ve lost some hair
and then suddenly it got all light. Is that a real thing?
Seaweed soup ramen? No, don’t make any. I don’t like seaweed soup. I don’t even eat seaweed soup on my birthday. My mom knows it too. So on my birthday, she makes a different
kind of stew or soup. And I don’t eat seaweed soup. I only eat it once in a while when I get sick. When I can’t eat anything else. I don’t like to eat it. This is why. You know how sometimes in the seaweed, there’s a hard part? I don’t like that part and one time, my mom made me
seaweed soup and there were so many hard parts in the soup so I stopped
eating seaweed soup ever since. Picky. “You should have seaweed soup on
your birthday”. Shouldn’t my mom eat it on my birthday? No? I don’t know for sure. I… Seaweed soup? Don’t mothers eat seaweed soup after
they’ve given birth to a baby? That’s what I know… What should I call myself? Baby? What am I to her? What am I?
The daughter? I thought the mom was supposed to eat
the seaweed soup, not the baby. What should I call myself?
My mother’s what? Baby? Do I call myself “baby”? What should I call myself? What’s the word?
I forgot. What am I to her?
Child? Oh yeah, child. But should I call myself that? Child? I’m a child. It’s not easy. “I am Jisoo”. Go to my mom and say “I’m Jisoo”. Yeah, it’s already been 40 minutes. I should go now. I should go and get washed up
and go to bed. BLINK fans should go to bed too.
What time is it now? Isn’t it really late? It’s nice to talk like this, right? I like it. That’s all that matters. I just missed you so I turned the V LIVE on. It’s November soon so we’ll see each
other really soon. It will be so much fun. It’s going to be awesome. I’m excited. Someone asked me to tell you how it
feels to be having a concert soon in 5 words. I can’t wait, I’m excited. I’m so excited.
I don’t even want to worry about it. I don’t want to worry about it. I just think it’s going to be fun
and I’ll be waiting. BLINK fans, please come and enjoy it with us. Bangs? I don’t have bangs anymore. I just barely got them to grow out. They’re only this long still. See? Can you see? They have to come down all the way here. I like hair without layers. No layers at all. But because of the styling, I had to
keep cutting some bangs but normally, I like hair with no layers at all. Anyways, I’m going to go now. BLINK fans, hurry up and go to sleep. Is today Monday? It’s turning into Tuesday. You have a whole new day tomorrow
so hurry up and go to bed. I’m going to bed soon too. No, I was just kidding. I’m going to eat something and wash
and then watch some TV before going to bed. Will I watch TV? I’m going to watch TV while I eat and then
shower and then go to sleep, to be exact. Got it?
Let me be honest. BLINK fans, hurry up and go to bed.
Fighting for tomorrow. I miss you so much.
You know that, right? Wasn’t it nice to see me today? Right? Was it nice? Please say yes. Say yes. “Yep”.
“Yes”. “Yes”. Someone wrote that they miss me and
that today’s V LIVE was awesome. Awesome.
Great. “Great”. “Yes”.
“It was great. I’m happy that you’re all happy. You should express yourself more BLINK. Tell me when you like something, OK? Then it gets me in a good mood. I loved saying hello to you guys too. So hurry up and go to bed now.
All right? Bye. I’ll be back. Be waiting for me. Have a good night and good dreams. No, don’t even dream. Just get a good night’s sleep. It’s better to sleep without dreaming. You should get a good night’s sleep. Good night. I love you. You know that, right? See you soon. I’m going to go now. Good night. Bye.


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