Energy Communication | Tao Talk

Energy Communication | Tao Talk

Hello. One day I was conducting a workshop. One member came to me, and asked. “Feeling Ki energy is great, but what is this
for?” That was a very good question. Wouldn’t you agree? So feeling Ki energy, you can expand it. As you feel the energy, your minds, your brain
waves automatically drop. It will make your mind so stable and calm. So it will affect your mental health a lot. It will also release stress. Your physical health will improve too. As you practice Ki energy, as the sense expands,
you can move your hands wider, and later it can expands itself into an energy dance. While you do the energy dance, this is not
something that you move your body consciously. Rather, you let your body flow through the energy. So it makes you feel great calmness and peace. As you keep doing it, you can feel other person’s
energy, too. When we communicate with a human language, there can be lots of misunderstanding. I wanted to say A, but it can be received as B. So there can be lots of misunderstanding and conflict. But in addition to human languages, when you
communicate, when you feel that person’s energy, then you can have much more truthful relationships. One step further, you can feel the flow of
Ki energy, the flow of society. And you can see where this society is going toward? And you can easily see that the energy of
the Earth is not really healthy. How can I contribute to the health and balance
of the energy of the Earth? You can expand your consciousness to that
level, too. And you can be very rich, emotionally. So you can feel the beauty of flowers, and you can become more faithful, and more truthful to yourself. And you will know that you have never been alone, because you have always been with this energy. And we are created by energy. How can we be lonely? So feeling Ki energy is the great first step of knowing the world of TAO. Thank you.


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    Robert PuKeyRay

    I was reading a book on ninjas (ninjas are cool!) and turns out people thought they had magical abilities. One of these was "they could sense a person's intentions." For example: They're guarding a person and feel an assassination attempt about to occur. They felt murderous intent."
    I think is a good way to describe feeling emotional energy.

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