David Spade Could Have Been “The Irishman” (feat. Ray Romano) – Lights Out with David Spade

David Spade Could Have Been “The Irishman” (feat. Ray Romano) – Lights Out with David Spade

Listen, I don’t know
what you guys are doing the next couple of weeks, but you should watch
The Irishman. Um, it came out… You should watch it
for the next few weeks. Um, it came out
to rave reviews. I’m proud of the film,
even though my scene ended up getting deleted
to the cutting room floor. (knock on door) Come in. (Irish accent):
Top of the morning to you, Bill. Well, uh, it was morning
two hours ago, so you’re late. Oh, I had a wee bit of a drink
at the pub. (laughter) What are you doing? (normal voice):
I don’t think that’s your line. No, I’m-I’m asking you
what you’re doing. -Can we stop?
-This is The Irishman. I don’t know… I don’t know
if you read the whole script. It’s…
I’m playing Irish, so I… -Yeah. I get it.
-Obviously. Is that from wardrobe? -No, this is mine.
I brought this. -Oh. I brought this from home.
This is leftover from the Casamigos
Halloween party, 2016. I don’t know if you went
to that, but it still fits. I almost won an award
that night. They said I was, like, close. Okay, Marty, I… I don’t think I can work
with this guy. Oh, are you worried
I’m stealing the scene from you? Everything you’re doing
worries me. Why are you so close to me? I like to act. This is acting. I get up close, personal. And, yes,
I will be stealing scenes. (chuckles): Sorry, everybody.
I’m a scene-stealer. People look at me. I wear an outfit that pops,
you understand? If Robert De Niro’s in this, people might not know it
because they’re looking at me. Sorry, I’m a scene-stealer.
That’s my crime. MAN: All right,
that’s all we need, David. That’s all we need
from this scene? This scene’s 18 pages long. We’re just doing the couple…
First lines? -(inhales)
-That’s weird. Okay. David Spade. SAG-AFTRA. And I, um… I’m in two fantasy football
leagues, if that matters. -I don’t know.
-MAN: I-It doesn’t. -Thank you. -Sometimes
the crew guys… Okay. -All right, well, um…
-That way. Okay, well, good luck.
(chuckles) How’d he get in here?
He’s not Italian.


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    Dáithí Seosamh O’Cribín

    This “bit”, in the above video, about leprechauns is rather insensitive to the plight of this indigenous Irish pygmy race, or Leprachawnus Hybernicus, who were wiped out in 1832 at the Massacre of Trull-Bay, County Kerry, when a battalion of British attempted to force the remaining Lepra-Hawns (as they called themselves) off their homeland, but it turned into a massacre by noon when the entire race was wiped out in an unprovoked attack by one-thousand rifle-men of the Fifer Corps of the British Imperial Army. This massacre was then reported in the London Times as a glorious defeat for the Crown against the Irish savages and a cartoon with this article depicting them in little green costumes has become the stereotype which was used to plicate this act of genocide by imperial forces and to insinuate that they were nothing but a bunch of comically tiny people who deserve nothing but the ridicule of the “civilised” classes — a stereotype which was continued in the Americas by those hostile to Irish immigration during the famine. 

    Rather than ridicule the Lepra-Hawn people they, just as all little people everywhere today, deserve our respect and deep apology for perpetuating a hostile stereotype of them which was created, after all, to plicate those responsible for their massacre. I long for the day when “bits” such as the god-awful one enacted in this video will be consigned to the past along with other similar racist acts of ridicule against such people as those who endured slavery in the U.S. or those people who where extinguished in the holocaust — maybe the UN can have a Lepra-Hawn memorial day so that we can all pause for one moment in our daily ridicule of little people and consider instead the devastating consequences that such mean spirited guffawing can visit upon those so ridiculed.

    RIP the Lepra-Hawn people of Tull-Bay #rememberthelittlepeople #stopleprechaunhate

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    Lived in Ireland all my life. Literally no one ever says "top of the morning to you". That's some lazy stereotypical BS. why do American comedians always depict other countries in casually racist ways in their comedy & think its funny? Humour is subjective, this is just stupid.

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    Scott McMan

    Saw the film over the weekend. Wasn't impressed, although, I thought Pacino played a good Hoffa. Fact is, I don't believe half of the storyline, as Sheeran was known to be a bullshtr who said he killed people that others say he was nowhere near.

    One thing is true, back when he was the head of the Teamsters, he was as big a rock star in America as Lech Wałęsa was in 80's/90's Poland. I use the comparison because they were both similar people in their respective unions with similar trajectories. Like Wałęsa, it would have shocked no one had Hoffa stayed alive and actually run for president of the US and would have had a good shot at winning. It was a time when presidents were elected on the basis of what they could do and not what they looked like, what race they were, gender, or sexual preference. Today, we have people being elected to office because it's so cool and progressive to elect the Muslim, or the gay democrat black woman. In the 40's, 50's and 60's, people knew the issues and educated themselves on what was vital to the success of America. Now, if the gay, black democrat was the best person for the job, then fine, but IMO, that's just not the case in Chicago.

    Today, millions of young people have no problem replacing the most successful gov over the past 200 years with socialism, all because they think everything will be free and they need to be taken care of. Here's a little clue on that: Nothing is free, nothing! Take one lousy hour and instead of taking 20 "selfies", research the history of socialism. No, Bernie Sanders isn't telling you the truth and frankly, he doesn't need to because he's rich and will always be rich. He's telling America to do one thing, while he does another, which is typical for socialist leaders.

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    R C

    The quality of the bits on this show is steadily increasing. To be fair, my viewing has been sporadic at best. So maybe I should back of with the steadily increasing jazz.

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