Communication Skills► How To Talk To Anyone 92 Little Tricks By Leil Lowndes Animated Book Review

Communication Skills► How To Talk To Anyone 92 Little Tricks By Leil Lowndes Animated Book Review

Hey guys its Victor Foote from TransMind and
today I am here to help you understand basic principles to help you improve your social
skills. The reason I’m doing this is because I suffered for a long time with social anxiety.
Basically I had no idea how to talk to people which prevented me from living the life that
I wanted. If I tried to talk to someone my mind always draw blanks and I would feel so
embarrassed. By the time I reached 17 I was so over whelmed by my inability to speak to
people that I began my journey in discovering how to communicate effectively with others.
It all began with my journal. I started writing down my feelings in order to create a record
of who I am. As the wheels started turning I started to feel hope. Looking back at an
entry I wrote over 10 years I said “I promise when I am able to find a way to cure my social
anxiety I will help others cure their own!” Well, I never break a promise, so here it
is…. Picture: Technique #1 Flooding Smile The first
thing you need to start working on is your smile. A big warm smile will allow people
to open up to you. We tend to judge people the first few seconds of meeting them. By
using your smile you will seem more approachable. Your main goal is to not flash your smile
and over use it. When you first meet a person you want to look at that person’s face for
a second. Be in the moment. Then show them a big warm smile. Remember don’t rush the
smile. The smile is genuine and meant for them. Picture: Technique #2 Sticky Eyes Eye contact
is very important. You want to be able to maintain it and not fidget around. It has
the ability to speak more then you know. Even more then your words. Intense eye contact
is also linked to awaking feelings of respect and affection. It gives off the impression
of being an intelligent, focused person. It also allows people to feel pleasure while
they are talking because you look interested in what that person has to say. Pretend your
eyes are glued to your conversation partner’s. Remember to not break eye contact even if
that person has stopped talking. Slowly allow your eyes to leave your partners. Quick movements
will only leave the person thinking you want to leave the conversation as soon as possible. Picture: Technique #3 Epoxy Eyes. Epoxy eyes
must be used on a person you are interested in that you want to be more then just friends.
I used this technique on a girl I was working with. When ever a group of us would talk I
would give her the most eye contact even if someone else was talking. Epoxy eyes combined
with my warm smile sent her the underlying message that I was interested. Plus everyone
in the restaurant knew I was interested in her as well. I didn’t hide my intentions.
And guess what? We have been together ever since we used to work at the restaurant. Our
bodies are always giving off signals to everyone showing how we really feel. When we are nervous
we tend to shrink and lower our voices. This next technique is all about tricking
your mind into making your body seem like you are comfortable. Remember, mindsets are
very important with everything you do. The next time you are going to meet someone new
use “technique number 6 hello old friend” Pretend as if they are an old friend. Imagining
them as a person your are comfortable talking to. This will change your body language instantly.
This will also allow the person you are talking to feel comfortable. On a subconscious level
we can sense the energy that is around us. If someone is nervous, we almost start to
feel the same emotion. Radiate good energy by acting as if you have known this person
your entire life. If you were a dog you would be wagging your tail right now! This next technique will make you come across
to people is being more confident and credible. “technique number 7 limit the fidget”
By moving around too much and fidgeting you come across as someone who doesn’t believe
in themselves. The human body externally projects what the person is feeling on the inside.
Changing the way we externally act will change the way people view us. Whenever you have
a conversation that really counts, you want to use this technique to get your point across.
Fight that urge to scratch your nose or rub your arms. Keep calm and don’t fidget. Start experimenting with these techniques.
At first you are going to feel uncomfortable and nervous. With enough practice it will
become second nature. Trust me it took me awhile but realize with enough effort and
hard work you will reach your destination. Trust the process and believe. Click on the
affiliate link in the description box if you wanted to purchase the book. Im Victor Foote
from TransMind. For more videos like this subscribe and please share. By sharing these
videos it will have a higher chance of reaching the people that need these videos the most.
Take care!


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    Victor Foote

    Dont forget to Subscribe. Going to try and get 1,000 subscribers by July. I hope these videos help people 🙂

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    Kay Ska

    i love this😃! I'm sure this will be sooo helpful to others and I've never seen anything like it! Great job!😊💕

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    Delivered the goods as you said. Awesome! I fancy technique 6 (old friend), when people have done this to me I find it incredibly easy to get along with them upon first meeting. Will have to consciously use this myself. Was also inspired by you and a few other sources to finally get my journal cracking, cheers 🙂

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    David Potter

    This is absolutely true! I've experienced these techniques, however, I often find myself still backing away from social interaction. Maybe I have a lack of motivation to talk to people..

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    So… what if eyes terrify me? Like I can't look at a person's eyes for more than a few seconds before I start twitching?

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    Larry Coetzee

    I suffer from bad social anxiety, when someone I dont know talks to me I panic and say something stupid like, nice weather today then find an excuse to escape.

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    Either learn to count, or find a video entitled "145 tricks to stop lying on the internet" and watch it. Piece of shit.

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    Travis Black

    Intense eye contact is crazy and ridiculous. Most people don't want you staring at their eyes.

    (Not trying to shit on your video). Everything else is nice.

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    I feel like this advice does more harm then good. Flooding smile wont work if the smile is totally faked and you are anxious on the inside. You will come across as creepy. Staring at people is also not good advice. Fidgeting is, like you said, something that comes from inner anxiety. The fidgeting isn't a problem, its a small side effect. You are telling nervous people to, instead of becoming engaged in the conversation and genuinely interested in the other person, to just increase self monitoring. To start worrying about their posture and where their hands are and how much eye contact they have and how much they are smiling. This is the worst possible advice. Its like if a room full of people were going to watch you walk. Suddenly your walk becomes awkward as you over analyze it. You are telling nervous people to over analyze details that would correct themselves automatically if they solved the real problem.

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    how come when i smile and stare at people intensely they run away from me, am i doing something wrong ?

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    Bumboo Boom

    Good video again,awesome.These techniques are good but the thing that worked the most for me is confidence,when you are confident in your self all this techniques just come naturally.

    Good video mate keep it up !

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    Zach Sprague

    Love this Channel man. I got a big interview monday and thought Id stop by for some tips. This video helped me alot. Thank you:)

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    Siddharth B

    Hey, thanks for fulfilling your promise man xD…..I can relate to this a lot because atm I'm kind of facing the same issue. Although I would like to change the mindset and thought process of people by just being myself, not following what is normally accepted by society. I would like to see if it's possible to connect in a different way.But these tips actually do help. So thanks man ….

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    kit Criar blogs

    Your videos reflect what I felt for many years because I have many difficulty to smile. It was a difficult process to win.
    Your experiences translated into video tutorials will help many people. As you helped me to make my first comment on your chanell. Great job.

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    I am Bruce Lee

    please help me , im a new guy to school not so new but months , everyone hates me , no one talks to me , i wanted to be friendly , the only 2 words i say is hey whats up , no one cares or give a damn , when i tried to be soo good with them , im all alone now , i hate my life , enough of school , so bored , bad in educatin , failure for everything i do

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    Beanie Sandals

    I was always able to talk to anyone when I was younger, I was a social butterfly. Now, Im 28 and have the worst anxiety ever. My brother is 5 years younger and has started to feel the same as me. I feel like I acquired my anxiety ever since a girlfriend broke up with me in 2009. Just this year my brother's gf dumped him too and hes been about the same as me. The only true way to get over a girl is to get another girl, but when you have anxiety like me its really freakin hard to put myself out there. What would you guys do? Fake it til you make it?? I tried that and felt like a fool… 😥

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    Positively Brainwashed

    Amazing new Thumbnail. This is what I was thinking of taking advantage of. Not a big fan of using a real hot girl in my thumbnails. Hopefully this increases your traffic. Cuz it will also increase mine 😀

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    Sitara Sardar

    Great content +Vic be
    just came to know abt ur channel through practical psychology. It was something that I really needed to know from many years. Love ur content n thank you so much for taking the time to make such helpful videos. God bless you <3

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    Emanua Sua

    im a great talker with people i am interested in but strangers i just dont know what to talk about bcs i dont care about them really but i dont want to seem akward or not social either. hahaa

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    King Of The North

    captivating this information into my memory bank and meditating for 30 min every day helps alot. thanks for the info 👏👏👏

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    "Sticky eyes" can be down right creepy. It's perfectly fine and in fact expected to break eye contact for brief periods during a conversation.

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    Liz Scully

    Lol "talk to the person as if theyre an old friend"…. I'm watching this video because I just attended one of my best friends funerals so I saw a bunch of people I used to hang out with and I'm thinking back on my conversation skills…. OMG! I can't even talk to old friends, like wth learn some conversation skills lol

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    Ajda kohestani

    Thank you sooo much i've felt Lost ever since i started at a new school, where trust is hard to find

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    Veronica Journ

    I’m a journalism major and this video is essential to my career and development!!! My channel is also about this but is mostly focused on communications in university and its courses!! Thank your for this video!!

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    James Turner

    Seems like my specialty is making romantic eye contact. I find myself doing it. This is why making eye contact with strangers or friends is a bit of a problem. Because making romantic eye contact with the above mentioned set of people may seem weird. Any advice please?

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    Yannis Cheong

    I can’t even eye contact or glue the eye towards the people during conversation. Is there another simple ways 2 improve myself.

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