Communication for Development at Malmö University | Clara Axblad

I was attracted to the Communication for Development programme because I have been working for quite some time in the interface between communication policy and multilateral development work. I felt that I wanted to explore that area more through academic studies. In a complex globalised world, which is also heavily influenced by mediatised images around social change, social activism and development, it is really important to have a solid academic foundation to make sense of these processes, organisations and actors. The programme is mainly distance learning, and for me, that has been very helpful because I work in the meantime and I think most of the students do. The approach that Malmö University has to distance learning is very inspiring because there is the so-called Glocal Classroom where we meet and actually discuss and have live lectures and we can discuss online and ask questions. A lot of our students go back to careers in international development ranging from UN organisations to NGO:s to bilateral agencies but also to local projects all around the globe. And it is so important that we get it right, because communication also has the power to do a lot of bad. I would definitely recommend the programme, I think it’s good for everyone who wants to reflect on the role of communication in development and in societies at large especially in the ecological sense, to be more sustainable and communication has great potential to drive that development in a better direction.

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