Chirutha Telugu Full Movie | Ram Charan, Neha Sharma | Sri Balaji Video

Chirutha Telugu Full Movie | Ram Charan, Neha Sharma | Sri Balaji Video

CHIRUTHA stop here. -How much?
-20 rupees. Hello sir? How dare you write bad
about me in the newspaper? Leave him. call the police. stop it.
Leave him. Move on. You’re unnecessarily confronting
Mattu Bai. I feel scared dear. What dear?
Do you feel scared? Don’t be scared We should be brave
and not be scared. Let us do like that. Mom! Dad! Will the police arrest me
if you tell them about me? He thought that the police
would arrest me, if he tells them. Go and tell them to arrest me.
Tell them. sir! Please save his mother. It’s not possible to operate
without getting the money. He is a small boy and
he lost his father too. However you should save his mother. Dear! The operation is a
must for your mother. Otherwise she can’t survive. They insist on money
Else they would not operate Uncle! Please save my mother. From where would I get so much money? Uncle! Please save my mom.
I beg you. If you wish, you can save your mother. They’ll offer money for your
mother’s operation and for your living. But you have to go with them. Also, you can’t see your mother. Mom! I am leaving you. -He told me to give money for
your mother’s operation. -Greetings sir. Dear! He has a son of your age. He shot the watchman at his home
with the revolver. His wife is a witness to that. You should accept the crime
and go to jail. -But I didn’t kill him.
-That’s why he’s paying you. Don’t you want your mom to be alive? I’ll say whatever you
ask me to tell in the court. You should say like that. Will you say this? I feel scared sir. Do you want your mother or not? Then, will you listen to me? Will you come to the court? Will you go to jail? -What is his charge?
-Murder case. Oh little! Rainy tears
falling in your eyes. Oh dear! You have become
alone in desert. -Uncle! How is my mom?
-What mom? I admitted my mom in the hospital. Please let me enquire about her once.
I beg you. Don’t worry seeing your problems. You have to obey before your fate. Live like a selfless lamp! Uncle! Have you enquired about my mother? Why do you torture me? Who knows whether
your mother is alive or dead? Don’t worry seeing your problems. You have to obey before your fate. Live like a selfless lamp! Greetings sir! Why do you laugh?
-Nothing sir. Tomorrow, my buddy and I are getting
released from the jail. -so, we want to celebrate
with a small party. -Party? -What party?
-You should do a small favour. There is a cell number 14 -There are 4 people in that.
-so What? -My buddy wants to fight them.
-Do you’ve sense? shut up and go away. We will go out.
You think sir. You know well about them. If anyone opposes us,
we will tear their skin. sir! Give him only one chance. -Where have you planned to do that?
-At their cell. If you agree, he will go there
while you close the cell. They are 4 people,
but he is only one. -It’ll create problems.
-They can’t create a problem. My buddy will create a problem for them. As per rules, we shouldn’t open
the doors until morning. My buddy can hit them twice. carry on. Buddy! Jailor has agreed. He said not to show yourself. You have to start it before dusk
and the cell should vibrate. Who are you? Why do you stare at me? How dare you quarrel with us? Leave me. He is killing me. Leave me. What? come. I was waiting for 12 years
to come out of jail. But I had faced someone
like you and hit him And I’ll extend my time here. Why do you torture me? I’ll be here till they
open the cell in the morning. I am ready to fight with you anytime. Ok? I’ll pierce your eyes. Why these wounds?
What happened? -Who hit you? -We slipped
and fell down in the bathroom. -should I believe this?
-It’s true sir. We just slipped down sir.
Please leave us. Bye sir. Do you think that
I can’t find who hit them? I thought you were a nice person. What is this game? I don’t think that
I am a good person. It’ll take time
to prove to be a good person. But no one expect good qualities
from a bad person That’s enough sir. I am watching you for long.
Don’t I know about you? Enough of your jail life here. -Don’t come here again.
-Ok sir. Bye sir. Buddy! I think Hyderabad
has developed too much. Where should we go now? I want to see my mom. -Is this the correct street?
-Yes. -Are you sure?
-Yes. But it changed a lot. I knew well.
That place should be around here. There was my school
and here was a temple. -A temple in this place?
-Yes. My house should be here only. -Hello sir?
-Whom do you want? Madam! Here was an old house. Lakshmamma lived in that house.
Do you know about her? No child. But we built
this house 10 years ago. Her husband was an auto driver.
He is dead. she lived alone there. -Do you know where she is now?
-I don’t know. -What do you want?
-Where is my mom? -What?
-Where is my mom? -When did you get released
from jail? -Today. I went home. But there was
no house or my mom. Where is my mom? What you did for the sake
of your mother was a waste. Your mother died after
an year you went to jail. He spent a lot of money
on your mother but of no use. I didn’t want to tell you about
this incident at that tender age.. so I didn’t tell you. Please forgive me. If you suddenly tell this
that you don’t want to go there,. ..then what should
I tell the Travel Agency? Why didn’t you tell this before? -What do you want to do?
-I don’t know. There is a job in a company
known to me in Bangkok. The boy who is supposed to
go there suddenly says he can’t. Will you go there? -I’ll go sir.
-do you have Passport? -No sir.
-Then do one thing. If any police officer recommends you,
you’ll get the passport so soon. We know the Jail superintendent well. -It’s enough.
-I’ll try sir. Who are you?
How dare you hit my vehicle? -come out. -Wait.
-Don’t annoy me. she is a girl. If she is a girl,
will you be silent? Hey girl! You don’t know about me. -Uncle! -Is it ok to you,
I’ll leave it? -come, let’s go. -is she pretty?
-you come. -You dashed his heart so gently.
-Keep quiet. Pedestrians on the road feel
jealous of guys in cars. They are like that. If a cyclist hits a scooter,
the motorist is blamed. If a scooter hits a car,
the car is blamed. If a car hits a lorry, the lorry is blamed.
If a lorry hits a train, the train is blamed. Generally the mightier are
blamed than the smaller. Yes sir, if a plane hits a train,
the plane is blamed. If I work hard
and build a big house.. ..others would feel jealous. If we come in the car,
they would let us pass. Then, they will look at us surprised.
That is jealousy and not surprise. Poor ones always confront
when they see the rich ones -did we throw stones
on poor livelihood? -No, never sir. The labourers mentality is
like that. Do one thing. If you see him again,
hit him directly. If you get a doubt on him,
hit him. I’ll take care of you. Dear! should we go again? If anyone wears that color shirt,
we’ll hit him with the car. -Go and search him.
-Ok sir. -is superintendent there?
-He is inside. superintendent’s house looks
as big as the Jail. Who is it? Who is it? They have come to meet my dad. How are you?
When did you come? Go inside. -Greetings sir.
-How are you? -Fine sir. -Why have you come here?
-Nothing sir, I got A job in Bangkok. I need a passport to go there.
If you recommend me.. It is not so simple thing
to get a passport. Even you were in the jail.
You won’t get so soon. sir! Passport officer
is your friend, right? -Who told you?
-we knew ourselves. Your enquiries are good but
your work won’t move on. -Ok sir, I’ll meet
you tomorrow. -Why? sir! This is Harish’s bail order. What is the news? I came to show my passport to you. -Passport? How did you get It in one day?
-It is available in the market. If I want to go, I can use this.
But I don’t want to use this. somehow, you should help me
to get an original passport. You have made me think. -collect his details and apply
for passport with my address. -Ok sir. -Do you have all the certificates?
-Yes. -Give 3 photographs
along with.. -Mine? Will they give passport
if I attached my photos? If you give me those 2,
I’ll go to passport office.. ..and I’ll do all the formalities. Give me Rs.1500.. Hello! You are so fast Who do you think she is?
she is a friend of sir’s daughter. Listen to me. Otherwise you won’t get your passport.
You only. Oh God! What a figure?
She is so arrogant She asked me to join and
dance with her Oh pretty! If I stare at you,
my heart throbs My eyes go crazy
seeing your beauty. Shall I love you as Majnu? Shall I grab you as Gajini? You killed me with your eyes. Come and join me once. Let us celebrate it now and then. Glance me once, Oh girl! Love me forever! Wearing LKG dress at College age.. Shed your shyness and fall on my lap Oh girl! Because of you
I feel incited. Your glance intoxicates me. A wrong may happen
for your pace. My desire overflows like a flood. Should touch and arouse this beauty. Should start the love game. Will you make me happy in that? Let’s stop it at an end. Has desire drenched in the love? It’s enough we crossed love bounds. -What is your job in Bangkok?
-in A travel agency. Here is your passport. No thanks, I’ve given
my address for the passport. Be careful. Uncle! I got my passport. -I am going to Bangkok.
-Ok. I don’t know when I will come back. -I want to see her before I Go there.
-want to see her? Take her with you. -Keep quiet.
-Don’t feel shy. This is her house.
she is a rich person. -Who is he? -You and I alone.
I have to watch here only. Is he music crazy? It’s enough to trap him.
Buddy! come. I told you about a talented person,
he is the one? -What did you tell?
-He is A movie director. Greetings sir. -What do you know?
-I know mimicry well sir. I have a grip on music sir. Director sir! Wait a minute.
Don’t you know acting? -you idiot.
-Idiot? You have won in the election
Because of the votes. You are living in A/c room.
But they’re living amidst mosquitoes. They are suffering from chickenguniya
but you are eating chicken biriyani. -you idiot.
-Idiot? How is it sir? He got mood.
Go, get the pen and paper. -sit here sir.
-not here, Take him inside. come sir.
sit here. sit here and write peacefully.
Luckily! sir is out of station. Don’t disturb him.
Go away. Ok sir. sit here. Will sir finish the script soon? You said that you have a grip on music.
can you handle the music direction? I’ll do excellently. sir! I can remix the old songs. Oh pleasant moon light..
Oh bright moon light.. I can remix this song sir. In the remix.. pleasant moon light..
Bright moon light.. Some pain starts in my heart
when I saw you.. -This is a remix.
-superb. You’ll cross Manisharma with this dose. -It’s re-remix sir.
-is it? -sing
-this tune is.. pleasant.. pleasant moon light. Bright.. Bright moon light. pleasant.. pleasant moon light. -Where are you?
-Madam! -What happened sir?
-Who is shouting there? Our madam sir.
I am coming madam. Has she seen you? so, You can start to Bangkok. I am Charan sir. Hi charan, I am Uthej.
Our office is in that building. He is charan. How do you know my name? -It’s my commonsense to know
his name who works with me. -Ok. Then, tell my name. Have you come to work with me
or have I come to work with you? -Don’t you have the responsibility
to know your boss’s name? -Right sir. It is called irresponsibility.
We don’t want that. My name is Babi. The company’s
name is Indo-Bangkok company. Your job is here to take care of the
tourists and show them around the city. It’s your duty and job. Listen! customers are Gods to me.
I’ll kill my own staff for customers. Already I’ve passed that news. I know what would you told him.
I am a sentimental fool, right? No sir. You are speaking English well.
It’ll be useful for the tourists. Give him training.
Go and show his room. We stay here only. This area is called sukun-B soi, 18.
In Bangkok, soi means road. This is our service apartment. -company took It on rent.
-It’s so nice. We can bring girls here occasionally.
No one will mind it. You can enjoy them. But you’ve tell about it a day earlier.. Otherwise both of us
will face problems. so, won’t they allow me here,
if I don’t bring girls. They would. Facilities are here.
You can use it. come, let’s go. Have you fallen in love? -Tell me.
-Yes. Who is she? charan! This is Pack-lan street. Thai boxing is very famous here. say sorry. -Tell charan.
-are you Telugu? Why do you stare at me? Bow your head down.
Bow your head down. I don’t like
if you stare at me like that. Bow down. What’s that looks. Don’t see me like that. You are not..
Tell me. Who told you to go there? What is your job there? Rowdies and gangsters will roam there. If you are shot dead there,
no one will mind about you. If you go there again,
I’ll shoot you. I’ve received a fax from Hyderabad. Most important customers are coming. ..don’t you know about him.. His daughter and
her friends are coming here. My dreams have come true today. It made me happy. It touched me as a Sitar. My heart sounds like
a Guitar string It’s a pleasant time. It’s a thrilling surprise. So, I flew in the sky with joy. I joined you in my dreams. I found a parrot for this Cheetah. Softly and gently… You hugged me fully. I drenched under love rain. And got tired in that. I’ve reached love today
after a long search. I was running after love aimlessly. Strangely and warmly.. My heart liked you very much. This is an unknown feeling. I got this new boon today. That’s my name. Why do you look short?
I heard you were very tall. The person who told you might be tall
but I am not. Your mobile is ringing. call from my boss. sir! Just now we have landed here. Truly, Bangkok should feel blessed. As your daughter has just landed here.. -seems He is an orchestra.
-Flatterer. They are our boys. They will be at your service 24hrs.
You can use them as you like. come madam.
Let us go to the guest house. -seems she is A bit fast.
Don’t know her gang. -They are also same. sir! I enquired about the weather report. If the climate becomes cloudy,
I won’t allow her to go out. Welcome madam.
We have booked this guest house for you. Are the rooms big?
she doesn’t like smaller ones. It is very big.
You are also going to see it. -is the water good in this pool?
-Yes sir. If we want hot water,
are there water heaters? Yes sir, you can adjust
the temperature as you wish. Often she gets mood at midnight
and swim in this water, If the water is cold,
she will shiver. -she won’t. -Why?
-I won’t allow her. -It’s ok.. -Go and
show their rooms to them. -Take this tip.
-I don’t want. -I am giving tip to you.
-No thanks Madam. Is this not enough for you? -Take it.
-I don’t take tips. Why won’t you take it? -I don’t like it.
-like it. You’ve come abroad. Keep that.
It’ll be useful for your expenses. -Who told you not to Take her tip?
-It is me. -you? -Why don’t you take it?
-I don’t want sir. Who are you to say like that?
If she gives tip, you should accept it If you don’t like it,
take it from her and give it to me. -come.
-Go charan. Don’t you take tip for your job? -What’s your name?
-charan. -What?
-charan. Take that money and go away. Everyone needs money. Give money but don’t throw it down. I don’t want money that is thrown to me -Why do you give It to me?
-Didn’t you ask? Enjoy yourself. I don’t want other’s money. Dear! I didn’t ask him. Take a red sketch pen
and under line his name. -I’ll see him.
-Let’s shoot him. Ok, I’ll arrange a gun for that. Hello! Arrange a double barrel gun
and two bullets. If we miss one bullet,
another one will hit him. she is not as smooth as you told. -Leave her. she is A small girl.
-A small girl? she is 19 years old. After 10 years she will complete 29 years
and she will have a son like him. Are you fine? He is speaking Telugu fluently. Lakshmi? He is also like you. Any live show? Really! Where? Dear!
Give me your card. How are you dear? Truly, I feel alone without you. Yes dear. This business and
money won’t give kick to me. same here dad.
Now you’ll say like that. After your marriage
you will go with him, won’t you? Who will bear me? I don’t have any marriage ideas. If anyone comes to marry me,
he’ll be finished. I have seen you somewhere. Who is it? I saw her long back.
Now she recognized me. Today she recognized you and
tomorrow she will kiss you. -Madam. – are They all your boys, right?
-Yes Madam. Do you know how they look like? We have not come to Bangkok. It’s looking like they have come
with 4 girls here. -Dear! -Arrange dress code
For all of them. -Ok. It should visible to everyone that we are
rich girls and they are at our service. Ok dear.
Yes. What did you show me? Will you come with me? Everyone got hurt badly due to the hits. Will I keep quiet,
if anyone troubles her? -Give the phone to her?
-Dear! Dear! Are you alright? I don’t know his name
but he handled that nicely. He is a bit arrogant. Ask him to be my body
guard from now He should be always with me. Don’t know I liked you very much. You have pierced into my heart. When I was in sedation,
you appeared in my dreams. First I didn’t want to,
later I changed slowly. Oh my dear! I have fallen
in love with you. Oh walking moon!
If I see you.. ..I am unable to sleep. Oh lovely beauty! Oh my sweet heart! I feel lucky
to walk with you.. Should I swing in the air for that? If you are with me.. ..should I sit idle
to enjoy your beauty? I have been like a tiger,
because of you I turned into cat. I am always in dreams with you.. Couldn’t believe
when you come before me. I lived for you.. I gave my heart to you. I’ve fallen in love with you. I can’t live without seeing you. Oh girl! My mind feels happy. Oh my sweet heart! -I’ve 10 boats like this. -Why’ve
you bought 10 useless boats? Keep it with you.
If you need anything, give me a buzz. 3 bedrooms madam. -Is there a gym here?
-No. -Why is It not there?
-What can I say for that? -is There A kitchen here?
-Yes. -Who cooks the food?
-It’s me. -Then, Who will ride the boat?
-That is also me. I take care of cooking and driving boat. Then, you may do it alone.
No need of us -Why does she call me disrespectfully? ?
-You don’t know about her. -your turn has started
-What? Do you like the boat? I hate this boat.
I don’t like this captain’s dress code. sir! What is this? Do they think
this is a ship or a dance club? The nets would tear. Why don’t you understand? sir! she is calling.. sorry madam.
I was talking to the Hyderabad manager. I want to blast this boat. Why do you take this much strain? -should we blast It with A bomb?
-will you blast It with A bomb? Is her father so great?
can he cancel my Bangkok license? Look! How he stares at us? What is your name?
What? Who bothers? Is she a lady?
she is a sankini (evil) in lady disguise. What does it mean? It’s called a type of fish.
It kills human. I want that fish for my dinner.
cook it. she looks so pretty sir. It’s simply superb sir. He always boasts about her
when they got into the boat. she is sneezing.. coughing and bending. seeing this girl other girls
also got spoilt. she is arrogant because she is rich. Why do we have them in the boat? Because they are rich, right? If they are not rich,
I’ll kill them myself instead of you. Is this a soup? Is this a soup? I want to pour it on your face. Wait madam. You want to pour
this soup on his face, right? Pour it on my head. Pour it. Don’t you know what to add in the soup? You..
You are fussing too much. Move aside sir. I should throw you into the sea. What did you tell your name is? What? When I watched you
from a long distance.. I enjoyed a lot,
but now it’s not like that. You get angry for everything Hoping to stop
our friendship now. Why are you so arrogant?
Oh beauty! If you keep throwing airs,
how can I bear it? I expected so much and
I loved you very much. If you behave like this,
I am irritated I lived for you.. I gave my heart to you. I’ve fallen in love with you. Change your behaviour. Oh girl! My mind feels happy. Oh my sweet heart! Why has he come with a lady gang? Are you fine? -They are massaging them superbly.
-Let’s do like that. They will kill us.
We can just watch them. -Do you want strong massage?
-No, I want soft. come. I want this massage. Don’t go to the edge.
You will fall into the sea and die. They will fall and die.
You’ll take the dead bodies in this boat. Give me a list with your complaints. We’ll collect the money,
making a bill for that. What do you think of
Indo-Bangkok company? Hello!
come here. -do you have beers?
-Yes. What will you mix in beer generally? water and soda If you want something special,
I’ll mix butter milk in beer. He is lying.
Nothing should be mixed in beer. Why did you lie to me? Their bodies are like sponges. I won’t forget you in my life. Why do you stare at me? Are you drunk? If I see you drinking again,
I’ll kill you. They caught us nicely. I’ll take her with me.
You take her with you. -Babblu! You Take her with you.
-one girl remains. If you have bad thoughts
in your mind, I’ll kill you. -Take them to their bedrooms.
-we told the same sir. -Take them. Get them up. What do they eat,
they are so heavy? charan! There is a rumor outside
that you love this girl deeply. Now she is in your hands.
How do you feel now? I felt happy seeing her from a distance. But now I am not feeling anything. I just hold her,
but there is no feeling in my mind. Look at her face. Once she was very cute. Now I hate to see her face. she is arrogant and proud. Along with she has drinking habit. Move aside.
I’ll lay her down in her room. I have never seen
like a 31st night in my life. Russian girls?
Where? Where are they? Wait, I’ll bring them too. come, let’s go for a Russian show.
We’ll come back within half an hour. -come, let’s go.
-sir, Sanjana hasn’t got up yet. We will come back before she gets up. -Then Ok.
-Charan! Take care of her. Don’t make her get up.
she wants to sleep for some time. -What show is here without me knowing?
-come, I’ll show you. should we get belly dancers
in Russian girls? Hey boy! Get me a cup of coffee. Why do you bring it without
Me completing my words? You should bring
after I tell everything. Got it? Where are the others? They have gone out and
would be back in an hour. Prepare fresh coffee and
get me after 2 minutes. Go away. If any girl comes to Bangkok,
I’ll tease her. But how can I let you tease me? That day I missed you. Tell me, what happened? come and drive this. You fought and saved me as a hero.
Do something. Move on. Have you hit me? -How dare you hit me?
-like this. shut up.
I’ll kill you here. shut up and sit. Don’t cry. Dear! Where are you? search there. -have you seen her?
-No sir. she is not to be seen anywhere. -call your boy once.
-Wait, He is calling. I am trying but his mobile
is out of reach. Or I don’t know whether
he has switched off the mobile. Where has he taken her? Wait. It won’t go,
if you say move. We should move our hands
in the water to go there. Otherwise we have to swim to reach there. Why do you shout? Nobody is here. -say sorry.
-for what? you hit me last night, right?
That’s why. If possible, I’ll hit you once again
but I won’t say sorry. call him.
I am ready. should I say something? I am resigning this job now. What can you do? I have doubt on your boy. He would kidnap her for money. What happened to her? Tell me. Where have you hidden her? What are you talking?
He is not like that. We don’t know how much
she’s troubling him -she is a killer fish?
-killer fish? Is she a killer fish? What do you think of her? If I make a movie..
you know what title will I select? ‘My dear girl is my life.’ ‘For the sake of my dear.’ If you talk too much..
Answer is my dear. How dare you abuse her? stop it sir. My boss is calling..
I don’t know what to tell him What is my daughter doing? she is sleeping inside.
should I wake her up? -Wait.
-should I wake her up? Tell me, should I wake her up? Let her sleep. If he calls again,
don’t know what to tell him What are you doing? It’s you.. I am shouting like an animal.. You idiot. I’ll kill you. It’ll pierce your throat. You’ll die. If you survive from it,
you can’t speak. I told without knowingly.? Don’t cry. Oh God! I can’t console them. Don’t cry! I feel like crying
seeing your sorrow. I am trying to find her. I should kill him. Do you want to eat it? -How can I eat it?
-will you eat or not? I am a lady tiger.
My dad brought me up like that. Tiger don’t eat fishes. Oh gosh! You call Sanjana’s father. I beg you.
I beg prostrating at your feet Your torture irritates me than her. -Whose house is this?
-That’s mine. -It’s yours? -It’s yours?
-Yes. -No, not at all. I’ll kick you Get up. -Tell me now
whose house is this?. -It’s yours. -Whose Island is this?
-That’s yours too. I am the king to this Island. This is my palace. You are my slave. Are you not? Why have you come to my palace? Get out. I am very lucky.
I get drinks even here. Oh girl! Will you drink this? Why? Don’t you feel thirsty? I feel so. I’ll slap you. Tell your dad.
He’ll bring mineral water for you. You are my slave. slaves don’t drink mineral water. -Kings only drink it.
-Yes. Not yes.
say, yes sir. Why do you look so fair? I don’t like you are being
so colourful. Give this to me. I feel tensed whenever
that girl arrives or departs. What should I do? I am not married. Who bothers if you are not married. Why do you cry? Are you starting a company? Why do you lay on me? Do you want to marry me? For what? Don’t press my nerves
and make me say yes. My body is too weak. Give some time let me think. I beg you.
Get out from here. come here. Get up. come here. -what?
-sing a song. I don’t know. Look! I am in full mood.
come on, sing. Do some dance and entertain. You.. class song? -Don’t you know about my class?
-Yes.. That means ‘Mass’ -what?
-Mass. You should sing to match my class. come on, sing. sing. Drum me up. Drum me up. I liked you very much
and like to play with you. Should sing about
Lord Rama and Krishna. Fall in love and get a shot in the heart Come, let’s drink and dance. Your love intoxicates me. When you are with me,
I’ll feel thrilled. Wait and see!
I’ll do you a body massage. When I feel amorous,
my hook disturbs me. Now let’s start our love game. We are low-class and
take the glass of drink. You are a jack of all trades,
so finish of the glass of drink. Let my fondles make
your body warm. Come, I’ll give you my body as feast. I glanced at you
after having gin. Stop your blabber and come with me. Don’t know what
your glance would do to me I feel aroused when I see you like this. It’s nice. If you concentrate a bit.. You’ve a bright future as a club dancer. You’ll be busy like Mumaith Khan? -Do you have Charan’s
phone number? -Why sir? call him and ask him to kill her. Why do you say so?
she is your life. Who bothers about her?
she is evil but not dear I am fed up working for her. she and her dad.. -Where is he?
-Here is.. He is the one You idiot! Are you her father? Is this how you bring her up? He is abusing Karthikeya not you. Do you alone have daughter? Then, nobody has daughters. Did she come from heaven? Was she born from nowhere? should I take care of her? Ever since she was born,
I became restless with tension. And I suffered with BP and sugar. If either you or your girl
will call me again.. Have you seen it?
This is a new angle. Who knows about one’s frustration? His move name is ‘Dear is my life.’ But it is his inner thought. You shouldn’t believe anyone,
with just his outward talk. My stomach is paining. I’ve cramps. How do you feel now? It pulls me down. It’s called hunger. Everyone..(censor cut) for that. -How much It is?
-what? -I want That fish.
-I won’t sell it. 50,000 rupees. Ok, I’ll give you 1,000 dollars
and this platinum chain. There are many things that
can’t be bought in this world. Including this fish. What do you want? Will you give me whatever I ask for? Whatever? Think well. see! You are thinking of food. It is the pain in life. Hunger makes many mistakes. Understand it. I am asking what you don’t expect. You should wash my clothes. Eat this fish and wash my clothes. Here have it. Be careful.
Fish thorns will be there. There is no salt and pepper.
It’s ok for you? Has boss come? Where is she? I’ll slap you,
if you yell here about her. Make a call and tell him… -That she is missing.
-is it? Why are you scared?
Tell him. It is 2 days since she is gone missing. -call him.
-Don’t know what to tell him? Oh God! I am in a dilemma What happened? -your daughter is missing.
-what? Your daughter is missing. I was scared to call you. Girl! What is your name? I’ll call you as my wish. You ate only a fish.
Did you get this much energy? Wash it clean. -are you fine?
-we are in tension. -You don’t want bother about us.
-Don’t bother. My boss is coming. If he comes here,
he’ll kill all of us. -I’ll tell how she got lost
-I’ll tell you how you will die. come. Don’t try to call me softly. You should be scared when you talk
and address with respect. You should call me in that tone. Keep it down. Take this tip. Tip? For me? Give me your tip sir. That’s it. Ok. What is his real name? I don’t now sir.
But he has some name. -do you know his passport number?
-No sir. How did you give him a job
without knowing about him? Who is he and
from where has he come.. He is very good person.
Don’t suspect him unnecessarily. He is a gem. -do you have his photo?
-I’ll get it from my house. Then, do that. You come here. Where does he stay in Bangkok?
Go and check it. search for his passport. Find out about him when and how
did he come and why has he come? Find out the travel agency
which booked his ticket. He came by Venkateswara travels agency. I have never massaged anyone like this. I have not taken massage like this. We got this passport from his room. I can find all his detail with this. Take this and find his details Both my daughter’s and
his photo should be telecasted… all TV channels in
Thailand in 24 hours. What happened? You look so pretty. come. come I say. Where are you going? come. Don’t worry. I won’t do anything. Do you know why I won’t do? Because I like you. I liked you very much. I loved you. Don’t think this started in Bangkok. It started long back Do you know where I saw you first? From that day onwards. I went behind you. Wherever you go,
I would be there. invisible to you. I enjoyed seeing you from distance. I have come to your house
before I came here. You too saw me. I heard and felt very happy
that you were coming here. But I started hating you after
seeing your behaviour. I hated your arrogance. I am not asking you to love me. change your behaviour. Treat human as human. I wanted to tell you this. Usually she takes soup at this time. Dear! -are you worrying very much?
-Yes sir. Tell me the truth. You planned and
kidnapped her for money. Are you showing your innocence? No sir, I am a very good person. You are all good people but
I am only bad person. I agree. Let’s settle the deal. Tell me, how many crores do you want?
But give me my daughter to me. sir! I didn’t kidnap her.
but that Charan would have kidnapped her. -Why would He kidnap her?
-money makes to do anything. -Then, you said That He is a gem.
-I just thought come with me. I know all about you. I won’t forget January 5th. You too won’t forget it. Because your mother died that day. your father liked you very much. Dear! I love you.
You are in my heart. Won’t I recognise
if you come before me? Nothing interesting
before love is disclosed.. Later, it is full of surprises. It is a dream before meeting each other.. Later, it starts a new story. I am getting crazy. Some changes happen to me. It makes me go forward
and disturb. Don’t know it’s a boon or a gift. Cloud turns as rain like you. Let’s come close. Let’s enjoy it. She giggled at me with her eyes. She laughed at me excitingly. She covered my heart. You drenched my body
with your sweat. She gets crazy. She yells with joy. When she moves over me.. body becomes numb. Some strange eyes stare at you. Couldn’t believe that you are with me. Truly, I am not like myself. You’ve changed me a lot. Don’t know what happened. Couldn’t get sleep. When you are with me.. I become as a slave to this king. She gets anxious. She waits eagerly. She pulls me with her glance. She makes me to fulfill my desire. Oh dear! Don’t know what happened later. Couldn’t believe that,
you are in my heart. I was a Romeo then.
Now I am a lover boy. My dream has come true.
That’s why this happiness. What did you tell about him?
Was he a gem? -Yes sir,
-do you know who He is? He was in prison for 12 years.
He studied in reformation school? Are you having a gang
Of criminals in Bangkok? I’ve a doubt on these guys too.
From which prison have you come? Charlapalli or Musheerabad.
Tell me. -I’ll kill you.
-they are innocent. believe me sir. Book an helicopter immediately and.. -Don’t call them?
-Why? What happened? Maybe he is my father. I don’t like to leave from here. My dad won’t accept for our marriage. Let us stay here. I only loved you.. ..but I never knew that you love me too. I wanted to see you like that.. I didn’t think
to share my life with you. I should tell you about my past. You should know who I am. My mom.. My father.. And me.. I was in the jail for 12 years
for my mother. After I got released from the jail.. ..I got to know of my mother’s death. My only aim is to avenge Mattu Bhai. I enquired about Mattu Bhai with
every criminal in the jail. -Why do you bother about Mattu Bhai?
-I know about him well. He became a big shot. His range is different.
He shifted overseas. I came to Bangkok for Mattu Bhai
not for a living. He is here for sure. He changed as
a big shot in past 10 years. He is operating from Bangkok. He earned crores of money. Biku is his son. I thought to meet him
here with his son’s help. Meanwhile, I knew that
he is coming to Bangkok. I waited.
I didn’t sleep for 18 days. I got a chance to meet him.
I’ve seen him. But he gave me a slip It happened a month ago. since then he didn’t come to Bangkok. It’s sure he’ll die,
when he comes here. Either I’ll die or
Be jailed in this process. Forget the idea of marriage. How are you dear?
Are you alright? Ask them don’t hit him.
He didn’t kidnap me. Don’t hit him.
Leave him. Ask them not to do anything to him. I can’t bear,
if anything happens to him. Kill him. What? Why are you crying? Dear! When did you come here
and love him? He is an orphan. He came to Bangkok to survive. need that low-class guy? Has your generation decided like this? Like rich person should
elope with poor person.. ..and poor person should
ogle at rich person. Is there any rules like that? Tell me, what attraction is the poor? Do you know it from your childhood? Have you studied and got Ph.D. on this? Did you join her in
a normal school or love school? You don’t know about love. I don’t know, tell me. Tell me! I don’t know about love. When I have busy meetings,
I enquire about you. What is that?
It is called crazy but not love, right? When I heard your missing, I got
pain in my heart. What is it called? It is not love, right? I couldn’t sleep since two days?
What is that? It is not love, right? I brought you up with my love,
in your view it’s my responsibility. But what passion he showed
on you so-called love? It’s better to bring up a dog
instead of a daughter. It stays with us at home. Even it sees a pretty dog on the road,
it’ll bark at that but not elope with it. I’ll give you a nice dog as a gift.
But leave me. You will. It’s better to get a dog from America
than sending her to America. Book next flight for her.. If that’s not available,
book a charted flight. she has changed a lot. Is she my daughter..? Dear! Where is she sir? she would have gone to buy a dog. I am cute and pretty girl. I’ll obey your orders. Catch me, hold and hug this beauty. I am seeing lust in your eyes,
Come and join me. My youth is after you
when it becomes crazy. Oh king! Enjoy me.
play with this beauty. Get me up and hold me. Oh queen of beauty!
I’ll start the play. Find the way and do it. Come to befriend this Cheetah! Be the hostess and service him. Let’s dance! My desire should be fulfilled
before dawn. My urges should get accepted. With delight kisses and hugs.. body should get incited. When my body thirst rises.. Should do a secret love with you. Oh elegant dear! Worship this beauty. Come and take me fully. I salute your beauty. This king bow at your beauty. Come and play equal to me. Twinkle twinkle little star,
Come to me. Come and hug me. Would mesmerise you with love. Should I come with you? Let’s use all love formulas.. Let’s start the play after get full mood. Let’s make love with strange tunes
and delightful moments. Let’s drench in our love play. Let’s make this night unforgettable. -Have you taken away my
daughter again? -I have not. You haven’t. But you made
her to come herself. What craft have you taught her?
she has forgotten our relation in a week. Listen! Ask me how much
money do you want? But give me my daughter to me. Ask me how much ever you want?
Will you listen to me? -Yes dad.
-your dad will go to dogs. Watch Thai channel. He is shown in the TV. He is in Bangkok. I am cheating you. Yesterday I spoke to your dad. Ask me how much do you want?
Do you listen to me? How much do you want?
Why don’t you speak? Won’t you give her back,
if I offer you something? I’ll give you your mother
Will you give me my daughter? -What? -I’ll give you your mother
for whom you went to jail Will you give me my daughter? You went to jail for
12 years for your mother. Do you know she is alive? Yes, it’s true.
she is alive. I’ll give you your mother,
will you give me my daughter? I’ll give you your mother. Your mother will be in Bangkok in 24 hrs. You should keep your word. Your mother will be in Bangkok in 24 hrs. That’s it. You have your father. My mom has no one except me. You go with your dad. What are you talking Charan?
Are you crazy? So long this distance
gave pain in heart.. After seeing you,
I shed tears of happiness. Until now I was alone,
now I am with you.. Are you my boy? You have grown up
My dear! passion comes out.. My dear! One minute sir. I didn’t know that my mom was alive. I didn’t think that I’ll see her again. I know how much I was worried for my mom. I am thankful to you. I don’t want your daughter.
I don’t want her love. I’ll thank you lifelong. I don’t know I helped you. I enquired about your mother
because I love my daughter. Venkateswara Rao cheated
you and your mother. He left your mother
alone getting entire money. I found her after a long search. That’s what I did. You went to jail in childhood for me. Now you are losing her because of me. Why? Don’t lose her.
Go and bring her. -Go. -No mom. He shouldn’t
get any trouble because of us. I won’t come. No mom. Wait. I want to tell you something. I have an idea who loves
his mother like you. someone is taking away your fiancee
Go and bring her. Go and get your fiancee. Mom! Be careful. Who are you? Where did you come from? I want to see you again.
come. Leave me. Why did you attack me? Were you paid for it? Then, you wanted to kill me? -I wished so.
-What is your wish? I wished to kill you. Is it a revenge? What have I done to you? Did I do any atrocity
to you or your family? Which is your native? I killed so many person’s dad. You are son of which father? What is your father name? Tell me your address. Then I’ll get a clue. -Tell me.
-I need not Tell you. But I need to kill you. He won’t tell if you ask him like that. Tell me. Why do you stare? -cheetah looks only like this.
-is it? -Why did you come to Bangkok?
-to hunt. -For me? Do you know one thing? I brought you here to hunt you. I’ll make you run in this jungle
and kill you. Today we are going to hunt this cheetah. You cheetah! Run away. Dad! Kill him. Don’t leave him. I’ll show him how to hunt. Run away. Have you seen him? You didn’t listen to me? -now the game is interesting.
-What is so interesting? Hide there. This jungle and hunt is mine. I am the cheetah Kill That scoundrel. Move the vehicle. Now I’ll hunt you. Try to escape from me. Run away. -Are you his son?
-Now have you got the clue? I am son of which father. Plane is ready. How do we go in that?
Do you know to fly? -I didn’t learn all this in jail.
-Then how? call my uncle and
ask him to send a pilot here. -Uncle? who is your Uncle?
-your father. He only asked me to
go and bring my fiancee. Remind him once.
call him.


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