China Is Censoring Coronavirus Stories. These Citizens Are Fighting Back. | NYT News

China Is Censoring Coronavirus Stories. These Citizens Are Fighting Back. | NYT News

Voices like these from Chinese
citizens are very rare. People who are
willing to speak out about the government’s
attempts to control news about the deadly coronavirus. They asked to
remain anonymous, because what
they’re doing could put them and their
families at great risk. But these people are part of a
new wave of Chinese citizens, fighting to get
the message out in a country that aggressively
censors information. Accounts or messages like
these calling for free speech are quickly scrubbed
from the internet. Or videos like this, showing
people frustrated about life under lockdown. [clanging] Posted online one day,
but gone the next. But the crisis over
the coronavirus is changing the landscape,
for now at least. Everyday citizens are
preserving and reposting information the government
doesn’t want out there. Experts say this kind
of digital resistance is happening at a scale
they’ve never seen before. Social media networks like
YouTube, Facebook and Twitter are blocked in China. But internet savvy
people use techniques that allow them to
repost censored content to these platforms, while
staying under the radar of authorities. They’re creating
a visual archive by preserving videos
like this one, showing overwhelmed hospitals. [screaming] And they’re reposting
people’s personal stories. Some are also turning to
less obvious platforms, including GitHub, which is a
site mostly used by coders. Another taboo Chinese
citizens are pushing back on? They’re making open
and widespread calls for freedom of speech. These were triggered by the
death of Dr. Li Wenliang. He was an early whistleblower
who warned about the virus, and was punished by
officials for speaking out. He died in early February
from the coronavirus. Right after his
death, the hashtag “I want freedom of
speech” started to trend on Weibo, a Chinese
social media site. Then, it was quickly
censored by the government. Dr. Li’s become an icon
in the online fight for freedom of speech
between censors and citizens. So, who’s winning? For now, citizens are
staying a step ahead of the authorities. But a renewed
government crackdown could test the strength of
this digital resistance.


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    Muyi Xiao

    Hi, I am Muyi, one of the producers of this video. Thank you all for watching. I recently joined The Times Visual Investigations team. If you have any questions regarding the video, please feel free to post them in comments, I'll try my best to answer. Thank you!

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    k quat

    These brave people could lose their kidneys and other internal organs for their efforts. And the authoritis don't even use anesthetics to perform the harvesting.

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    Zihao Liu

    suddenly, the first language for Chinese doctors is English! loved how it goes, I presume that I can cover my eyes and faces to tell the story to Chinese media about how fast it is facebook deleted posts from a nurse in Washington state's hospital, with a few paid and/or patients' relative, this should be a really great propaganda against how US government performs now.

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    FAKE CORONA VIRUS FEAR MONGERING. All these cases and scenarios are completely controlled and fabricated. Dont let them control you with fear people

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    P S

    Long live the chinese people. YOU are the nation. YOU are the voice. YOU are the ones that make the difference. The system you have make you suppress yourselves. Leave it and become free. Free in speech, free in opinion, free in politics, free from oppression. The rest of the world want to know chinese people and culture free from gag. ❤

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    Jose J. Bronze

    Stay vigilant but…. do really stay vigilant! –> American bots at it again like in Libya / the Arab spring…?

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    Po Popo

    Nobody has yet commented about a possible worst case scenario. So, I will right now. So far, as of 3-7-2020, for the past three days according to, the new infection cases around the world have increased by 10,004, 9.4%, and the deaths have increased by 2060, 7.3%. That is an extremely large percentage increase in ONLY the last three days. And it's been about two or three months since the first virus-infected person appeared.

    All of the other previous different viruses that appeared before showed signs of lessening amounts of new infections within a much shorter period of time. So, if the percentage of new Coronavirus infections keep increasing in the coming months and possibly years, it's going to cause ALL of the World's Stock Markets to crash and economies to collapse because almost every product made by all the different countries around the World will not be able to be produced as much as before causing tens of thousands of businesses to close putting tens of millions of people out of work around the World.

    The price of Oil yesterday dropped $2.60 bringing the price of Oil per barrel to ONLY $41.64. That is the lowest price per barrel since 4-7-16, four years ago.The price of Oil currently dropping so quickly is due to a lessening demand for Oil, Diesel and Gasoline because there are less products being delivered, less air travel, less ocean cruises and less products being manufactured that use Petroleum products.

    And if the Coronavirus keep spreading at its current rate, or worse, there will be such fewer people leaving their homes to go to work, college, schools and not traveling anywhere and saving their money for just food and paying their utility bills, it will cause ALL countries economies to collapse more than ever seen before!

    I am NOT joking around making these VERY possible predictions. This is one of the most serious things/issues the peoples of the World and the World economies may have to experience and there may the nothing anybody can do to stop it if this virus if it keeps spreading out of control. And we all better hope that this virus doesn't mutate/change to be able to float around in the air longer or to sit on surfaces of products that are being manufactured and sold around the World.

    Can you imagine if people around the World realize that products manufactured in China could carry the Coronavirus into their homes around the World? That means NOBODY will be purchasing any products made in China which will destroy China's economy and then cause the rest of the World's economies to soon crash with them. This is a VERY possible scenario.

    Please share with us what YOU believe may happen.

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    Rosh S


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    Gellybean Riley

    Our country is getting bad about censoring also & spying on us. I think because they know we know how corrupt they all are.

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    Faye Almir

    Sad to say but I think this is the order. A part of the agenda.. To reduce the population. I hope everyone stays more vigilant.. safety and humanity is what is lacking now. Let's all pray for each and everyone. Stay strong people of Wuhan and every country that has Covid.

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    Aniko Pancok

    I knew it from the beginning this is will happening and it’s going to happen every country. The virus started from the government planted in food so we all can dye.. this is Wore world 3 !!!!!!!!!!

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    Aneta Mladenovska

    There is a certain level of horror in having the #Iwantfreespeech being blocked by your very government.

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    First hong kong and now the virus? Applause to the Chinese government, please leave the stage now. You're practically shooting everyone with a sniper at the back of their head

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    peter pam

    10 yrs ago Govs everywhere were PUBLICLY saying that for 1st time in History we will have SOOO many older people COLLECTING PENSIONS, There is not enough money to pay them ….THATS ON RECORD ! they ALSO said > who would look after the Millions of OLD people??

    The Horrible COSTS of MEDICAL CARE…..Thats>>> ON RECORD.!! > WHAT PEOPLE DIE…..THE ABOVE !!!!!!!!!

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    Canada 단풍이

    I cant believe this is happening right now on the other side of the world… What can we do to help them? I really want to do something to change this mess and help them out

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    Therese Ember

    I feel so deeply sorry that they’re suffering. They’ve lost so many of their loved ones. They certainly have every right to freedom of speech.
    Praying for healing 🙏

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    Kelly Wood Cazee

    Please God Help them. Calling all angels to guard them and the Rights given at conception in Jesus name. Amen. #BOC #KOG #UnitedWeStand #WWG1WGAworldwide

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    Freedom of speech does not exist…. Canada does not even have it. Canada had so many protests and they were suppressed. Canada journalism is dead, they are too left or too right. Canada journalism focus other people problem rather than their own problem. None of them write solution.

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    Erin apple

    Doctor Li

    His name should go in history as being a Hero. All of those in favor say " I " HELP SPREAD HIS NAME SO THE CHINESE GOVERNMENT ADMITS THAT THEY DID WRONG.

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    China’s virus is now under control. I am dying to see how will the United States of Democracy will deal with it.

    Oh yeah I remember your president said it magically go away in April.

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    Delen Lawson

    New York Times , How about report the facts. Freedom of speech needed to be practiced carefully. Some bad people is using this as a weapon to toxic people’s mind. China isn’t ready for this game yet.

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    Cinnamon Girl

    This actually made me cry, I'm so sorry to all those in China who are feeling the effects of this virus the most, we hear you and we believe you and we care! 💓

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    Warn Ryne

    just very few people will agree with that.but in province hubei,some officials are severely punished because of the virus.but the US media are inclined to report the dark side of china,which fools the people losting time to prepare for the virus.

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    genzu k

    There’re some suspicions that Chinese government made this Wuhan virus artificially. Chinese gov and their servant WHO are the global enemy now.

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    Rashid Junusbekov

    So, does it mean that Donald Trump covers up coronavirus in the US too, like in China? I am asking because the US gives as much information as China did. Moreover, Donald Trump told that Covid-19 is nothing more than flu.

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    Flower Girl

    The country probably created the virus and then when it is spread world wide they will cash in on the costly treatment that may already exist.

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    Yang Fan

    I am Chinese, some of the video clips we see on our TikTok, and it got millions of views. I don't know if that's censoring. as for freedom of speech, we all know what's going on. lots of people, doctors, nurses, volunteers, and others who fight for the Covid-versus have died. please consider the facts when the outbreak happened, all of sudden, you have tens of thousands of patient, the panic, the understaffed, under-resourced, lack of information, lack of everything, you can't save everyone and everything,it's a real tragedy and heartbreaking. if you are a leader, all you can do is to try your best to organize to help those who need help. as a normal citizen, the best I can do now is not to blame but to support. friendly advice to people all over the world, please protect yourself and your family. the pandemic is not over, in China media, we don't think you guys take this seriously, lots of people still not wear masks, Please be aware and careful. for those who died and suffered, we can't say we really feel you.because your loss are unimaginable, the helpless when some of them saw their father, mother, siblings died, the whole family dies, can't do anything about it. we will try our best to support and understand them. and don't make their sacrifices waste away for nothing. because the fight is not over yet. all systems have a weakness, it needs time and experience to improve. and we don't want more outbreaks in other countries, overseas the confirmed cases are over 25000. Please be careful.

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    maria f


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    TIME TO ELIMINATE POPULATION!!! That's exactly what they're doing to us !!! Wont look as obvious as "AUSCHWITZ".

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    There`s a billion people in China. No wonder "many" people die from this. Many of course being relative.

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    Sky Blue

    The world should give a big thanks to the 🇨🇳 Chinese communist party leader chairman Xi, he made a big decision to control the virus and save millions of people’s lives

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    I'm telling this, Govt. of China is gonna face a major protest one day. It's so absurd. I can't even imagine living with the policies they have in China.

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    Barry Smith

    only when people of china unite as one and fight for freedom will the change from communism to freedom happen. The tree of liberty must be watered by the blood of patriots and tyrants from time to time.

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    Wang cheng Channel

    Wow very dangerous people’s China government very dangerous for people China the country China
    Everyone very hot everything not good people China

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    Barry Smith

    citizens must help themselves. you have the numbers . you want freedom fight for it. nobody gives it, it is won by war… fight back. fight . or remain a number under the thumb of monsters.

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    Mary Dobney

    My question is why china kept quiet and now its spreading all over , now now It' s over here too USA ? its seem like they do not care at all about middle class or low class they only care for it the higher class why?

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    One simple question, if one day US could eradicate falungong, and arrest li hongzhi, then we can get closer to freedom of speech. I hope I can get freedom of speech. So I use vpn to surf on Youtube and Twitter. But to tell the truth, these places have too many hatred rumors about China. So nobody is on behalf of justice. I wish one day I can live in a country where there is no war about ideology and cult.

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    The Chinese Communist Party can’t hide their lies anymore. This technology they are trying to use on their own citizens will be their undoing. I’m actually an American currently living in China.

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    David Hidalgo

    The coronavirus and the Hong Kong protest will/has sparked a revolution in China. The economy will tank in the future but will make a comeback

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    alan arman

    I hope they find cure soon. These people are just trying to live their live but pressure from the goverment and society are taking tolls. Those lockdown

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    Anna BB

    We soooo appreciate what your risking, and wish you well dear ones. Sending hugs and love❤️🧡💛.
    BE STRONG💪 without your knowledge we are blind an in serious trouble.

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    Adolf Hitler

    The Chinese women are known for screaming and making dramas in public.
    And yes, I've lived in China for 2 years so i know what i'm talking about.
    Don't get me wrong. I'm not saying that it's wrong to expose the lies and fight for free speech though. I just saw many like that one on her balcony and the screaming one more than once when i was there. They shame their husband or boyfriend in public when they don't do what they ask of them. Often the guy bowing is head down like a dog. Took my months before i started to ask the guys why they weren't fighting back. It's because of the demographic. There're more men than women in China so women have the overwhelming choice of the most obedient man. The men are scared that they won't find another woman as a result and do whatever the girl ask of them.

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    Grand Princess docked in Oakland, where 3500 passengers will be quarantined for a few weeks. Grand Princess is an incubator of the virus now. One of the passengers is suffering from a stage-4 cancer. This is a violation of human rights.

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    Trixster Million

    This is the end of the world! A plague the likes have which have never even been imagined by the most twisted of minds! Euthanize your children now so they don't suffer. Free your dogs and cats so they don't begin to starve and have to resort to feasting upon your rotting, pestilent corpse.

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    So ha

    Freedom of speech does not represent truth, and freedom of the press does not represent facts

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    Pavel Kish

    Not trying to sound rude.. but lets understand why the government don't want people to panic? Is that because they don't want chaos but fixing the problem with a help of random civilians or because something else?

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    Fredee Moon

    After watching " contagion " film, i know exactly how alot of things are kept from us, by the government. Please watch this film.

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  100. Post

    I supporting on del those negative info as it is really good to resolve the issues had in China. Look at now, because of control well that’s why China have over come this COVID-19 virus.

    Stability is important than free speech. Li is not whistleblower at all, if you looking for truth should be the person whom leaking out the information out certainly not him.

    Speech? So you want to create the panicking and mess that had just like Australia stocking up toilet paper and then selling online 10times price. Is this what you after.

    Shame on you NYT

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