Catchy Headlines – How to write a headline that stops the scroll

Catchy Headlines – How to write a headline that stops the scroll

Melinda Kitto: Let’s face it, there is a
sea of crappy content online these days and it’s really easy for quality content to just
get lost amongst the noise. So if you want your content to stand out from
the crowd, you need to know how to craft really catchy headlines that stop that monotonous
scroll and get the right people to sit up and pay attention. And in today’s video, I’m going to share my
best tips for crafting attention grabbing headlines without spending hours at your computer
watching that little blinking cursor of doom. Plus, if you stay till
the end of this video, I’m going to share how you can get your hands on my secret headline
writing formulas, which will have you pumping out absolutely killer headlines that convert
in literally minutes. So if you want to get your hands on that,
keep on watching. For tips on how to nail
your marketing message and how to describe what you do, in juicy and compelling language
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video every single week. So let’s dive right into
these tips. Tip number one when it
comes to writing really catchy headlines is to think about where your content is actually
appearing and whose attention you actually want to attract. Because depending on which
platform you prefer to share it on, you need to use different tactics to make sure that
your headline is going to catch attention. So for example, if you
like to post your blogs, your videos and your live streams on a platform like Facebook or
Instagram, your content is going to be appearing in the newsfeed. As opposed to if you prefer using platforms
like Youtube or Pinterest where your content is far more likely to appear in search. So if you’re trying to
show up in search, you really need to make sure that your headline or your title actually
reflects what people would be typing into a search function. I mean, think about it, if
you’re typing into the search function, “how to groom your dog”… when you see those search
results come up, which are the headlines or the titles that are likely to grab your attention? Something that reflects what you are actually
searching for right? But it’s a different playing
field when it comes to the newsfeed. Because if you think about how we behave when
we’re scrolling through a newsfeed, we’re literally just scrolling, scrolling, scrolling,
and we’re waiting for something to catch our attention and draw us in. So you’ve got to think
about what would actually catch your potential client’s attention as they’re mindlessly scrolling
through that newsfeed. And it’s usually one of three things. And the first one is pretty
simple…. Entertainment. We click on headlines and titles that we think
are going to be entertaining. That’s why if anybody ever posted a video
of hilarious people slipping on ice, I’m going to be clicking on that thing because that
is going to entertain me all day long. The second thing that catches
our attention is something that sparks our curiosity. Something that makes me think, “oh, I wonder
what that actually is. Oh, I wonder what the answer to that question
might be”. But the third is the most
important, because even if it’s entertaining, even if it makes me curious… If it is not relevant to me, then I’m not
going to be clicking. So particularly if you’re
trying to attract a particular type of client, you want to make sure that your headline or
your title is very relevant to what they would be interested in, or the kind of information
that they would want to know the answer to. So I want you to really keep those things
in mind when you are crafting those catchy headlines. Does your content need to be the thing that
people click on when they’re typing something into search? Or does it need to be the kind of thing that
stops that mindless scroll and catches their attention and makes them want to click? And as a little bonus tip,
I want you to really consider who are you trying to attract? Who do you want to actually click on your
content. Because I’m sure you already have at least
some kind of warm audience who know who you are. Hopefully they like you and it wouldn’t matter
what your headline or your title actually says, they would just see your name and they
would click on that content because they already know they’re going to enjoy it. But if you’re wanting to
attract a NEW audience to your content and get the eyeballs of a more colder audience,
people who have never heard of you before, then your title has to do all the work. You need to make sure that that headline is
either stopping that scroll with something relevant that makes me stop and pay attention
or is the automatic answer that of course I’m going to click on when I type it into
search. So I want to know where you
prefer to share your content. Comment below and let me know which platform
you love to share your content on and therefore whether your headline needs to interrupt the
scroll or be found in search. Tip number two when it
comes to writing catchy headlines is to make sure you are being clear, not clever. This is a trap that so many content creators
fall into. Because we feel like in order for us to stand
out, we need to be fancy or we need to be funny or we need to be really clever, little
quirky or we need to use some kind of unique angle that makes us stand out from the crowd. And look, to be honest,
your little clever quirks might work great for a warm audience who already know you and
get you, but if you’re trying to attract, a colder audience… If you want to attract new people into your
community, you need to make sure that they actually get what it is that you’re trying
to say and get how it’s relevant for them. The thing that you’ve got
to remember is when you are fighting against that scroll, you have literal milliseconds
to catch people’s attention and make them understand that they want what you’ve got
to offer. If you’re making me think too much, I just
can’t be bothered and I’m scrolling on by. That’s not because we’re jerks. It’s just literally like you haven’t caught
my attention. I’m going to use a really
ridiculous example here… But have you ever been to a networking meeting
where somebody introduces themselves and they give themselves some kind of really fancy
title, like they’re a “nocturnal transformational therapeutic consultant”. And you’re like, “oh, so what does that mean?” And they go, “oh, well I’m a sleep consultant. I help people sleep better.” It’s like, “why didn’t you just say that?” And the exact same thing
applies to your titles. Don’t make people think, don’t make me go,
“oh, what does that even mean?” Because I don’t care enough yet to bother
to find out. So you need to be really
clear instead of being clever. Otherwise I don’t get it. And I’m scrolling on by, because you missed
your opportunity to grab my attention. Tip number three here is
to make sure that you are positioning your thing as something that your potential peeps
would either want or need. As creatives, it can be really easy to get
caught up in what WE want to communicate. But you’ve really got to keep in mind what
your potential client would actually want to consume. So let’s use a little example
here. Let’s say that you’re a nutrition consultant
and you have written an amazing blog piece about the benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar,
and so you put it out there into the world with that headline, “The benefits of Apple
Cider Vinegar”. That’s great, but is that headline what you
want to communicate or is it what your potential clients would actually want to consume? Unless I’m massively into
diet and lifestyle and nutrition and all of those kinds of things, I’m probably not going
to be clicking on your content. Unless you position that exact same topic
as something that I would actually want to consume. So if you use a headline
more along the lines of “Boost your weight loss efforts by drinking this one thing every
single day”… now I want to know. Now you’ve positioned that as something that
I actually really need to know the answer to. Now that exact same piece of content is going
to get WAY more clicks because it speaks to a problem that your potential people actually
really want help with. Tip number four when it
comes to writing catchy headlines is to tackle my immediate objection. Now whenever you make a
claim or a promise in your headline, my brain is going to immediately throw out potential
objections. It’s like a little “bullshit-ometer” goes
beep beep beep beep… I’m not sure I’m buying that. So you could use a headline
like “How to lose 10 pounds”… and my brain is immediately going to say, “yeah, but I
bet I’m going to have to live off Kale for the next six months”. But if you use your headline
to immediately address that objection, now you’ve got me. And the way that you can
do that, is you can use “without” statements. And what I mean by that, is you can say something
like, “How to get the thing that you want, without the thing that you don’t want”. For example, “How to lose
10 pounds without ever setting foot in a gym”. So you’re using your headline to tell me the
outcome that I actually want, but you’re saying you can have that outcome WITHOUT having to
do this thing that you don’t want. Another alternative that
you can use is an “even if” statement. And an “even if” statement addresses the immediate
excuses that I’m going to throw up, which will say, “oh, I can’t do that because of
this”. So you’re going to frame
this headline as “How to get this thing that you want, EVEN IF you’re worried that this
thing will stop you”. For example, you could
say something like, “How to launch your online course, even if you don’t have a big list”. Can you see how that immediately
addresses the objection that I’m going to throw up there? “Oh look, I’d love to launch my course, but
I don’t have any kind of list”. “Well, I’m going to show
you how to launch your course, even if you don’t have a big list”. Now you’ve got me. I’m like, “oh, I didn’t even know that was
possible” and I’m going to be clicking on your content to find out how to do that. Now if you were to incorporate
just those tips, you are going to see a massive increase in views and clicks on your content. But I want to make sure that you avoid that
blinking cursor of doom that I mentioned earlier. So to help make sure that
you don’t get stuck, I’ve put together a free guide with 15 of my favourite formulas to
craft killer headlines, literally in minutes. Now formulas are great, but some people worry
that if they’re going to use a formula for writing their headlines, that their content
is going to end up sounding like everybody else’s. So in this free guide, not only do you get
those 15 formulas, but I’m actually going to teach you exactly how to find your own
unique, juicy and compelling language to put into those formulas so that they don’t just
smash it out of the park and get way more views and clicks, but that your content sounds
perfectly unique to you. So to get your hands on that
free guide, click on the link in the description of this video. If you liked this video,
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know to make more videos just like this one. Now it’s time for you to
practice. Comment below and tell us what you do, using
one of those “without”, or “even if” statements. For example, I could tell you that “I help
people to absolutely nail their marketing message even if they think they totally suck
at writing copy”. See what I did there? And if you’re one of the
first people to comment, I’ll actually jump in and give you feedback as to how you can
make that statement even juicier. And make sure you stay
tuned for next week’s video where I’m going to share my best tips for writing landing
page copy that converts like crazy. And when I say crazy, I’m talking upwards
of 78% conversions from organic traffic. That ain’t normal, and so you’re not gonna
want to miss this one. So stay tuned and I will
see you in the next video.


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    Champagne & Gumboots

    Great video Melinda! I have to say I have content on pretty much every platform and lately I think I've gotten a little bit lazy and just share the same headlines/captions on everything. Thanks for the food for thought, definitely going to be looking at crafting new and catchy headlines individual to the platform!

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    Suehila Smith

    Hi Melinda, I like your second point – "be clear and not clever" because people are searching for something and like you said, what's relevant for them. Great video, with lots of good information and reminders, thanks!

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    Champagne & Gumboots

    Loving the Without and Even/If Statements! Here's one for me: "Learn how to bake gluten free without needing to buy a heap of ingredients you'll only use once!"

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    Drost Video

    Great tips for writing catchy headlines…I think the audiences react differently for different social media platforms

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    Sunny Lenarduzzi

    Ohhhh LOVE this topic! These are such great tips, going to include them in my next headline brainstorm 🙂

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    Prince Evangelista

    I join a competition of copy reading and i won 7 place…. My coach said that i have chance to won the 1st place when my headline is catchy

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