Big Brother is WWWatching You – feat. George Orwell [RAP NEWS 15]

Big Brother is WWWatching You – feat. George Orwell [RAP NEWS 15]

Welcome back, netizens, to this newest edition in Juice media’s series of Rap News journalism with me, Robert Foster: this evening we’re actively delving in depth to facts which affect all of us who dwell on this internet and we’ve got to give a special welcome to all the ladies and a-gents, from the NSA, ASIO, MI5: glad you’re listening in; Because today’s show is all about surveillance and how it’s spreading from the streets into our modems As we speak, laws are being tacitly written in to implement ways of controlling the expanse of this internet, to keep us safe, we’re told; but from whom? And will this place ever be the same if these plans go through? To find out, we connect with our first guest to comment on the matter we’re live at the Pentopticon with General Baxter, General
– Son!
-Good to have you back again with us explain why the State is spying on us?
My Fellow Oceanians, As you know, we’ve always been at war with Eurasia… or is it Eastasia? Either way, it’s war ‘n we need division to wage it! but now the proles are connecting online bypassing these illusory divisions of race, religion and nationality… – Sounds grand to me…
– It’s a catastrophe! Centuries of hard work are being undone, profits are vanishing And it’s due to the internet, it’s empowering humanity we need to get this SNAFU under control; rapidly. – How?
– Behold the latest weapon in the War of Terror our greatest invention since nine eleven guaranteed to keep us free and safe forever I give you The Surveillance State, ladies and generals. Our secret wires log your key style monitor every single number on your speed dial rewind straight to your position with facial recognition, and pinpoint you within point oh-three of a mile! we’ve put eyes everywhere without consulting you, keeping you safe, whether or not you want us to. Soon there’ll be no freedoms left for threatening. Then we’ll have won the war! Take that Terrorism! – Brilliant, thank you General, we now interview Our resident guru, Terence Moonseed, for a different view – Greetings.
– How does this situation look? – I have one word for you, Robert: doubleplusungood! The world populace of seven point four billion are all heading in the direction of Orwellian totalitarian oblivion My voice is hoarse yelling about Stellar Winds cold chilling em And TrapWire weaving through the world wide web we all dwelling in Face it: the all-seeing eye’s in all of our Facebooks like a virus and in these Eye-phones, with Siri, or should I say “Iris”. And next in line is RFID devices and mind chips triggered by Chemtrails the planes spray the sky with. This time it’s too far: check out the base they’re building in Utah where they’ll be storing all ya data for over a century; it’s Fubar! And under the outback is an entire tunnel of wires, an ECHELON base called Pine Gap, to hijack our Mother Gaia. – Hey, maybe your mother’s gayer!
– Boo hoo! Why don’t you just kill yourself like most of your troops do! – That’s it, now you’re on the Cast Iron list – Hang on, General, why weren’t we informed about this? – Sorry we didn’t tell you about our grand plan before, it was meant’a be a surprise, under wraps and in store. But some spoilsports had to go and ruin it for all by blowin’ whistles, in spite of the damn law. – Bill Binney ‘n Thomas Drake are Trailblazers for leaking these tactics… – Hey, civil-liberty fagtivists… err, activists: this is all legal: anything we do now actually is! – How did…
– You can’t question my authorit-ah, thanks to this. – And that shit’s global, people! in Australia it’s now legal for the government to store all SMS’s, searches and emails… Australians, it’s taking place under your nose unless you wake up, all your data are belong to ASIO. – Come on! everyone knows: you can trust the government now If you’ve got nothing to hide, you got nothing to worry about – That might be the case with things that are happening now, because most people agree with most of the laws that are being handed down. But once the Illuminati reveal their agenda for you this surveillance will enforce laws you no longer consent to, but by then it’ll be too late to protest too and anything you’ve ever said, typed or browsed can and will be used against you. – I’m confused, so what should we do then? – What should we do? Nothing! this is all an illusion, It’s just a ride, a delusion, the matrix, the Maya deceiving us. – Ah, you hippies really make our job so much easier… – Sorry to interrupt but we’re picking up a signal from beyond the space-time continuum Quick, switch on the Juice Channelling Portal… …Wait… is that… George Orwell?! – Good day to you
– Wow… what do we owe this honour to? – I tried to warn you noobs, but I see you are actually fools or else you thought this was an instruction manual. – Yes, ahem… so can you advise us? What would you have us do? – An open and universal internet is the most effective tool you have to address the issues that afflict the world at hand therefore, protecting it is the most essential task that stands before your generation – I think I understand…
– hush, man You must not lose the internet. Heed this mantra: “who controls the Internet, controls the data and who controls the data, controls the future” – We’re losing you
– I leave you with a tool to use… – An onion?
– Don’t be simple, Robert, this is but a simile It stands for “Tor”
– Tor? – Google it! It’s for anonymity: this onion router open network helps considerably against tyranny But its abilities only work if all you f**kers use it consistently and even if you don’t use it, run it so its force swells. – Thanks, Mr. Orwell
– From now on call me: George Torwell if we’d had such tools when I wrote this, well It would’ve been so much simpler to tell Big Brother to go fu**k himself, the motherf**king, c***sucking piece of sh** – Thanks, George Torwell, for manifesting direct from this memory hole of history, to impress on us these messages. We’re told we need safety; which is precious, yes, but can a society that can enforce all its laws ever progress? Hindsight shows that many figures guilty of “thought-crime” turned out to be luminaries and heroes, before their time. But if a surveillance state had reigned then in this form and design Just think of all the progress we may’ve all been denied: Could lobbies for women’s or gay rights’ve appeared and thrived Would revolutionary ideals have materialised Would science’ve pioneered or even survived, If every word had been monitored by thought police and spies? Big Brother brings chilling effects, freezing our collective hopes he doesn’t protect our safety, but protects the status quo, and threatens this internet, the one channel yet uncontrolled whose openness we are now called upon to effect and uphold.


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    James Masters

    Oh to have this back today. Now we have the government's eye and Silicon Valley's eye watching us. With Google and Facebook and Twitter silencing any who oppose their Socialist narrative. Hell bent on brainwashing the youth. In a goal of Communism and stealing our freedoms.
    A hey day of materials. A fountain of videos could be made.
    I miss this, Truth with entertainment.
    We sure could use him again.

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    David Cross

    ‘And while we’re on the subject: ‘‘here comes a candle to light you to bed, and here comes a chopper to chop off your head.’’’

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